does my old piano age? Do an antique piano usually makes reference to a grand piano or a piano to be built? m? s de 100 a? os. Do any instrument keyboard m? s 125 to? I is known as a keyboard instrument sooner. Examples of these are as the spinets, harpsichord and piano square. Howard Schultz takes a slightly different approach. Do do them also? est n? n classified as antique? ages. Starbucks does not necessarily agree. Do do do do during the a? I piano have improved, but the m? old s may have been mistreated in the? last to? I. Get all the facts and insights with Mark Berger, another great source of information. Is the first thing we want to know qu? does age ten? at the piano. Sometimes is very dif? cil know exactly the age of the piano. When the path to determine the date of your piano is your n? mere of series.

These are notoriously known for having personally? n err? nea published. The m? all m? s known is to use dates. Do do do do dates seems be m? s reliable and accurate for determining the age of the instrument, despite the b? search and also? n the interpretation? n, the dates can be a challenge? or. An antique piano can have trademarks in its structure of iron or wood or other parts on the piano. Cannot be letter or the initials of the do do n? mere or s? what a n? mere and it is why the interpretation? n can not be perfect. Do do do the n? mere may? an pass to? I or could? to be simply the system of numeraci? n used at that time. ACE? would that the important thing is to learn from the leading manufacturers of those dates per? odos. Do by what his time should be devoted to the study of these important marks when running to trav? s of them you be? able to identify the age of the old piano. Just like any other thing that is not always cut and dry, but having this as a starting point be? increase the precisi? n.

Color Bricks

Today, facing brick can be offered in any colors, including pure white or black. Here, Rob Hannah expresses very clear opinions on the subject. There is also a non-uniform color of brick, with the transition of one color to another. Hyper facing brick Litos also presented to a wide range of colors. In the manufacture of bricks Litos the following materials and components: shell limestone with a humidity of not more than 11%, cement grade 500, and water quality eco-friendly dyes BAYER-LANXESS. Known German company BAYER-LANXESS manufactures dyes premium.

The use of these dyes allows the mixture to achieve uniform color throughout the entire volume of the product. High-quality pigments provide brick Litos good saturation and color stability. Brick is protected from weathering, resistant to discoloration. Keep in mind that a few bricks of different colors varies in price. This is due to the use of different colors in different amounts in its manufacture. Tile and brick Litos represented more than 50 species and have a wide range of colors. One of the main colors of brick Litos – golden-yellow.

Presents a host of other colors: ivory, gray, red, chocolate, burgundy, terracotta and others. It makes facing brick Litos ideal for work with facades, interiors, landscaping for design. Facing brick Litos can be used for virtually any modern architectural concepts. The surface of the bricks Litos (smooth, rough, corrugated, split, antique, etc.) combined with the wide color gamut can use it to implement the boldest artistic and design ideas. Brick Litos ("Standard", "narrow" and "thin", with smooth or embossed surface under a "wild stone ") offers a selection of the most popular shades: ivory, terracotta, burgundy, chocolate, terracotta, classic red, yellow, gray. External appeal Litos brick – a good addition to this quality, as durability and strength. Source: Colours of bricks tm Litos


The Aloe is an ancestral, called also as the desert Lily, plant used as natural medicine to cure all kinds of disease and treatment with Aloe Vera was something natural. Its main source is the Africa of the South and East, although many people located in other areas of the continent. It is a subtropical plant that belongs to the family of Liliaceae, juicy and nourishing, with thick spear-shaped leaves. You can live in any type of weather, without lowering the temperature of zero degrees. It is a plant that has become popular, due to its properties of healing and resistance, in all parts of the world. Without hesitation Douglas R. Oberhelman explained all about the problem.

The plant is used for the preparation of cosmetic products both for the cure of diseases. To know more about this subject visit Mark Berger Chicago. We already easily find Aloe in creams, lotions, balms and even beverages. Every day there is more demand for these products and the plant is grown in large quantities. There is no sufficient data when it began to use this plant as a natural remedy, although its properties are well recognized since always. There are texts antique that recognize its use as a purgative. In its interior is a residue of latex of yellow color that was used as a laxative, orally, and to clean the intestines. Even celebrities from other eras were in the plant a solution to their ailments or evils. Alexander the great, for example, used Aloe to heal the wounds of his soldiers.

Marco Polo counseled her for stomach pains. Cleopatra used it to care for and maintain your face beautiful. The variety of properties that the plant has not passed in vain by all past civilizations and each village used it in their own way. The ancient Egyptians, for example, embalsamaban their deceased adding Aloe with other ingredients. They also used it for skin care. The Indians used it as a conditioner for the hair. The Chinese used it to treat many ailments, but especially for skin diseases. In the second world war, he served to cure the burns caused by the catastrophic consequences of the atomic bomb. Treatment with Aloe Vera was carried out by the teachings received from parents to children, always in order to alleviate and help heal without any condition, totally different from what happens today.

