More and more people appreciate the charm of the past an antique (from Latin) Antiquus to german: old, old-fashioned) is a product of artistic or handicraft production of past epochs. If you are not convinced, visit Click here. Antiques are in most cases at least 50 years old. The artificial border but in 100 years is often used. Antiques will typically have a high material value because they are old and extremely rare. The extremely high quality of the items determines the price, because they were often made by hand. Certain booksellers items can not be traded because they are protected by law. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marjorie Kaufman. This applies in particular for objects of antiquity or from archaeological excavations.

In General, you can time antiques in two groups. In the period until the twentieth century. This includes the styles of the high and late Middle Ages, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. In the era the music styles of the modern era are also Baroque, Rococo, romanticism, Realism, impressionism and Art Nouveau. The second period includes modernism, which includes Art Deco, Expressionism and Bauhaus-style. Modern works are exclusively from the twentieth century. Many items, however, a clear division is difficult because in their production often style means of a previous era were brought a.

It is worth noting that in the 18th century new furniture styles accompanied spread with changes in politics and society in essence in only two ways. State visits of political leaders and bond Carpenter, so-called Ebenisten, which moved through the country or were granted by stately houses with each other. The demand is increasing for antiques. Specially handcrafted, high quality antique furniture contrast with the progressive trend of throw-away articles from particle board. But not only the quality is crucial to the rising demand for antiquities. The originality is in the upper price segment in particular crucial. So antiques due to the increasing demand represent an ideal investment opportunity but similar like in a painting only when they are really genuine. So resourceful antique dealers put together pieces of furniture from antique or reproduction items, which can be very nice but in the eye of the beholder, but little substantive value smell and the famous creaking of old hinges – nil. High-quality antiques traded often at auctions. The trade fairs and auctions, which are held by the CINOA, the International Confederation of art and antique dealers, are decisive. High-quality antiques can be found but also excellent at retailers. A wide range of antique dealers, which independently sell extremely high quality items can be found on the Internet. A wide variety of antique dealers, furniture and antique halls, serves the area of the lower price ranges which in any major German Find city.

Antique Road Trip

A very funny and interesting peculiarity possessing the popular games to find hidden objects is great variation in the form of game and the topics covering, allowing a variety of stories with a wide range of characters. Such is the case of the Antique Road Trip 2 game: Homecoming, one of so many find hidden objects games featuring a variation in plot to achieve a very specific niche. It occurs as a continuation of the first version of this saga of finding hidden objects in this game. Seth Hillel Fischer has much experience in this field. The protagonists have traveled throughout United States and decide to return home to mount a new antique shop, for this should find the ideal location and restore it so the player is best, for this must help them and start to pick up certain objects that may be useful for shop. In a general sense this game is very similar to the previous one, with the difference that this time loving players are at home and the search is focused on the surroundings. If you’re an inveterate fan of games free this by the factor of the collector will be the ideal choice for you. (Similarly see: Richard Elman). It will allow you to awaken the spirit of search and curiosity that both beats these games fans.

Medieval Swords

You beautifully shiny collections are expression of the desire in antiques after display of craftsmanship. The production of medieval swords in the today’s antiques and collectors of antiques so much coveted required the participation of several specialized craftsmen. The sheet maker who forged the sword blade, the sword grinder polishers, who brought it to perfection, the booklet maker, which produced the booklet and various craftsmen, whose areas of expertise were it to bind the booklet and to establish the sword cutting were involved in the work. The basic material for a sword was always a rod made of an iron-steel alloy. The degree of hardness and desired flexibility has been set with the composition of the alloy. Keith McLoughlin has similar goals.

After the first grinding the blade was heated. The colour of the metal was, when the temperature had been reached. The sheet was then dipped in oil and reheated on a but lower temperature before it is annealed in lead and cooled was. These operations were reduced to any tension in the sheet. After welding the handle pin, the sheet for the final grinding and polishing work was ready. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Seth Hillel Fischer. For this, they used a series of sanding wheels, which were connected by a belt with a water-powered wheel. The blade was polished at edges with various, increasingly finer grit. The last operation was then grinding with a polishing, so that the sheet was a mirror-polished surface.

