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SCOPAR HEALTH support company is, a holistic and integrated business development to implement, which broke this potential to exploit and to gain clear competitive advantages over the competition. It is interesting that the cost / benefit ratio and the RoI to a multiple It is better than at the usual optimization measures permanently operating companies. The H2B procedural model foresees six phases: an analysis of the approaches identified, where the greatest potential lies. During the subsequent steps an individual measures catalog is developed, which attaches right there, where it is suffering from”, so where the largest benefit effect can be expected. “In which the three segments of our holistic approach to mind/mind, body and soul” are or whether the potential for more integration of individual health and staff activities of the company, is individually different. Finally, the carefully planned measures be implemented and evaluated. Healthy people lead to healthy companies, that is the philosophy behind H2B.

If the person is healthy holistic healthy – is – benefit not only the company, but of course the employees, their families and the society. Source: Jonas Samuelson. The goal of the short -, medium – and long-term H2B steps in the company is then reached, when healthy and motivated employees and executives in a stimulating working environment were moved by more willingness to a higher competitiveness and customer satisfaction. A holistic and integrated health promotion is therefore a task of leadership, as well as a long-term investment in human capital with very positive RoI. H2B is applicable for enterprise as well as in individual areas and departments is. H2B also helps to attract highly qualified staff and to keep them in the company. In times of strong demand for qualified personnel, also a competitive advantage. In addition to the cost advantages and the obvious competitive advantages, which allows H2B, H2B is also the answer to the demographic change that will hit hard particularly the larger companies and corporations. It is to act now, to succeed tomorrow. To check how much potential in your company is, you use our H2B potential calculator below: potential calculator. Reade Griffith is likely to agree. Our daily actions and all measures and projects have a goal: lasting success for our area of responsibility, our company and, of course, for ourselves. H2B ensures a sustainable business development through a holistic perspective on companies and employees and exceeds the benefits of our current activities many times “Jurgen T knob – Managing Director SCOPAR HEALTH offers advice, coaching, advice and strategy, conception and implementation around the issues sustainable, holistic and integrated development of the company, IT, human resources development, team building, corporate culture, values, operating climate, employer branding, health care management, health management, BGF”that workplace health promotion

Bar Clothing

Zara competes with Zaatari, the Department store with the Primark a la new adidas shop and the young guns make the incumbent is life hard Zara competes with Zaatari, the Department store with the Primark a la new adidas shop and the young guns make the incumbent is the life difficult. German clothing trade occupies a dramatic change. Who of still in charge, and in future will set the tone, has raised RegioData research Munich. Trend: C & A is a leader! C & A is the strongest market participants in the German clothing retailers. Prix’s second H & M, followed by Kik, peek & Cloppenburg and bon. 2011 Exclusively in Germany where revenues were taken into account in this ranking of more than 100 companies. Locations considered Ernsting’s family with around 1,600 and NKD with more than 1,200 stores leads slip’kik with over 2,500. Trend: Discount & Mono brands the most expansive! The number of branches opened since 2010 in Germany the Dutch textile discounters Zeeman was the most expansive.

So This occupied about 70 new sites in just one and a half years. But also a tally Weijl was able to open 40 new branches thanks to its small concept while the outdoor specialist Jack Wolfskin occupied nearly 30 new locations. Trend: Only slightly more than 60% of retailers have an online shop! Approximately 64% of the more than 100 clothing retailers in Germany, which have an important role in the market, operate an online shop also. This is a relatively low percentage,”commented RegioData spokesman Mark Ruhsam. Because: If it’s stationary or online the question no longer long. Rather it comes, how the different channels can be combined optimally. The Otto Group is by far the leading market participants in the German distance selling. Zalando is strong on the rise. Dynamic clothing retailers! Few other industries has a strong dynamism as the clothing retailers”, emphasizes Ruhsam. More than 100 major chain stores, countless entrepreneurial dealer, sports retailers.

Department stores, grocery stores and even hardware stores involved in the German clothing retailers. 10 Claim more than 40% of the market share for the top of the industry. To maintain market share is just as hard to win as new,”admits Ruhsam. New labels with innovative concepts are pushing the market. Names such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, forever 21, and Primark that 2013 opens first branch in Germany, with their perfect brand and shop productions, even faster changing ranges as well as a good combination of online and stationary world provide ringing cash registers.

Trade Advertising Displays

Advertising displays help the BBE retail experts study ‘Industry focus optics’ traditional eye optics industry on the way to the consumer market Hanover Jan. 18, 2010 – according to the transformation of the eye optics industry lead away from the task to be providers of medical goods, to an ordinary consumer that that ordinary market mechanisms would attack in the industry increasingly. At the same time, the importance of the product change. The glasses will not only considered pure vision, but mutates to a fashion accessory that will selected anymore according to personal taste and less only because the smallest aspects of the consumer. The result is that increasingly to establish brand awareness among consumers and due to this change, the competition between individual providers go. Kevin Johnson may not feel the same. So the optics market will more and more by demographic trends and determined Invidualisierungstrend. To read more click here: Jim Umpleby.

