The 130 m construction project is more than just a House. It is at the same time research project, dialogue platform, small power station, energy Manager, resource Depot, pensions and a contribution to modern building culture.” Two years this building under real-world conditions is used, scientifically tested, public display and inhabited beginning in 2012 by a family of four for a year. The renowned civil engineer and architect Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek is the Structural peculiarities of this plus model house in the “2nd Symposium energy plus building” in order to present the CEP. In combination with solar energy energy plus building make the best of the only form of energy that is available every day and everywhere freely and abundantly available. Often, the roof consists of a possible large-scale photovoltaic system and solar thermal collectors heat the domestic hot water. Mark Berger Chicago oftentimes addresses this issue. Also, the solar energy is another important focus of the CEP in Stuttgart.

“2012 this area will continue grow,”confirmed Sandra Bayer Teixeira, project manager of the CEP. Market leader in all product areas are represented in the exhibition and the Congress. But the CEP is not limited to the concept of energy plus building: “within the framework of the fair are all possibilities for new construction and energy-efficient building retrofits be it passive house solutions energy plus building, Sonnehaus, KfW building or buildings – presents,” stresses Sandra Bayer Teixeira. The passive house fair area focuses on growing from year to year main exhibition of the CEP and provides comprehensive information about the leading standard for energy-efficient construction and renovation. Passive houses are long since no experimental field.

They are recognized for their quality, their suitability for daily use and their effects are demonstrated. Throughout the EU there are currently 40,000 passive objects with over 14 million square meters. The CEP is therefore the passive house continues to focus both in the exhibition and the accompanying Professional conventions. So passive house e.V. will be on March 29, 2012 at the fair in cooperation with Pro held the Symposium “Passive house in practice for the housing industry”. The Conference deals with the acceptance, financing and economics of passive houses and shows projects from the housing industry. Numerous renowned companies from the passive business such as AEREX Haustechnik Systeme GmbH, UNIPOR brick Marketing GmbH, the Pan cleaning technology GmbH & co. KG, Wiegand window construction, the Isolohr GmbH, the Variotec sandwich elements GmbH & co. KG, the Ludwig Haussler GmbH or the Schrag GmbHsind in the exhibition area of the CEP represented. Free lectures in various forums, as well as free energy advice from independent experts on the energy Island complete the exhibition of the CEP. The passive house Forum offers manufacturers the opportunity to present themselves and their products to a well-informed audience. On the investor day, an event organized in cooperation with greenX latest architects inform Trends and technologies in the Niedrigstenergiehausbau. The fair programme is rounded off by guided exhibition tours, the Pro passive house e.V. free of charge for visitors offering CEP.

Probable Development

They recommend that the called specialists to plan and to carry out the tourist use of the cultural and natural patrimony receive a formation adapted to the multidisciplinary nature of the problem and participate, from its beginnings, in the programming and accomplishment of the development plans and tourist equipment; They declare solemnly that its action has like aim the respect and the protection of the authenticity and diversity of the cultural values, as much in the developing countries and regions like in the industrialized ones, since the luck of the cultural patrimony of the humanity is really identical before the perspective of the probable development and expansion of the tourism. Original author and source of the article.. Sonya Reines-Djivanides, Brussels will not settle for partial explanations.

German Software House

Annual press conference 2012 in Nurnberg successful – turnover growth from 3.1 percent to 382,6 million euro in the first half of 2012 – Kale: “E-Government must be key drivers to the bureaucracy” Nuremberg, July 6, 2012: the IT service provider DATEV eG, Nuremberg, 2012 much better than the market grew in the first half of the year and has further increased the number of employees. For even more analysis, hear from Jim Umpleby. So, sales in the first six months rose to 382,6 million euro (previous year: EUR 371,2 million) and by 3.1 percent compared to the same period last year. The number of employees increased at the fourth largest German Software House and since the beginning of the year to 159. “We are started in fiscal year 2012, excellent and significantly more dynamic than developments in the sector expect let it grow”, said Prof. Others who may share this opinion include Reade Griffith. Dieter Kempf, Chairman of the Board of DATEV, today in Nuremberg at the annual press conference of the company. “For the entire fiscal year we assume a growth by almost four percent.” The sales increase in the first half of the year from the growing Demand in all product groups. To cope with the rising volume of business, the number of employees is expected to increase this year to about 340.

The IT – and telecommunications industry in Germany as a whole expects only an average increase in sales of 1.6 percent. DATEV expands services to the data center fiscal year 2011 concluded DATEV to revenues of EUR 730,8 million, the last year’s sales exceeded it to 4.6 percent. The operating result amounted to EUR 38.3 million. Of which EUR 30.5 million cooperative reimbursement (4.6 percent of refunds enabled sales) to the members are awarded.