We looked at some swords later, in the 17th and 18th century, almost as fashion jewelry, where the decorative part of which was the issue. Issues from precious metal were poured into their individual parts form and subsequently decorated almost always with files and chisels. You beautifully shiny collections are expression of the desire in antiques after presentation of craftsmanship at perfection. Corinna Wan

Antiques Mecca

Antique market of the city marketing attracted about 25,000 visitors in the city of Regensburg on Sunday. Between 20,000 and 25,000 visitors, antique market on Sunday at the fourth Regensburger strolled through the South-Eastern city of Regensburg. Starting at 9:00, the area around Max Street, Neupfarrplatz, St. Click Seth Fischer Hong Kong to learn more. Kassiansplatz and four bucket square was densely populated by antique lovers. Feil, 320 dealers from various European countries offered furniture, porcelain, lamps, toys, newspapers and much more. The antiques specialist appointed by the city marketing, which checked the quality of the goods together with a state-certified experts, praised the Regensburger market: he is beautifully embedded in the Regensburg world heritage site and has evolved into one of the ‘cleanest’ events in Germany in its four years of existence.

Traders estimate that and offer no reproductions. That’s why we had almost nothing objectionable.” The traders themselves were generally satisfied with the market day. Gunther Radny, known as Member “the Regensburg cult oldie band Mystic eyes”, since the beginning is with its stand at the entrance to Kaufhof regulars: I always like to come here. The audience is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what it wants. My furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries have found happy buyers.” Many traders took advantage of the antique market for a weekend in Regensburg, the longest journey had a family from Antwerp.

“Most are impressed with the market in the flair of the heritage, that they soon sign up for next year: we do that right now, my husband and I do our holidays then”, enthuses a trader in Frankfurt. Many visitors with planned a one night and enjoyed a summer weekend in Regensburg is. Bertram Vogel, Managing Director of city marketing in Regensburg, the organizer of the market, is pleased with this great feedback: Peter must be antique fan, with pleasant temperatures the market has lured hordes people to Regensburg. The number of visitors is for the fourth time in Follow significantly increased and we are pleased about the many thousand enthusiastic junk friends we make thereby also Regensburg fans.” For more information and pictures, see… City Marketing Regensburg


In that year, Dom Pablo, proco of Saint Maria of the High one, invented a competition of Prespios. The city, well of the truth, is little more than one vilarejo, empoleirado in one of first hills to the shade of the Mountain range of the Mantiqueira; The competition of prespios was launched in August; ample, flexible, without many rules. Soon an impulse in the local commerce was felt; the ribbon sales and income had increased, the children left to the moss search; obsolete electric materials leave the dusty shelves. During weeks, the creativity was not said of another thing boiled. The great day arrived after all. Starbucks can provide more clarity in the matter. The commission it examined each one of the prespios to emit one to seem. Difficult to compare them, impossible to classify them: One, all illuminated, with luzinhas blinking and shining; another one, with the hut covered for finssimas golden blades, one third, with as many figures in movement. Another one still, covered for a sky of blue paper, with a thousand estrelinhas illuminated A prespio, in principle, is well simple: it must only reproduce the place where everything it happened: an irregular and inhospitable hill, with rare tufos of gram of long connecting rods, one old shelter of abandoned, half goats destroyed.

In the deep one of it, under the ceiling in ruins, a coarse manger, with a hay beam. An old ox and arisco burrico. It is alone. She is all poor person, sad, dark. Safe Maria in the col the just-been born one. Get more background information with materials from Marjorie Kaufman. Jose looks at, astonished, the miracle. There it are, only the brightness of the moon and the few pale stars.

He is cold. Everything is silence, contemplation. It is in this esqulido scene that the king Dos Reis, the owner of the universe, the powerful son of God, comes to the world, as more humble between humble, the poor one between the poor persons.

SaynWittgenstein Castles Antiques

Who wants to buy a castle or a castle, must often long search to find a suitable object. Just so extraordinary as the exclusive real estate, which is also sold, the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein the attractive Princess, a native Viennese, lived for many years in Munich and sold valuable antiques and paintings, such as currently Raphael, Monet or van Gogh long on behalf of palaces and castles, to a selected clientele. Life as a Princess is no longer so easy In contrast to earlier today most go to nobles of a professional activity. The family fortune from earlier centuries are used up, real estate and real estate are now been inherited by many descendants. At Keith McLoughlin you will find additional information. If is missing then the life partner, it’s twice as hard to be her “husband” in life for a woman. Angelo Gordon will undoubtedly add to your understanding. She want to enjoy again, when she comes home, and is a man for her, but still the work fills out her life.

