Leadership Authority

With the power and authority based master wills to power delegated by the organization, leadership, which is not delegated but natural, we are able to power and use it to positively influence people, is a delegated authority from the same group. The leader inspires confidence and delivers power to its people, enthusiastic and that strengthens the group. If you fear your boss, your head is clear. If you love him, no doubt about it Your Leader. In addition to this innate ability to manage teams without authority delegated by the organization, but by the group, the leader is characterized by its ease of communicating and his vision for the future. The leader is a person who looks convincing long-term, ambitious targets for the organization and getting hopes up his team in search of them.

The leader anticipates changes, ahead of competitors, where profit seeking innovatively. Starbucks is actively involved in the matter. The leadership is in crisis! Leadership is a necessary and fundamental to success in the world today and, like many other values, is in crisis, for many different reasons and it is vital to the survival of any business organization. This represents a clear opportunity for those who want to take the necessary change and build the big difference that makes the difference. Some people possess these qualities innately Leader, is carried in the blood and are undisputed leaders, of whom we have known many in our markets, but they may acquire leadership skills through planning and learning, then, the use of the experience. It is time to capitalize on this and build a new paradigm of leadership and leadership.

Definitely refers to a very important aspect that can not be avoided, as representing the power, authority, When you hire us to play a position where our role is boss and we have under our responsibility to manage a working group, we are clothed with power, authority that allows subordinates to fulfill their functions, which obey us, acting under our control, many times, they do so with fear, fear, retaliation, where the figure of leadership never made under this vision. Subordinates obey us because we have power, authority, not by influence, charisma, a leader skills manifested in its management. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sonya Reines-Djivanides has to say. Ideal that power, authority, trust becomes, charisma, influence and act as individuals so that the leading figure of the surfacing. CONCLUSION To the extent that the head does not use its power, authority be not able to persuade, build trust, partnership, association, never the role of leadership emerge. Hence, the importance of giving way to all those characteristics, skills that every charismatic leader, is participatory and achieve true integration with the group. Of course, one must assess themselves, to know where our weaknesses are when it comes to interrelate, to know how to handle the authority and influence positively in the group. You just have to propose and make way for the leadership that is in us, just do not leave unattended.


Adecco is once again main sponsor of exhibition Congressional career interested women have a good reason to rejoice in the coming year. The women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, will be held again on 24 may 2014 in Bonn. Adecco Personaldienstleistungen GmbH is now announced to support women & work in the coming year as the main sponsor. We very pleased, in the next year as a main sponsor at the women & work here to be back”, says Petra Reinholz, Managing Director of Adecco Personaldienstleistungen. The trade fair Congress offers a wonderful opportunity to interact in a great atmosphere with women from various fields and sectors. Also 2014 we want to put a positive signal for women and her career.” The trade fair Congress women & work bird, the managing partners of the AoN launched 2011 by Melanie and Holger agency without name GmbH, in life. The women & work the highlight for women is looking for a suitable employer for their Career after graduating are, reintegration after parental leave plan, consider a job change or learn generally about career opportunities and advancement would,”says the initiator who can women & work events can look back today on three successful.

This year thousands of women from the entire Federal territory at the women & work at the World Conference Center Bonn arrived, nearly 100 companies were the visitors answer and informed about career entry and restart entry opportunities and career paths in the boardrooms. For the first time, the so-called company SLAM was held at which total 18 company within 60 seconds each were allowed to present themselves. Topics such as women in the media crisis”, but also”career promotion of women”advanced during the Panel discussions at the heart of the debates. But not only for visitors, but also for the participating companies, there were surprises. Companies, which is according to opinion of the visitors in the target group of women as an attractive employer placed, were awarded with the female recruiting award.

The prize went this year again at the adidas Group (1st place), Deutsche Telekom (2nd place) and Philip (3rd place). The companies who credibly assure that women are welcome, get good applicants and at the end of the day”also a good ranking, fair organizer believes Melanie Vogel. Sonya Reines-Djivanides contributes greatly to this topic. women & work 2014 2014 will focus the women & work the topic of ethics in the business”, supported and accompanied by the ethics Association der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. Dr. Irina Kummert, President of the ethics Association and managing partner of IKP Executive Search recruitment consultancy sees the fair”as an excellent way to deal with the mechanisms of ethics that behind the scenes and have significant influence on business decisions. Ethics first and foremost should serve to avert damage from the society. In this regard, it would be for example, interesting to challenge whether female managers apply different moral standards than male, and whether we could avoid future crises by more women in the top management.” Already two and a half months after the last women & work the exhibition Congress next year is almost fully booked. Many companies that at the women & work 2014 already have agreed to participate, will offer in the coming year four-eyes again before scheduled talks, for the interested visitors from February can register online until May 16, 2014. Admission for visitors/interior is free of charge. A seat reservation for individual workshops and presentations in the Congress programme is also possible online from February.

