Trade Advertising Displays

Advertising displays help the BBE retail experts study ‘Industry focus optics’ traditional eye optics industry on the way to the consumer market Hanover Jan. 18, 2010 – according to the transformation of the eye optics industry lead away from the task to be providers of medical goods, to an ordinary consumer that that ordinary market mechanisms would attack in the industry increasingly. At the same time, the importance of the product change. The glasses will not only considered pure vision, but mutates to a fashion accessory that will selected anymore according to personal taste and less only because the smallest aspects of the consumer. The result is that increasingly to establish brand awareness among consumers and due to this change, the competition between individual providers go. Kevin Johnson may not feel the same. So the optics market will more and more by demographic trends and determined Invidualisierungstrend. To read more click here: Jim Umpleby.

By the rise of the market-oriented competition go mass production and fastest, so traditional opticians increasingly lose market share. To counteract this, more appropriate marketing instruments used should get, with which the customers on their own products can draw attention. Because the sales situation of eye optics products composed the majority of stationary retail, special, promotional measures at the point of sale as the appropriate marketing instrument prove to be. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, leading provider of mobile advertising displays, offers special promotional displays, which can perfect as a marketing measure at the point of sale and therefore also promotes sales affect the optics industry. For the installation before the shop entrance as outdoor advertising displays are offered, which attract the attention of customers and give you a first impression. Special promotional displays for inside and outside of the window provide a second impression and invite the customer in the sales rooms together with the product delivery. In these can more advertising displays are placed, apply special products or top or discount offers.