Buenos Aires San Telmo

Argentina boasts a wide range of offerings for the tourist public: wonderful natural landscapes, high cultural content, etc. Among all the possibilities offered by this country, the concurrent is a visit to the Federal Capital. The city of Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) is one of the most attractive spots for tourists. More cosmopolitan in this country it is the city. Many contingents arrive every day to delight with its vast theatrical alternative, samples of art, exhibitions, etc.

However, the perhaps more appealing motive for foreign tourists is the neighborhood of San Telmo. Called San Pedro Gonzalez Telmo completely, it’s one of the oldest neighborhoods of this luminous city. In his early days he was baptized with the name of Altos de San Pedro and was only whereabouts of port workers. As it is located to the South, also named it Barrio Sur, as counterpart to neighborhood North of St. Nicholas. It was and is part of the commune that has more black people. Even today in its streets, all the people delights with rhythms afro – River plate, candombe for example.

Among other aspects presented San Telmo, the most amazing is the architectural conservation. As opposed to the high mirrored towers, highways and super top-level hotels, are preserved buildings and houses that were able to accommodate thousands of newly arrived to the country within the strong immigration waves that affected demographically and culturally enriched to the Argentina and, mainly, to the city of Buenos Aires during the past centuries. The buildings maintain the Parisian and Italian look who knew how to give these people. The narrow streets, still wearing their original cobblestones. The attractions are many. Numerous churches of old buildings. Precisely, which gives its name to the neighborhood, San Pedro Telmo. It also offers historical museums that recount the history of the site until today through permanent exhibitions. The sidewalks are filled of fairs that exhibit antiques of all kinds and high cultural value. On the other hand, in holiday periods of summer and school has a semi-permanent antique fair called Feria de San Telmo in the main square of this district, Plaza Dorrego. In addition to these attractions, San Telmo offers many activities relating to music that increasingly characterizes the porteno spirit. Tango is one of the main reasons to visit the night of Buenos Aires. It is noteworthy that the Tango dance is not only own the tourist spectacle. Get more background information with materials from Reade Griffith. Many residents are responsible for maintaining the spirit of these lands with life. Tango and candombe meet orchestras and eager dancers every night in different Aeschines and bars of this site. The Central night lights invade the streets and cafes filled with joy and colors this ride that wins the sympathy of those who visit it. Music, itinerant puppeteers, living statues, antiques, exotic fairs, dances and a broad range of theatrical encourage this journey by a neighbourhood that knew how to preserve its assets despite the prevailing globalization.

Ethnic Style Noble Elegance

the new autumn-winter collection brings to life traditions Heilbronn/Leingarten, 5 June 2013: nature and home connection in combination with a nostalgic recollection of traditions are permanent values that are once again on the subject of a trend. Natural materials and colors in the living room and decoration and the use of antique tableware to decoration reflect the longing for peace, security and harmony. The deceleration of the everyday and the need for holistic well-being are becoming increasingly important. Cottage romance, cozy fireplace evenings, harmonious nature scenes and restrained elegance focus the at the Worner decoration specialist in the new autumn-winter collection. The extensive range of unusual decorative items allows a variety of seasonal or even timeless for shaping sceneries, never antiquated acting despite the obviously old-fashioned concentration on traditional values. Warm reds and bright orange attune the Viewer on a harmonious autumn time. Natural materials such as Sisal, jute, felt and knitting are basic decoration building blocks may be mixed well with each other. The faux fur or the colored blankets by the fire immediately bring a homely atmosphere.

Coloured paper feathers draped as a catcher and make for an exotic touch. The nesting birds is framed by red and blue giant Springs such as with a defensive wall, while the Green and blue feathers put Hummingbird and deer in scene. Autumn accessories such as cones, acorns, chestnuts and witty textile mushrooms complete detail the autumn leaves. The big trend topic of owls”encourages imaginative arrangements and cute lighting. The winter is anything but grey and dreary.