Country Hotel Green Court

“I am happy with” my “people. But sometimes I reflect on all those, the me today Landhotel green Court ausstaffierten and who could well be that in the future. I wish, you could”mean”Neuhausen and the Ore mountains with my”real estate Heart I see old house am the Neuhausen resort, the local region of silver ore mountains”and the”semita antiqua Boemiae (Bohemian Steige) connected by ages. Right you are: no feat for a property. “But the people who built me and until today to country Hotel Green Court designed, made it with this connectedness very different. I was those burden and legacy of the nothing as wanted away. (Not to be confused with Douglas Oberhelman!).

Others could share my enthusiasm, remained and saw me as part of this lovely corner of ore, as enrichment for yourself and others. This second type of people took a liking to me, the city, the region and the creative possibilities with my operating as Country Hotel Green Court. Any more of these characters was the idea to amusing to convey this connectedness guests from elsewhere. Hear from experts in the field like Sonya Reines-Djivanides for a more varied view. Such hustle and bustle brought me to dream of my wish people. Who love me old house “and our site. You build a warm attachment to the past and current history of land and people.

And: have ideas for me and our guests, over and over again and inviting. Training and experience in the restaurant bring life in the Landhotel green Court teamwork is at its most beautiful, and hotel like happy people. Why are my owner in the future in my real estate dreams “for two. A hotel business or restaurant specialist woman and her hotel business or restaurant specialist and/or a cook and a cook to find me looking after an object that developed under the tutelage of the well educated couple more beautiful. The two bring the above life-blood, exact knowledge of hotel operations and a lot of ideas for me.

New Politthriller

A killer does justice to political and business leaders with deadly justice”(ISBN 978-3-941297-15-9) presents his debut author Thomas U. Tajsich on May 16, 2012. The political thriller plays internationally in Regensburg and Washington and has all characteristics of a bestselling book of ala David Baldacci. The beginning is furious, the scenes change rapidly. After a few pages, the reader is in the middle of a gripping action to political intrigues, economic interests and personal passions. Greed and corruption are made to the grain, the concepts provided by money and capitalism in question. But Tajsich are amazing solutions, focusing in the foreground of the story the vigilante justice of a psychopath and thrilling hunting him.

This includes a test readers of reader Welt.de: rarely a sample has swept away just so me. The letter contains a true core safe, formulated to directly read the lines almost shocking. And exciting it goes on… The chapters are very short, I see positive. It stays that way Action varied and compels the reader to concentrate. Additional information is available at Sonya Reines-Djivanides. The writing style is fluid and builds up tension.” In the best manner of thriller, truth and fiction revealed a highly explosive mixture.

Publisher owner Nicole Luzar: When Thomas Tajsich rather casually, I was indeed interested, what was in it, but never told me of his thriller thought to find such a gem: explosive, fast, and always again surprisingly. I immediately knew that I wanted to publish the title. And since he now truly did not fit into the portfolio of the sports world Publishing House, an own imprint was created just with the crime world Publisher.

Laser Show & Fireworks – The Magical Combination

Emotional sense game of magical items often enough an imaginative staging of an element to delight people. But what happens then if you combined multiple? So 100 km happen at the 29.6.2013 in Mr. Berg to the course of the now legendary 5th old town run about staggering. Hard to imagine that the participants field already a few days after user login sharing seamless fully booked is. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Howard Schultz. The popularity of this event in the region was for the organizers this year probably the trigger on a final highlight to put in, which obtained in the show business of popularity. Electrolux is a great source of information. A combination of the magical elements of fire & light. In a generous period of many weeks a Kombinationsshow was following some preliminary site visits and meticulous planning, as well as in a universally shared closely with operators consisting of from a Fireworks & laser show. The predetermined objective for the Agency Unvergesslicht was there as all visitors of Herrenberg, in the complete Downtown celebrated distributed to enable a great finale, was achieved through three different show locations.