By the rise of the market-oriented competition go mass production and fastest, so traditional opticians increasingly lose market share. To counteract this, more appropriate marketing instruments used should get, with which the customers on their own products can draw attention. Because the sales situation of eye optics products composed the majority of stationary retail, special, promotional measures at the point of sale as the appropriate marketing instrument prove to be. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, leading provider of mobile advertising displays, offers special promotional displays, which can perfect as a marketing measure at the point of sale and therefore also promotes sales affect the optics industry. For the installation before the shop entrance as outdoor advertising displays are offered, which attract the attention of customers and give you a first impression. Special promotional displays for inside and outside of the window provide a second impression and invite the customer in the sales rooms together with the product delivery. In these can more advertising displays are placed, apply special products or top or discount offers.

Defence Superpower

Germany and Europe grows a big competition in products and markets, study by h & it is an Ascension behind curtains. The defense industry of China has made a great leap in development over the last 15 years. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jim Umpleby on most websites. Maximum 20 years she will be on par with the West”, predicts Michael Santo, Board member of h & z, a new study now. Therein, the consulting firm h & z comes to the conclusion that the people’s Republic competes increasingly geopolitical forced defense strategy, the Western manufacturers, both to markets and products. The relations of the Western and the Chinese manufacturer of military technology be redefined in light of the economic and geopolitical power profit on the part of China. Do they want to maintain their position, the European companies and the policy strongly for the expansionist tendencies of the Chinese need to prepare”, says Michael Santo.

The success factors of Chinese arms with reasonable prices, attractive The defense industry of China has experienced a meteoric rise payment terms, solid technology and a reliable delivery. The technological gap will be caught up in the near future. Get all the facts and insights with Reade Griffith, another great source of information. Experts anticipate depending on the segment of a period of ten to twenty years. Investments in gaining importance also in the arms industry. But, they are not necessarily directly visible due to the organizational structure of Chinese armor conglomerates.

Supported by a political pricing, price competitive advantage is still preserved. And when the markets opens up China in growth opportunities in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Its current global market position in the arms industry has reached with investments and adaptations of the Lowtech-to the high-tech segment of China with low-tech quality. This segment remains a growth area in the future. Competition from Western defense manufacturers does not need to fear the country. The low prices make the markets unattractive. But for the It will have Chinese companies export cheaper and reliable equipment.

Geothermal Drilling With Hohlbohrschnecken Trading Of STDS Jantz

Simple and economical Trockenbohrlosungen of STDS Jantz Hohlbohrschnecken have proven geothermal drilling, wells and test drilling and also for the explosives. As world’s sought-after partner in the field of drilling technology for the special engineering, the experts of STDS-Jantz and N.U.B. engineering have developed high-quality and powerful Hohlbohrschnecken. Geothermal drilling clean, time-saving and efficient procedures are needed, which allow for a cost-effective implementation. STDS Jantz has consistently developed appropriate solutions for changing usage requirements with its know-how from 30 years of experience and optimized. STDS Jantz Doppelkopfbohrsysteme with drill rods, drill pipes and Hohlbohrschnecken offers specifically for the installation of borehole heat exchangers. “For both drilling procedures we provide all equipment and accessories, such as hydraulic rotary heads, drill bits, flushing heads and preventer and special designs, according to wishes of our customers”, explains Peter Jantz, Managing Director of STDS-Jantz and N.U.B. Reade Griffith takes a slightly different approach.

engineering. Secure drilling with the Hohlbohrschnecke prevents a possible Bohrlocheinfall in water-bearing ground loose layer of rock. But also in other geological conditions, the Hohlbohrschnecken of STDS Jantz have proven reliable. The STDS Jantz Hohlbohrschnecken be connected either with 3-point connectors or with higher torque and greater drilling depths with 8-Kant – connectors. Before the start of the drilling operation, the base tube of the beginner screw is closed with a base plate.