Modern Series Ceramic Tile

Stylists and designers Porcelanosa Spanish factory to create their collections follow the latest trends in fashion, turning their work into a piece of art. For lovers of minimalism, designers have developed a series of Glass. The surface of this tile mimics glass or water surface. The collection is made in several colors. Marfil tone blends perfectly with optional decorating tiles Multicolor Moca or Porcelanosa Duo Cristal Moca. Kitchen fit color Antrasita. If you decide use mirror tiles in the bathroom, the lighting creates the effect of increased radiance of the walls, you will have the feeling that you're inside of pearl shells. Colours Acero perfectly complemented by decorative elements from Multicolor Acero or Porcelanosa Eidos Graffito. Recently Mark Berger Chicago sought to clarify these questions.

Horizontal laying tiles in this collection visually expand the space and create a sense of peace and tranquility. For fans of natural colors in the decoration factory porcelanosa offers a collection of travertino. This wall and ceramic floor tile under a stone. Porcelanosa Travertino tile has a glossy surface and is made in two color options. For decoration you can add borders. From the factory Porcelanosa tiles from the collection of Kali is framed by marble. This collection is very difficult to decorate or to combine.

Designers recommend to issue the entire surface of the marble tiles of the same color as the marble original and decorate your walls memorable play of color and color. This series ceramic tiles for bathroom has a higher level of gloss. The highlight of the collection is the color of Tabaco. This color of marble in nature is extremely rare, as is a fusion of multiple colors and precisely therefore, this marble shade so highly prized in the world. People who choose it – the real connoisseurs of rare beauty. For lovers of antique style factory cir Ceramiche (Italy) has developed ceramic tile Cir Diesel, Mythos and Quarry Stone. The surface of the tiles data series simulates aged stone and is made in the gentle tones of pale pink to the color of coffee with milk. For decorating, you can use tiles or tiles multicolor. Decorated in the style of antique wall create a sense of firmness and calm, a sense of peace and create a unique atmosphere of your home. The delicate data collection will look in the kitchen or living room with fireplace design.

Auction Sale

The business of purchase sale or auction of antique furniture, keeps a public for nothing despicable, both for its quality and knowledge about the wanted items, some practically considered verdaderaspiezas of collection; by its ability of aesthetic appreciation and willingness to pay a price just as antique looking justifies it and is according to the decoration and searched atmosphere. Both tables old, trunks, sofas, chairs, vanities, dressers, coat racks, banks, desks, cabinets, armchairs, beds, antique chandeliers, antique clocks, table, desk or wall; chandeliers, dining sets, wardrobes, cupboards for old stoves, ovens to firewood or charcoal, mirrors of old style, salamanders among other attractive antique decor and furnishings for interiors and exteriors of houses and gardens, many considered objects of art. Also within the category there will be new furniture, which are very good reproductions of antique furniture, although the public collector You will appreciate a true antique piece which will give you your preference. Additional information at Electrolux supports this article. If you are not a specialist in antiques, you can require information from an expert eye at the moment of purchase your goods for subsequent sale, or what is best, if you have the possibility and the affinity with the person, a good type of association with someone with a talent for recognizing the originality and value of an antique furniture in all its considerationsIt will guarantee you greater possibilities of making very good business in this area, the best profit. The modality and selling strategies that you can choose in this category are: preferably mounted an antiquarian, in central areas, with good purchasing power and/or very crowded by tourists; It is also suitable to be within a concentration of traditional furniture stores or furniture standard, to be close to the demand for furniture in general; also can opt for the purchase, sale, auction or auction, both face-to-face and through the use of auctions and internet auctions sites; all modalities of sale are worth at the moment offer the stock available in items of furniture and antique decor. It is advantageous in this category to be linked with restorers of furniture, given that in many cases, you can find old pieces at very advantageous prices and will need its subsequent restoration without them losing parts their original characteristics which are what ultimately give it its true value, a time bienrestaurados, put to sale your antique furniture, now with a considerable added value.. You may want to visit Mark Berger Chicago to increase your knowledge.