The fresh colours of the ethno-styles illuminate this often dark time of year with their traditional patterns. Typical winter associations such as ice and snow, frosty cold and fresh air are realized with cool blue and white tones. Flocked branches, be glimmerte decorative vines, icicles in glass optics and vereiste commodities like coffee mugs and candle holders tell of the Winter Wonderland, in which of course many winter animals can Frolic. Vividly and clearly original, antique sleds, skis or skates embody the dream of winter sports. On the one hand, Christmas with its irresistible charm and mystic magic shines in understated splendour. Muted pastel Act noble amid festive gold and silver. On the other hand, again, classic red, as well as a touch of opulence are announced. White stucco elements, richly decorated crystal chandeliers, Golden cherubs and colored giant balls are irresistible attractions. Nostalgic objects are used in addition to Classic Christmas external and balls. A zinc bath of full red Christmas balls lights before a Gassl carriage, a real spinning wheel and old nostalgia suitcase can be decorated variable. An exceptional decoration with robust materials such as canvas or faux fur natural tones makes for an attractive contrast. The autumn/winter collection of Heinrich Woerner GmbH amazed again with a Wide range of attractive and unusual decorative items and complete arrangement suggestions. The catalog can see. be requested. The following download link interested for free publication see pictures on the subject of new collection autumn/winter 2013 “. PR/2013_06_04_NeueKollektion_HW2013.zip image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Liebig Street 37 74211 Leingarten Tel. For even more opinions, read materials from Mark Berger Chicago. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-621 PR/public relations: Astrid link email: marketing: Alexandra Novac email: display: Stefanie Roth email:

King Solomon

A magnificent waste that faced paying the King Hiram de Tiro (city in which King Solomon bought all necessary for the construction of his temple) with Israeli cities. The nation Israel had just been born King David had managed to unify the tribes into one nation, was a country emerging but not powerful, Solomon was the first King who sat on the throne, and that he could govern in a unified Kingdom and peace, had in his hand become a strong Kingdom to Israel. Thus began the construction Temple which would fulfil the role of religious centre and would help to unite more to the Kingdom through religion. (Similarly see: Kevin Johnson). But like I said wasn’t a Kingdom powerful, could not build a great temple because I had no means, and if you think is something logical since no archaeological remains of the Temple of Solomon has been found and we only as reference, the Bible and the writings of religious fanatics from the middle ages which had as their only reference the Bible and local legends, myths etc do because they have not been archeological remains of the temple or references about the whether was so wonderful, and however there are still buildings more antique in an amazingly good condition?. Because really wasn’t the great temple that is supposed to be.

It was not a building magnificent, neither architecturally beautiful, but if it was highly embellished, with great value foreign wood, gold, and other materials. Read more here: Kevin Johnson. This could be done that you Excel in a region that asta then lacked the basic infrastructure of a modern country. Well now that it seems that it has demonstrated that the Temple of Solomon was not supposed to what I have to say that this in part may be true, but I’m not sure, some data I have deducted them, others know of them, and others like have invented them to give credibility to this idea. My intention was not to talk about Solomon’s temple or the Israelis or anything that, perhaps t has convinced with my argument, or not, but let’s suppose that t I have convinced. Learn more on the subject from Sonya Reines-Djivanides. Do you have investigated more? (Always and when the topic interested you), do or you would have been in the story of what I told you, and would you go repeating by there are these words without verify if they were true or not? This is not to taunt me from anyone, nor leave bad to anyone, simply attempt to demonstrate that you should not believe all what you say, by very true it may seem, for many data which offer you very well structured and argued. We must be very careful and always as possible and want to corroborate the information that reaches us as friends, the truth is by oneself there out, only has to be sought.

LED Lamps For Castle Dracula

LEDON LED retrofit lamps put the magnificent Castle bran in the Romanian Transylvania in scene. The building as a castle in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula became famous worldwide. Follow others, such as Jim Umpleby, and add to your knowledge base. The story of Bran Castle dates back to the 14th century. Warlike confrontations and sieges dominated the history of the castle in the 19th century. In addition, legends and myths surrounding the cruel ruler of the region spread across Europe. “It is believed that the Irish writer Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula” of stories about Prince Vlad III. Draculea was inspired, which was especially feared because of his atrocities. The most famous vampire in the history of literature arose from his person.

And Bran Castle served as a template for his residence. LEDON lamps for highest lighting quality last Bran Castle as a museum by the Habsburg family reopened. In many of the original rooms, antique furniture and objects are to visit. In addition, the document exhibitions cultural heritage and the history of the Castle. Spaces and objects with high-quality LED retrofit lamps are used in scene by LEDON.