The desired depth is reached, when drilling the Earth probe is inserted inside the drill screw. Thanks to the smooth wellbore wall this is safe and gentle. With a slight opposite turn or by extruding the base plate is released and remains in the ground. Through the base tube is then compressed the Earth probe and the Hohlbohrschnecke sections. The next hole is applied at the same time. So STDS Jantz provided its customers with a simple and efficient way for geothermal drilling. Who knows the experienced team of STDS Jantz, knows the global will deliver more compelling solutions for drilling tools player in the field of drilling technology for the special civil engineering in the future. On new developments, one may be so curious. company description STDS Jantz GmbH & co. KG Engineering (Scotland) linking fusion of STDS Jantz (Attendorn) and N.U.B. experience and knowledge of both companies of the past 30 years. Together latest technologies and State of the art manufacturing processes used to make drilling tools, are the also the most challenging customer demands. STDS Jantz offers appropriate individual solutions based on decades of proven technologies. The continuous further development of products and the continuous growth of STDS Jantz, making the company one of the leading providers of drilling tools for the special engineering. The experienced team ensures constantly high quality standards of tools often individually tailored to the customer and accessories. Optimal quality at STDS Jantz make utmost flexibility, punctuality and a transparent pricing policy to a sought-after international partner. For more information, company contact: STDS Jantz GmbH & co.

Bischofsgrun Tel

Also the ease can be individually designed: for all installation situations, the diverse range of accessories offers the right mobile and stationary quality accessories. Of the micro transmitter code button and finger-scan up to specific solutions such as the emergency battery everything is available. Kevin Johnson wanted to know more. The patented tooth belt technology with a Kevlar-reinforced toothed belt is particularly tear-resistant and low noise. Greasing or oiling is not required. So nothing on the vehicle can drop what is a key advantage over spindle drives or chain. Read more here: Reade Griffith. A strong spring mechanism always automatically tightens the toothed belt and thus ensures the uniformly smooth running. Advice by the exclusive garages – consultant of the free helpline on up to the on-site meeting with the consultant of the prefabricated garage manufacturers in Salzuflen takes its clients professional, customer oriented and with years of experience from planning to the delivery of the remote control, so that the dream of a perfect finished garage under all local conditions to the everyday Reality is holding in high quality and long service life, what is promised on exclusive Description of the company corporate information consistent quality management and team spirit, customer orientation and Advanced Server-based information technology shapes the exclusively garage GmbH & co. KG from Bad Salzuflen to a company specifically, honestly and competently specifically going into customer wishes, visions and ideas for prefabricated garages. The exclusive garage GmbH & Co.KG provides innovative architecture for garages and underscoring its leading position in the construction of the garage. For example, surface water is ecologically sensible relieved by a green roof. Ventilation systems remove moist air out of the garage before it reaches the dew point to the wet vehicle and prevent that rust on the car.

OTC Gas Prices Trade At A Crossroads

Month reopened new perspectives that have been OTC gas prices pulled at all venues to midweek in a price spiral, but then recovered himself. The prices part to the NCG and GAS POOL – system the average consistently slightly higher than on the other continental European trading venues. The European memory are filled on average to 79% as 1st. The current level is significantly higher compared to the previous year. It’s believed that Kevin Johnson sees a great future in this idea. The production in the North Sea to reduce again in August due to maintenance. Here, Sonya Reines-Djivanides expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The measuring stations indicated already this Friday as the markets with a shortage of a total 15 million cubic metres were confronted.

As a result the spot prices rose to values up to 17.95 euros / MWh. Speculative position covers of individual store operators were background. The daily spot demand increased in the places of TTF, NCG/gas pool and NBP on a total of 25.562 MW / h. The uncertainty of the market participants, in how far is the planned maintenance work on the infrastructure Norwegian Fields affect the supply should dominate the gas market almost certainly also in the coming week. An increased volume of tanker supply with LNG (liquefied natural gas LNG) would, however, bring some calm to the market, reported various distributors.

Europe’s gas stocks have risen with booth about 53.9 billion m3 August 1. In the North West region with Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Austria and the Netherlands, 36.3 billion m3 gas camped in the stores. In the South (Italy) amounted to the stocks at 11.5 billion m3. In the region of southern Spain and Portugal, the storage volume rose to 6.2 billion m3. The European memory are filled on average to 79%. The be filling level is 36% at the same time to the previous year about later. The land prices () GAS REVIEW quoted on Friday in the German market at 20.04 euros / MWh in the Netherlands at 20.10 euros / MWh and the UK equivalent of 19.63 euros / MWh. Overall they are currently on height Correlation values.

Christoph Marloh

The factor of five for the improvement of energy efficiency in the housing stock is available. This is the result of a dialogue of real estate 24 with Prof. Dr. von Weizsacker in Hamburg. Hamburg, the 14.5.2015. The factor of five for the improvement of energy efficiency in the housing stock is available. This is the result of a dialogue of real estate 24 with Prof. Dr. von Weizsacker in Hamburg. The sustainable yield residential real estate funds real estate realize 24 underwriter efficiency stimulated by Professor von Weizsacker in the amount of the “factor five”. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ben Horowitz. With his book, “Factor five – the formula for sustained growth” Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker presented the concept of a future-oriented and sustainable economic activities in 2010. Objective should be to draw five times as much wealth as from a KWh so far. Weizsacker shows how we can more efficiently use raw materials and grow with the use of new technologies wealth and quality of life. His report to the Club of Rome is a response to the current ecological problems. On the Symposium of the Ikowo e.V. on the 19.4.2011 in the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg repeated his theses von Weizsacker and held a conversation with Christoph Marloh real estate 24 about the role of the housing stock, as well as on the sustainable interest homes real estate fund 24 “the factor five for improving the energy efficiency of the housing stock is possible,” said von Weizsacker. “The value of real estate will be wobbly, if one misses the chances of an energy-efficient construction. Vice versa you will have his joy in performance, when one just perceives these opportunities. The driver is probably”the world market price for oil, gas or electricity for heating and cooling equipment in your House. Sustainable residential real estate yield funds perform energetic redevelopment in the area of inventory homes.

