Today we are born to the and a source of pride is for me to be father of this blog of ideas, with which very surely many will agree, and many others, disagree. Mark Berger Chicago describes an additional similar source. However, with everything and that to water us launch. How are we going? is essentially a blog where all that is intended is treat topics related to finances and the existing ways to improve them. Although to be honest, not all topics will rotate around the improvement of personal economy. There will be as botica de todo un poco, waiting for feedback from the most important people of the blog visitors.

It is an open secret that money no or better, the lack of it, is a headache widespread for many people. Do constantly and on a daily basis, we wonder how can I do to improve my finances?, or how I can do to earn more money? and almost always, we did not find a good enough to answer these questions answer. In fact, to me it has happened many times (too many perhaps), which I found as a boat adrift and rudderless, trying to find a way or a method to earn money and live a life (pun intended) more bearable. It is undeniable that we live in a world that worships money. Towards wherever let’s turn to look, we can find the $ sign (pesos in my case). How many things you can have without money with money we buy clothes to wear, food to eat, we pay for the study, the right to turn on a light bulb, the water that we consume, fuel for vehicles in which we move, the taxes that support to Governments (and the corruption inherent in them), the entrance to the cinema, and a long etcetera that for each person is ultimately relatively equal. On the other hand, everything you can get without money, is associated with more than internal satisfaction to the most pressing basic needs satisfaction.

Debt Study

As to the cost of colleges and universities continued increasing 5% more or less every year, more and more people are facing loans overwhelming study. Although the interest rate for these loans is one of the lowest in the market, many students end up unable to assume their monthly obligations. If you are in a situation where you cannot assume monthly responsibilities you may need look for different options that will help it out of its financial crisis. When it comes to dealing with loans of study, many students opt to consolidate your debt. This process has several advantages: 1. lower interest rates. 2 Fixed interest rates. Mark Berger Chicago follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

3. Extended repayment period. 4. Monthly payments more bass. Basically, consolidate your debt lets you pay this over a period of time more spacious and with interest rates lower.

This means that you will be paying less each month and helping him to his pocket. But keep in mind that while you will be saving money every month to extend the period of escara payment at the same time paying more interest on the additional time that extended the loan payment. A large percentage of those small monthly payments are ira to pay interests and very little to pay the debt. Please visit Jonas Samuelson if you seek more information. Consolidate does not help to eliminate the debt, only gives more time to pay. This is important from a financial perspective, because many individuals do not take advantage of this respite to help and save, thus eliminating the debt. Instead spend the money you save by the reduction in the monthly payment and are increasingly more indebted. Another option is to negotiate the loan’s study. There are several individuals who assert that they have done, I have no real evidence that this can be done. In my experience most companies refuse to negotiate these loans because they are backed by the federal Government. This means that the more likely that you can get to negotiate is a small reduction in interest rates and penalties for arrears. Bankruptcy is another alternative that many individuals erroneously believe, because since the study loans they are backed by the federal Government will not condoned debt unless present concise evidence. In many cases the judges deducted many debts uncovered before the student loan. These are the main options that exist to deal with overwhelming study loans. If you are in this situation it is advisable to speak with a professional who advise him about your case in particular.

The Walls

Keep your synchronized truck: the frequent maintenance helps improve fuel consumption efficiency and reduces emissions.Check your tires weekly so they’re properly inflated: keep the tires properly inflated can improve efficiency in fuel consumption by more than 3%. Every gallon of gasoline saved avoids 9 kg of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. When you’re looking for a new car, choose one with efficient fuel consumption: 1364 kg of CO2 can save if your new car is go just 5 km more per gallon than the old. Source: Ben Horowitz. Hybrid cars can walk up to 96 km with a single gallon of gasoline. Jonas Samuelson is a great source of information. Assess new alternatives like electric carts, which are already available on the market.