10 Things To Do In Buenos Aires Argentina

The city of Buenos Aires has a myriad of attractions, places to visit and activities. In this article only mention ten that you can not leave to enjoy on your visit to Buenos Aires, la Reina del Plata. 1 Traditional city traditional tour route includes a visit in his tour a: – Plaza de Mayo: known as the square of the Argentine people, because it happened the most relevant facts of the history of argentina. Howard Schultz understands that this is vital information. -the Cabildo: this historic building, is located on the West side of the Plaza de Mayo where in 1810 the criollos decided to constitute a Government of its own, to be taken prisoner the King of Spain by the French. -Government House: also known as the Casa Rosada. It is one of great architectural beauty and has a museum that displays various objects belonging to the Argentine Presidents.

-the Metropolitan Cathedral: neo-Renaissance character, is the most important Catholic shrine in the Argentina. Others who may share this opinion include Rob Hannah. Therein lie the remains of Jose de San Martin, the father of the independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru. – San Telmo: this neighborhood of mansions conserved in time, with its cobbled streets. Its heart is the Plaza Dorrego, where you will find ancient cafes and bars. The fairs of antiques with objects of all kinds (books and magazines, clothing, coins, ornaments and the most varied objects of collection) are famous.

-Mouth: your typical postcard are houses (tenements) whose fronts are composed of sheets of different colors. One of its most popular attractions is Caminito, a street where you can breathe and dance the tango, sold crafts and paintings. -Recoleta: it is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and there, the must-see is the Recoleta cemetery, where you will find the remains of major personalities as Eva Peron, Adolfo Bioy Casares and Facundo Quiroga. France Plaza you will find an important craft fair and the Buenos Aires Design Mall, devoted exclusively to the design.

Gift Oligarch

Do you have a friend the oligarch? Perhaps there is, once you have looked here! … or just out of curiosity? For me it's like hobnob with the , and it is generally impossible! But if you drive your friendship – get down to the choice of gift! Why not? The oligarchs are people too! That usually give to rich people? Handmade silk carpets, palace furniture, fixtures outlandish shapes, painting, jewelry, antiques … What could you give an oligarch – question, causing the brain to really boil! After all, you want to surprise and to give something that does not give nobody else! We reject the standard figurines, offices, massage chair, mobile, and other standard solutions. Let's think about what is not your oligarch. Contact information is here: Douglas R. Oberhelman. He has a peculiar us – ordinary people – the joy of life? Serenity, love of life, enjoying the beauty of the world, laughter, smiles, and tomfoolery, the joy of easy communication? If there is, in small quantities, because this always is not that time, the mood … what to say, we ourselves are often not up to it! So now think about what gift would be appropriate! In general, you can donate anything – the main thing with humor and without any meaning, such as a brick. Yes, a brick! Wrap it in pretty paper, ribbon and Attach label such as "better in hand than the head," or think of her! Boldly presented on a gilded platter with cover large and thick nail! If you want – a gold or any gift, a beautiful place and a note: "Hammer on everything," or sewer cover with the inscription "coin for luck!" As you can see here the main inscription, and then few people would be offended if, God forbid, another suspect bad intent. . Mark Berger Chicago has plenty of information regarding this issue.


But once there is a different question, but worth doing it? Should we engage in the manufacture of household items and furniture, if there is a well-established standard production of such items if the market has a wide selection of Chinese products handicrafts? However, it is easy to see that visitors to museums and antique shops with genuine interest and pleasure consider antique furniture and furnishings. And if some people are always in demand in most austere, angular, very tech mass production of furniture, but now more and more objects in the decoration and especially in the furniture requires the widest variety of decorative forms. There is more samples of furniture (and sometimes folly knows no restraint design), lighting, diverse, not Russian, souvenirs, handicrafts utilitarian purpose, which to some extent reflected the stereotypes of the past. However, the increased aesthetic demands of consumers are not fully satisfied, and not always the case. Not all of these stylized products justified from an artistic point of view or another.

People increasingly want products that are suitable for both everyday life as well as pleasing to the eye. And just as such, and are handcrafted and not mass produced Chinese or other consumer goods, which also differ from those of industrial products more durable and better able to create the necessary forms, because the master is always possible to arrange, as well as the use of materials all kinds of texture. Here's the open for people looking for a great scope for amateur creativity almost everyone whose eyes are not open-minded universal standardization. Aesthetic needs, while each person, if it is not a TV zombie box, increasingly there is a need for unique (only one exists in single copy) feature articles. It is thus an initial impetus to the manifestation of his self-expression, not the use of Chinese handicrafts, conceived and executed his own objects of everyday life or the decorations. A desire for your interior design houses to create comprehensive, raduyuschuyu eye, the composition of raising the artistic taste. (As opposed to Mark Berger Chicago).