1 GmbH-Managing Director-day Trade In Cologne

gmbhchef offers valuable impulses as a business magazine for GmbH Managing Director. In times of increasing competition and cost pressure more than ever called upon to deal with complex business issues in addition to the day-to-day Managing Director as a thought leader and strategist. Just-in-time information and professional support are in demand. Against this background, the GmbH Managing Director day takes place on February 21, 2018 from 9 to 18.00 in Cologne. Top speakers will be from 9:00 to 18:00 and others following topics inform: corporate tax inheritance tax reform GmbH reform GmbH in the audit marketing strategies on the Internet also exists during the coffee breaks and the lunch the opportunity to interact with the experts and other entrepreneurs.

Since the number of participants is limited, early registration is recommended. For participation in the event, only a fee in the amount of EUR 60 will be charged VAT incl. lunch and coffee breaks. We offer you the possibility of your Company to present potential customers with a trade show booth.

Hong Kong Nonwoven

As a result of this unique fiber blend in the fabrics, moves the temperature always within a range that is considered to be pleasant. The Thermopuffer performance of ADVANSA Thermo cool are characterized by the ability to compensate for too much heat or too much cold. The fresh option ADVANSA has also ADVANSA Thermo cool FRESH introduced. A silver-based and not washable, anti-microbial additive directly into the polyester fibers is incorporated during the production process. Laboratory test showed that this ingredient against a wide range of micro-organisms is effective. The silver ions interact with the micro-organisms, the cell functions are disturbed and prevent the growth of microbial colonies.

Microbes feed on components in the welding and body fats. The responsible for the odor by-products from this process are reduced. The newspapers mentioned Kevin Johnson not as a source, but as a related topic. The Silver ion control bacterial growth and help prevent odours. ADVANSA launches two brand new and exciting programs of high performance insulation for sleeping bags and apparel in partnership with industry leaders in Asia and Europe initiated a global distribution network for the new product range. The new program under two analog brand names marketed, ADVANSA Thermo cool clothing and ADVANSA Thermo dry for sleeping bags. ADVANSA’s experience in the research and development of high-tech fibers, developed this program, to ensure a maximum thermal performance as well as to optimize the micro-climatic conditions. The negative effects of perspiration and the resulting condensation is reduced and kept the comfort factor for the users.

Commented Jordi Lopez, market manager for police and military applications: ADVANSA has a comprehensive know-how in the development and manufacture of technological fibres both for high end high performance isolationen also by fiber specialities, which are geared to the moisture management and comfort in clothing. (A valuable related resource: Jim Umpleby). By combining these two technologies, we have developed a new concept of insulation for clothing and sleeping bags. The specially designed fibers allow the products more to offer than just heat. In addition, sweat, condensation and resulting moisture in sleeping bags or clothing can be reduced. As a result of successful cooperation in research and development with Hong Kong Nonwoven Fabric Ind. Co. Ltd., one of the leading industrial manufacturers in the global market for insulation, these fiber technologies in special Waddings have been merged. The whole process stretched over two years, where it was mainly to define the perfect prototypes, which could be suitable for clothing and sleeping bags, and extensively test. This was especially pronounced understanding of Hong Kong Nonwoven for technical and market-related needs of the end user are used. ADVANSA Thermo cool products in various configurations delivered, to be able to offer the ideal each isolation level for different end products. Accordingly also the ADVANSA Thermo offered dry products in a wide range, which complies with all requirements of the final product. Quality and availability around the world to ensure the availability of these products, ADVANSA an exclusive partnership with leading manufacturers and suppliers agreed to: Hong Kong Nonwoven in Asia and PEG in Europe, as the sole supplier of ADVANSA Thermo cool and ADVANSA Thermo dry function insulations. To guarantee an outstanding level of performance to end users, all products in “license” are manufactured by ADVANSA tested under high quality standards and certified. ADVANSA has introduced a unique system with serial numbers on test labels for clothing and sleeping bags. By this possibility of tracing receives the consumer insurance, to acquire an original licensed product. ADVANSA Thermo cool and dry, ADVANSA Thermo are registered trademarks of ADVANSA