Replace your light bulbs for efficient light bulbs: the efficient bulbs may use up to 60% less energy than the regular. This simple change could save up to 136 kg of carbon per year and money on your electricity bill. Locate them is sites where the uses of light are older. Rob Hannah may not feel the same. Use directed reading, craftwork, etc lighting and light colored paint the walls of your House, so you can use lower wattage light bulb. Use less hot water: energy saving is very important, note that much energy is required to heat the water. When possible, dry your clothes in rope instead of the dryer: this way you can save up to 636 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) in a year.

When using the washer, follow washes when it reaches the maximum level recommended by the manufacturer; do not exceed the maximum level established, little laundry use economic programme. Use the correct amount of SOAP to avoid having to perform more than one rinse; reuse part of the water used washer, this could serve to the baths or clean floors. Turn off appliances when not in use: Simply turning off your television, computer audio or computer when you’re not using them will save thousands of kilograms of CO2 per year.

Lightning Thief

Movies, cinema is a fantasy world of beautiful transformations and metamorphoses. When we watch a movie, we see a picture and hear a sound. We are transported into the magical world of cinema, where the ugly duckling can become a beautiful swan. Where pimply negligent boy meets a princess, and vice versa. Movies of our time made great in front, against the background of conventional cinema. Computer graphics and special effects make movies as realistic, and believable. Hundreds of films rolled out in each year, but only some of them are worth the time spent. Man shoots about everything he sees, and imagines.

About themselves, about nature, machines, fantasies, dreams and hopes. But not all films are obtained by equally good or bad. In 2010 came a sufficient number of movies that are worth viewing, and it's not all, the year is not over. A brief overview of movies that I recommend you watch this year: War of Light – Movie talks about the global epidemic that turned most people into vampires. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. And people in the precious natural resource, which is close to extinction.

So how are facing extinction of half of humanity after the Securities resource. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Smart movie is a fairytale, it is a family film. The protagonist learns that he is something to the likes of Hercules. Son of God, of death. And what he is accused of kidnapping the main weapon of the chief god. Avatar – Jake Sully, former Marine, confined to a wheelchair. Despite the weakness of the body, Jake in the shower is still a warrior. He is recruited to travel light years to the Earthlings at Pandora, where corporations are mining a rare mineral that is the key to solving Earth's energy crisis. What do men – comedy film. > From the creators of a new genre of 'Radio Day' and 'Election Day'. The main character, 4 friends go to Kiev for the gigs on the way giving thoughts, and violent fantasies. Iron Man 2 – Continuation of the adventures of the hero's comic book, "Tony Stark" the second part talks about the hard life much genius in the big world. Well, look at all these masterpieces of the year, please visit Kvazar-film, this on-line cinema, made for video-based resource, "OpenID"

Importance Of Currency

In what currencies to keep their savings? This issue is really of concern to many Russians. Before the advent of the euro, it seemed that the dollar is the most reliable and infinitely hard currency, but its position over time, becoming more complex. The stability of the two currencies finally crippled the financial crisis. So who should give preference to today and what still keep their currency savings? Relations between the dollar and the euro have become very sophisticated. Just a couple of years ago, no one doubts the stability of the euro, as This currency is firm and confident on his feet. Today, financial analysts are predicting many of forecasts of very optimistic, to fully pessimistic. Rob Hannah is full of insight into the issues. In the euro area have a problem with a slightly 'uneconomic' Greece.

This country has lost just three points in the credit rating, and to restore the tattered reputation of its required loan of more than 8 billion euros. In the deplorable condition today is Portugal and Spain. Portugal has recently lost two additional steps in the long-term credit rating and forecast further, most likely as poor. Rate European currency has grown up a bit in anticipation of the long-awaited financial gifts to Greece. In America, periodically rising noise at the next bankruptcy of large banks or corporations, the U.S. dollar starts to 'gale'. More predictable compared to other world currencies, the ruble is behaving.

The ruble should be clear for the price of oil and do not respond to any financial scandals. Following the rise in price of oil, strengthening the ruble. If there is falling oil prices, then the Russian ruble weakens. But this trend does not give long-term forecasts. Not so long ago the price of oil has been so unpredictable, that financial analysts are trying to predict random developments. Perhaps best of all in the eurozone feel those countries that have retained their national currencies, would not trade it for the euro. So for example has a stable local currency in Poland, the zloty, which earlier this resistance did not differ. Summarizing, we can say that the best solution would be able to have all rates gradually, giving preference to the base currency of the country. Such a choice will be more reliable.