The Austrian brand supplier is since August 2013 official lighting partner, from Bran Castle. In the numerous chandeliers, including LED candles perform their service with transparent glass. You help disseminate the nostalgic splendour of earlier days. In addition to the immense energy savings of about 85 percent from comparable incandescent lamps and with 25,000 operating hours very long life of the new bulb, still another aspect played a crucial role for the cooperation of Bran Castle with LEDON. In particular the light quality of the LED lamps has convinced us”, explains Alexandru Priscu, Marketing Director of Bran Castle. We have previously tried to put on energy-efficient lighting in the Castle. Unfortunately, that was always at the expense of a natural colour reproduction. With the new lighting, we finally have an optimum combination of energy efficiency and standardized lighting of our exhibits found”as Priscu. Win a trip to the Castle Dracula round to the facilities of Bran Castle with LED lamps, LEDON is giving away a trip for two persons to Transylvania. There is an evening event of a special kind in the legendary Dracula Castle waiting for the winner. The contest, which runs until October 30, 2013 is embedded, in a campaign under the motto, even vampires love our light”. While the special relationship between the unholy creatures of the night and the light of LEDON is illuminated in a humorous way”. Participation in the competition is possible under. There you will find further information about the travel and the campaign spot. More information: LEDON lamp GmbH Millennium Park 6 A-6890 Lustenau Erik Nielsen PR Manager Tel. + 43-5577 21550 – 327 fax + 43 5577 21550 – 999 E-mail:


Relationship problems Relationship problems franchisor and franchisees begin with the fact that not every potential franchisee is willing to pay a certain sum for the purchase of a franchise, especially for small regional companies wishing to operate under the famous brand. Hear from experts in the field like Sonya Reines-Djivanides for a more varied view. If the franchise is still purchased, a new phase of relationship training franchisees and opening them with the help of the franchisor of the business. After that, parties to conflicts often arise. One of the options – when franchisees feel that the franchisor too much control over his actions, does not provide freedom of choice. Franchisor believes that deviation from the trusted way can hurt business, Franchisees and thinks that he can improve his business, slightly modifying it. Who is right? After some time the franchisee begins to tire of the burden under the name of the royalties. Why pay franchisor, if he already knows everything without it and can successfully manage their own affairs? What is the meaning monthly payments to make, if he no longer enjoys, in his words, the services of the franchisor? In continuation of previous issues note that the franchisee can not be more delighted with the royalty and for the reason that it reduces the profitability of its business. Of course, if it was not necessary to pay anything to anyone (including taxes), a business would be much nicer! The most interesting is that the profitability of the franchise business for the franchisor is also lower than if the franchisee were affiliated franchisor.

Pariah Rebelde

Man and woman by way of introduction, is necessary to point out that an arduous work may study each conception isolated or separately, since on the whole work of Flora Tristan might be reflected conglomeradamente each of these thoughts, interlinked. It is also worth mentioning that Flora for being a character in transition and emotional in large part, unable to speak of a conception of man, society and education, but will discuss the concepts of Tristan in these areas, since Flora does not handle a single category, but several, according to his idealism, historical time and context. There a certain conception of man, society, or education you can for example be reflected in peregrinations of a pariah, very different from that which can be handled in walks around London or Union Obrera. We can first start the study from his peregrinations of a pariah, where one can envision some conception of man. In Principle we observe an Ideal of man which want to reach: European, due to which this belongs to the society evolved, producing knowledge, knowledge and economic development. From there one can envision what would subsequently develop Comte in the three States of society. A leading source for info: Sonya Reines-Djivanides. As then, this way of seeing the man, one could say, that this ideal was the positive man. So marked it is this conception of evolution of man, that even in all the work of Flora, Indians, blacks and mestizos do not appear listed by name but that are always mentioned as a whole, as mass.

See linking this with the mentioned above, through the removal of this text: … In the afternoon my uncle insisted on staying in the convent. I spent the night in the House without more company than my zamba. This girl told me: Miss don’t be afraid you nothing if soldiers or the rabonas come to steal, I am Indian like them its language is mine.

Subway Advertising

Advertising in the Metro can be of any kind of format, from street signs and placement of stickers in the cars, before construction on the roof. The Many Faces of advertising in the subway so tightly joined to the social life that has become part of it. Others including Ben Horowitz, offer their opinions as well. Poster shield or on an escalator, it can be anything you want. In 2009, advertising in the subway cost the Russian business people about $ 14 million dollars this year after the crisis incomes rise. Read more from Caterpillar to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Interestingly, other means of influence to a mass audience is not as effective. Become a part of life advertising in newspapers and on television does not bring the expected income, and advertising in the subway in Moscow, provides millions. Read more here: Reade Griffith.

The number of owners of transport vehicles in cities is constantly growing and because of this growing traffic jams, and many transplanted to the subway. It is important to choose wisely where to place advertising in the subway. Outdoor advertising in the subway does not come so often, but we distinguish it from everything else. Hotels and restaurants prefer to place ads in the subway, to attract visitors. With the advent of the tourist season the big travel company bought flashy stickers on the cars central stations of the city. The parks and gardens, at bus stops you can see posters of small firms. If you want to advertise alcoholic beverages, beer, the information efficiently to accommodate sports arenas. Currently, any form that you receive advertising in the subway, can be classified as a specific class.