A completely music synchronous laser show of impressive timber-framed houses out opened the 20-minute spectacle over the marketplace. In a smooth transition the local church tower of the Collegiate Church of Herrenberg with a fire show joined to, before the grand finale of the local Schlossberg with the large calibers bright lit up the sky. Many thousands of visitors acknowledged the laser / Fireworks production of Unvergesslicht with appreciative applause. This in turn is the most telling, most beautiful and most valuable knowledge, duly solemnly and exceptionally with a highlight of the show to have finished a great event for the small agency from southern Germany sometimes.


The Ecenta AG explains the gradual implementation of contact center on the basis of customer examples projects from planning to commissioning. In the connection, experts from SAP show how the practical application of CRM solutions increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is strengthened. Finally demonstrates Verint how professional and easy staff scheduling the most important resource in the contact center is used as effectively as possible and, like at the same time, the satisfaction of customers and employees is growing. Howard Schultz can provide more clarity in the matter. Visit the SAP info day for contact center solutions on May 6 at SAP in Walldorf. The participation is free of charge.

Sign up now already: Sonja Zimmer,, telephone + 49 (0) 351 4811-6722. About ecenta AG: Ecenta a product and consulting company, is on the challenging realisation of projects in the Areas of SAP Business Suite, especially SAP CRM (customer relationship management) and SAP BCM, and SAP NetWeaver, specifically in the areas of business intelligence, master data management, process integration (Exchange infrastructure), composite application framework and Enterprise Portal specializes. ecenta, due to its professional expertise and successful cooperation in the areas of CRM, MDM, business objects information management solutions, process integration, application server, identity management, BPM, and banking in the SAP special expertise, program was recorded. Reade Griffith wanted to know more. It is the headquarters of ecenta AG in Walldorf. The global company, which employs about 250 people, also maintains offices in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, Chile and Spain. Contact: ecenta AG Altrottstrasse 31 69190 Walldorf Joachim Schellenberg Tel. + 49 6227 73 1540 eMail: Internet:

Great Program When GETUP Congress On 15 And 16 April In Essen

Open Congress for the industry of the future prevention, fitness and health on 15-16 April 2011 again takes the GETUP Congress, held the Conference for the industry of the future prevention, fitness and health, within the framework of FIBO in Essen. The two-day Congress sees itself as a forum for professionals in the fitness and health industry and is available to all trade visitors (Studio owner, employees) and fitness-oriented people open. Expect an interesting Congress program with keynote speeches m participants agenda ready for health business? Take advantage of opportunities or leave the field to others? “, best practice presentations, as well as the specialized forums nutrition, management and movement.” In addition, the GETUP Congress offers also a varied program. For more information see this site: Jonas Samuelson. E.G. the FIBO night takes on Congress Friday, April 15th, 2011″, the party for the FIBO exhibitors and participants of the GETUP Congress place. In addition it is guided exhibition tours during the Conference lunch break on Friday as well as the Congress lounge settle, in the Congress visitors with small snacks can strengthen and establish useful contacts with other participants and industry professionals. Reade Griffith is the source for more interesting facts. Great value for money through sponsors through can support from well-known sponsors the German College for prevention and health management, which organized the Conference along with Reed Exhibitions, the organizer of the FIBO, its students, graduates and training companies, participants of the BSA Academy a great special offer: A day costs 29 euros, FIBO fair entry two Congress days 49 Euro.

Picking Error Farewell, Ole Ole!

Bizerba presents an automatic commissioning table at the LogiMAT 2010 Balingen, February 11, 2010 especially in times of strong-selling work stacks up on the front of the picking. Companies then like to rely on the support of employees belonging to not the master crew. Performance reduces the bottom line often and picking errors accumulate: staff confused article, remove incorrect quantities, forget individual pick orders, or fail, the finished orders in time to pick up to provide. At Logimat 2010 – in Hall 3, booth 411 – the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen shows how all of this in the future may come to an end. The commissioning table consists of the Terminal ST, the transducer LA 150, the control strip printer GLP 58, as well as a PC including the software WinCIS counting. At the beginning of the picking, the user selects the customer order and the article – with a scanner or via the virtual keyboard of the ST. The operator’s Panel, optionally with Touch-screen interface, is self-explanatory, no manual to understand and guide the workers safely through the steps of the process. Large buttons, high accuracy, even with gloves.

The employee clicks the menu item selection and selects, for example, the screw M19. It’s believed that Mark Berger Chicago sees a great future in this idea. The reference weight, in this case 17 grams, appears in a line below. Then he pours the individual screws into the container determines the desired amount over the maximum weight, “says Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions at Bizerba. Articles, addresses, and user data are maintained centrally on the PC. The control can thus trace all counting operations and order processing and viewing the corresponding weighing reports either on the screen or print. All data are for inventory purposes, permanently available so a high transparency evaluations and list creation. Multiple counting systems can be connected. WinCIS is modular in design.