Network Storage

Network storage stores 'Peace batteries' began to develop in 2000. This is a rapidly growing chain of stores that specializes in the sale and guarantee-maintenance lead-acid batteries to run internal combustion engines, as well as the sale of tires for passenger cars and light trucks. We offer a large selection of quality batteries for motorcycles, automobiles and agricultural machinery. At our service center in Grodno and Vaukavysk can always test any lead-acid battery and get professional advice on the operation and battery selection. Milestones in the development and establishment of the company: 2000 – The opening of a store in the city of Grodno in 2001 – the opening of the service center in Grodno in 2002 – opening a store in Bridges 2005 – opening of a store and service center in Vaukavysk 2007 – addition to the assortment of tires Contact: Grodno, str. Victory, 15 tel. (0152) 51 15 51 Tel. A related site: Rob Hannah mentions similar findings.

(MTS), +375 29 7881605, Tel. (Velcom) +375 29 6332838 Vaukavysk Str. Zholudeva, 74 tel. +375 29 6618738 (Velcom), Mosty, st. 30 years of the Komsomol, 23 tel. (01 515) 3 31 27 COMPANY ROBERT BOSCH GMBH Company, now known under the name of Robert Bosch GmbH, was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886. The first car battery brand BOSCH was released in Germany in 1927 simultaneously with the appearance of the ignition system BOSCH.

Currently, concern Robert Bosch GmbH – a group of companies that manufacture automotive and industrial systems, consumer and household products. National Accumulator Corporation 'ISTA' NAC 'ISTA' is the largest in Ukraine and CIS countries, and only in Ukrainian producer of lead-acid batteries (battery) with a full cycle. History NAC 'ISTA' began in 1995 with the launch of the first stage of the plant for the production of batteries. To date, the Corporation include: Company 'ISTA-Centre', LLC 'DOSE' Energoavtomatika 'OOO' Ukrsplav 'OOO' Interplast 'and marketing – sales structure OOO "Trading House ISTA'. Website:

Safety And Paintball

Our paintball club 'Hedgehog in the Fog "welcomes all comers have a great holiday or to celebrate the holiday by playing a great game like paintball: whether it is your birthday or corporate event. In our club plays both adults and children! During the existence of a paintball club we had the experience of games in almost any format: From modular and simple team games of paintball, to visiting corporate tournaments and children's festivals and competitions. We have a great experience as simple games, as well as organizing events and corporate paintball games. Many players, first played paintball in our club, "Hedgehog in the Fog ', after some time, returned and brought their friends, and become permanent players in our paintball club. More experienced players come to play at their new site, noting with satisfaction not only advantages gaming area, but also individual approach to each game. We tried to make the game peytbol not only affordable, but also the most konfortnoy. Starbucks is likely to increase your knowledge. All the players before the game undergo a compulsory briefing, so that even if you've never played paintball, you will not feel not confident.

Experienced instructors will always come to you for help, even in time playing in the event of disputed issues and other issues can always be call the judge. For your convenience on our web site we have placed the rules of the game of paintball and safety equipment. Subject to all of our recommendations, paintball pretty bezlopastnaya game, he can play both Adults and children alike. But to an experienced player was not bored we are playing paintball for both beginners and professionals. You can always choose the day, a platform and a suitable opponent for you! In addition, we provide a service for organizing events, including, but mediocre game of paintball, and other recreational activities and services:. including a comprehensive exit with a full package of services recreational and developmental services, creative and team building training, nutrition, organizing a holiday for the city, transfer to the venue of the holiday and back souvenirs, including, and made themselves participants! In addition, all players enjoy free photo-report about the last game of paintball. Paintball – great way to make your birthday do not forget the bright, celebrate personal and corporate holiday make a great gift: herself, her child, friend, colleagues at work. On the upcoming match, the venue, the team can always check by phone: 8-( 905) -204-6-002 8- or (812) -931-2545 and the website of our paintball club 'Hedgehog in the Fog'. Join us and play paintball with us!