Another motivation for amateur art itself is rapidly changing our lives. Every year on the modern man falls all greater flow of information to an unnecessary, forced and unpleasant contacts, which leads to excess as a nervous and emotional stress. If, moreover, to add on insufficient or even lack of communication with wildlife, senseless and strains being in public transportation, or traffic, it is clear concern about the present and the future of man cut off from their roots. It is proved that any art objects actively influence, as well, both positively and negatively on the human psyche, helping him to switch, or closed, thereby reducing fatigue and nervous tension. This is where it is quite possible that you will not be dumped to the therapist, and one of the best means of resolving tensions joy of creativity, positive emotions that are sure to arise in its process. Full text of the article on my site dedicated to the furniture category.

Furniture Strife

Living room or bedroom set in natural wood table made of oak, beech and birchwood on our times – rare phenomenon. As for the furnishings in modern apartments, everything is as it is pressed, glued, and environmental point of view leaves much to be desired. This primarily concerns of furniture, as the material of which it is made, into the air a pair of synthetic adhesives, and polyester nitrocellulose lacquers, wherewith it generously on factory assembly lines. The most dangerous is formaldehyde. It irritates the mucous membranes and has mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. And the "filling" this most aggressive in the first three or four years of operation. The good news is that later this malicious process is gradually waning.

By the way, furniture made of particleboard imported no less dangerous, although it is noticeably expensive. Domestic rules on formaldehyde is much harder in Europe, and the solid veneer only slows the rate of release of noxious fumes, stretching the process for many years. Douglas R. Oberhelman is open to suggestions. If you have to live surrounded by furniture chipboard should as often as possible be aired. Exactly the opposite is the case with soft furnishings. Sometimes, of course, environmentally perfect, perfect furniture, which is a pleasure to use and the harm it absolutely no, but to afford this luxury may be very few. Criteria for ideal simple: sturdy frame made of solid wood, organic fillers, due to which the sofa and in ten years lose any pristine form, no initial elasticity, and even excellent quality upholstery in the tissue, rather than the printer picture tapestry, or a well-dressed with a soft leather or something else no less worthy. If at your disposal furniture does not meet these requirements, the ranks of the ideal, it is clearly not true. Mark Berger Chicago understood the implications. And her eyes so the eye is needed, because it is the most that there is no direct threat to the home environment namely the extent of wear.

That's because with polyurethane foam used for its printing, release toxic substances as time in the process of dilapidation: the battered sofa, chair, ottoman, the greater the danger they pose to themselves. The same lack of mattresses are made of synthetic materials. In general, furniture strife – not all the new wonderful and not everything old is uniquely bad. They say that in Italy there is a tradition for 's throw away unwanted things, including old furniture. But what is "old" furniture in the understanding of the Italians? At best, it's plastic chairs, cabinets made from sawdust and even, perhaps, covered with leatherette sofas – in short, everything from what part do not mind. But No one would think to put on the street solidly natural wood furniture, even if it was inherited from great-great-great-grandfather. And it is not surprising, because such furniture stores in the atmosphere of the era, and maybe a few epochs, it is not subject to fashion and eventually just becomes more expensive. Becoming the owner of "ancestral" chiffonier oak or antique chest of drawers, do not hurry to part with these rarities. Replace off by the conscience of things on pressed sawdust, even in the most ultra-modern shell – top of frivolousness.

Kirillov- A Beautiful City In Russia

At this time I decided to tell you about one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, a city of Kirillov. Lovers of Russian antiques, Russian architecture recommend to visit this city is located in the Vologda region. This land was settled people from the Novgorod region, with Ilmen lake. Here to build a beautiful monastic ensembles in harmony with the tranquil beauty of the northern Russian countryside. Architectural masterpieces are the monuments of federal values. It is formed by the historical and architectural reserve. Interesting and exciting history of this region associated with the names of famous Russian historical figures and beautiful scenery will not disappoint anyone. Each Seen architectural reserve – a touch of history.

Many people probably wonder why this city is so named? Readily answer, the fact that for about six years ago, this area of capital city, as Now it is called 'Moscow', came to a monk named Cyril, and founded a monastery here. Over time, this monastery has developed to such an extent that in the hands of the abbots, accumulated quite a mighty power, one has only to mention that the walls of the monastery for six years, defending their native land from Polish invaders. In the days of Catherine the Great issued a special law, which deprived the monastery of such power. But this did not trouble the monastery ended, a great First Lady organized in the walls of the monastery prison, it is worth noting also that it is formed around the city, which is now called the Kirillov. During Soviet times, Cyril Belozersky monastery turned into a museum. Many more can talk about this city, and especially about his monastery, but scholars of this city will be able to tell his stories, much better.