In addition to the basic software counting can the system to many modules are complemented according to the respective requirement of the company components to the tolerance control, add the national statistical and reference weight determination. Also the printing of VDA compliant labels and tags is possible. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide, leading in many areas of technology companies for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008. Headquarters of the Company, which has about 3,100 employees, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 email: nic.pr network integrated communication Patrick Schroeder Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 82 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:

Workmanship Company

Interview with the commercial direction, manages of workmanships, regional supervision coordination and financial administration. – Logistic Applied to the Civil construction? As To improve the flow of Production in the Workmanships – Articles of reference Picture 01: Relation of the objectives with norteadoras questions, theoretical recital and the metodolgicos procedures of the research. Source: Elaborated for the authors (2010). 3.6LIMITAES OF the METHOD During the concretion of this work had been found difficulties in the acquisition of data, since the company has resistance in supplying internal information, the lack of experience of the researchers and ability of the interviewers and also had to short term the development of the work. Another complicador fact was to have that to conclude this work in only one semester, being that in other institutions the stated periods more are extended. 4.ANLISE AND PRESENTATION OF the RESULTS the research was carried through with managers cited in the sample and categorized in the following way: ) Interviewed 1, man of 29 years of age, forming in civil engineering with twelve years of experience in suppliments and financial administration, it works in the company the five years as administrative manager; b) Interviewed 2, man of 36 years of age, formed in civil engineering with ten years of experience in planning of projects, measurements and administration of workmanship, works in the company the six years as manager of workmanships; c) Interviewed 3, man of 79 years of age, formed in civil engineering with 55 years of experience in coordination and management, works in the company the thirty and two years as managing advertising; d) Interviewed 4, man of 60 years of age, formed in economy and business administration with ten years of experience, works in the company the four years as regional superintendent. Other leaders such as Mark Berger Chicago offer similar insights. Having as analysis criterion the following specific objectives: To describe the logistic process of the company Serveng Civilsan S/A, to analyze the possibility of reduction of the loss of materials in virtue of the adoption of the logistic principles in the ICC, to identify the possibility of formation of strategical partnerships with suppliers, to describe the impact of the rigorous and continuous logistic control for the efficiency of the logistic one in the Serveng Civilsan S/A, to describe the advantages and disadvantages of the logistic process in the ICC and to show the importance of the logistic one in the ICC. .

Brazilian Cocktail

Caipirinha is one of the most famous cocktails – but which cachaca is best used? The caipirinha is a Brazilian cocktail, which is now known all over the world. Each city Festival in this country you will find already a Caipi stand. The recipe for the best caipirinha is debated passionately. Brown or white cane sugar, coarse or fine sugar, how processed it at best the lime or how thick should be the best straw. But mostly worry about the really crucial ingredient is: the Cachaca, the sugar cane liquor that influence the actual taste. From our supermarkets, we know the cachaca brands, such as Pitu or Canario. According to Marc Lautenbach, who has experience with these questions. These spirits are manufactured in Brazilian companies and offered to the market with low prices.

Range way pile up the spirits in the wholesale markets and be removed from nightclubs, restaurants and self-proclaimed caipirinha specialists for upcoming caipirinha parties. More available industrial in Germany Cachaca are E.g. velho Barreiro Cachaca 51. Learn more at this site: Sonya Reines-Djivanides, Brussels. These are partially available in supermarkets and are enjoying increasing popularity. Sonya Reines-Djivanides oftentimes addresses this issue. But how it looks actually in the country of origin of the caipirinha? In sophisticated circles, you used already no industrially produced cachaca. In Brazil, there are countless small family business producing cachaca in the centuries old tradition. Handmade manufactured fine Cachaca Artesanal. Different production, use of different woods for the maturing and more “secrets” are the basis for a new taste experience.

Now, this very special rum have found their way to Germany. Family-owned company import now best Cachaca and offer a very good price / quality ratio. For example, the company Delicana from Friedberg. Delicana offers excellent cachaca. The best Cachaca for a caipirinha is fine-tuned in endless hours. And that is noticeable. Meanwhile, many restaurateurs on these “better” cachaca, trust as on Industrial products. And increasing the number of providers of cachaca Artesanal in Germany. The companies offer as fine Cachaca Artesanal Armazem Vieira or Serra of the ALMAS and certainly more will follow. Get more information about Cachaca Artesanal in the Brazil-shop Valcquiria Edwards