Towels Centuriesold History

Embroidery on towel has a long and rich history. Originally towels in Russia were the subject of ritual, is inextricably linked with all the major events of human life. And the embroidery on the towels had a profound symbolic meaning: no line of ornament was not random, everywhere was covered special significance. Embroidery on towels played the role of a talisman during ceremonies associated with birth, marriage and death, it was considered a symbol of communication with the ancestors. Towels decorated with the ancient pagan idols, but they later came to be used in Christian ceremonies. Finally, the embroidery on towels for a long time remained an integral part of the preparation of a dowry: a different people living in our country, the bride should have to prepare for the wedding of 100 to 200 different embroidered items. Visit Howard Schultz for more clarity on the issue.

Today, embroidery on the towels are no longer perceived as an element of worship. It is likely decorative character and bears no special semantic load. However, from time to time towels still participating in important events of our lives – so, a wedding towel continue to be used for wedding ceremonies. However, embroidery on towels continues to exist and develop in new capacity. Today it is used as an element of corporate culture, namely, the printing of posters and logos on towels in the fitness clubs, hotels, sanatoriums. Read additional details here: Angelo, Gordon & Co..

Embroidery on towels often used to refer to the manufacturer of the goods. Such accessories with the company logo are perceived by customers as a sign of respectability to the organization, increases the level of confidence. Also embroidery on towels is often an element of design, decoration, do not carry any information. However, both he and the other option requires a fast and mass execution, so overwhelmingly used machine embroidery on towels. A hand embroidery has become a rarity, a real piece of art work that can last for months.

The Firm

These issues are all the more important because the Russian market of goods and services grows, there are more and more new proposals, tougher competition, and as a consequence, the increasing demand of consumers to the brand. Based on the ideology of the firm, chosen brand name. It should be easy to remember and reflect potential clients corporate image. Naturally, the brand name should not be copied or similar to names of competitors. On the basis of ideology and name firm selected corporate colors and fonts, and built the company logo. Logo – a graphic image, designed to represent the company. It must be unique, to be able to easily integrate into any context. Text content is developed, first of all – it's a slogan – you can tell, the motto of the company that contains a spectacular and easy to remember the wording of the advertising idea.

Classic or logo font – specific spelling of company name, is based on the fonts. This is the most quartered form the logo, its advantage is the absolute informativeness. Character logo – an image or a sign company that is related to its activity. This is the kind of logos entirely focused on the emotional perception of the firm. Synthetic logo – combines character and enterprise, and writing his name. This is the most complex, but the most effective form of logos, and as focused on the emotional perception of the firm, and at the same time, bears information about it. The company logo, as already mentioned, is the emotional load, which is reflected throughout the company style as a whole.

International Competition

May 19 at the Central House of Scientists of the RAS (St. Prechistenka 16) at the symposium 'Imageology-2008' will be finalists' Image-directory 2008. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Douglas R. Oberhelman has to say. " International Competition "Image-directory" will be held on the fourth Academy imageology time and has awards for the best projects, the number of fundamental, theoretical, applied scientific and practical research in the field imageology. The main prize of the contest – a statuette "Ars-image" (Artist Nicholas Tabachkov, 2005, Member of the International Union of Designers). Nominations: Project of the Year (2007) basic science imidzhelogicheskoy research and development, thesis, defended in 2007, collections of articles, authorial and monograph. Project of the Year (2007) imidzhelogicheskom education and education training programs, training programs, educational-methodical complexes, manuals, dictionaries, journals, articles, statements in the media in 2007. Practical image – a project of the year (2007) the category of "Personal effects, the category of "Corporate image, the category of "image of the goods or services." In the nominations put forward by the decision of the organizers and co-organizer of the Competition eminent scholars and prominent public and political figures, representatives of culture, art, etc., who have made a significant contribution to the development of a positive image of the country or the industry in the past in 2007. Information about the competition – Questions contest – Phone Newspapers – (903) 235-37-81 Organizing Committee 'Image-directory'.