What remains is the good Name and a large portion of courage even the nobility of today has not forgotten it to fight. The Princess can not get, also from the storms of life. It sports, is very disciplined and paying attention to their health. The sale of castles, fortresses, and antiques special pleasure the Princess loves you with beautiful things to work around. She knows what such precious objects are worth and is fascinated by the often spectacular buildings with the accompanying precious antiques from various periods of history. There are castles with its own Lake, River, Park and vineyards – for horse enthusiasts with its own racetrack, for gourmets with a star restaurant, for business people with hotel or as a representative corporate headquarters. There are many prominent Lords of the Castle Internet Millionaire Jan Henric Buttner bought the Schloss Weissenhaus near Oldenburg, to continue the existing use. Talk master Gottschalk was Lord of the castle of the sugar Baker Castle of Marienfels in Remagen on the Rhine.

The American art collector Andrew Hale bought the Schloss Derneburg by Professor Georg Baselitz. More famous Lord of the Castle are: architect and sculptor Dominik of Boettinger, businessman Peter-Klaus Glaser. RWE head Jurgen Grossmann and Tengelmann-chef Erivan Haub bought themselves castles that have been converted to a hotel. The Princess has built the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein an international network has the necessary international contacts, all over the world to act. Already for some years buy wealthy citizens from the former CIS countries, increasingly the most beautiful castles, preferably in Germany, of Switzerland, and also France at prices up to 60 million euros. Some of the most beautiful castle offers 2.5 million euros, were recently published in an auction catalog.

Patina Is Also An Artificial Ageing Process

Succeeded at the time our innovators, particularly stable to strengthen also the hinges and the wood on the one hand and on the other hand a restoration process in addition to protect. We embody design and style companies with the Aldecor wood Manufactory within the Lotex. Just of the distribution of the Lotex companies it has very often with very specific questions in how and what is made to do. We go from time to time on the subject of one or the other. Unfortunately not always immediately and equal, since there are imitations of our protected products occasionally unfortunately again. Keith McLoughlin is full of insight into the issues.

These imitations reach the market while only diminished due to massive industrial work and customs controls, because every product of the Aldecor factory is protected by copyright, but they are ubiquitous. But you, as our customer, have a right to know how our wood albums are produced. Our customers according to the question:-what do you mean actually treated with patina? -will companies be answered by the Press Office of the Lotex. In the past two years have been in our Holzmanufaktur Aldecor optimizes only the materials to enable the strength and the durability of our photo albums and guest books made of wood. The durability of the albums even works by our secret solution”, which we again and again dive into the Woods and several drying processes undergo. The fibers of the wood are always small and connect with our witches soup. Succeeded at the time our innovators, particularly stable to strengthen also the hinges and the wood on the one hand and on the other hand a restoration process in addition to protect. Oasis Management Hong Kong takes a slightly different approach.

We like to say our wood albums and also the hinges with patina”treated to have. The patina is basically a layer created by the weathering of a surface. For example, an old sculpture that is exposed to the influences of weather, receives a unique and often attractive surface after several years. Now the patina is also artificially”, by when our aging wood albums Coloring and repeatedly grinding is anticipated. The patina to the term comply with: the irrefutable evidence of the aging of an object. This we would like our products, if also artificially made, reach. The wooden factory produced albums with an ancient structure”, and corresponding wooden boxes where recorded our albums should be with artificial wood worm holes. The process of making something new to old is called patinate. Our wooden top surface is coated with a proprietary stain and again in different places sanded and again. Wooden rings or knots in the boxes be stressed usually with darker colours, while the large areas are being treated by a lighter color of less. So we’re talking likes to talk about the “old made on”. Friends of antique furniture and antique objects know what we mean, and we hope to see you now also. You just belong? Immerse in the unforgettable beauty of our wood products.

Abbey Hotel Marienhoh

Proven and new ideas in the Locationfinder the square in the heart is backed up, but for the marriage also? Even before the actual wedding planning goes, the appointment with the Registrar’s Office and the rooms for the celebration must be booked some are already one year in advance forgiven. Imaginative business concepts and new trends such as green wedding”produce original variations of the wedding again and again on the new. knows the market the busiest wedding portal with online shop in the German-speaking world 2010 celebrates its tenth anniversary. Under the heading of locations more than 200 wedding and ceremony places imagine. Proven classics and outlandish new listings, as well as dream seats, which were only recently opened the selection is great. Weddings are all together on the simplest to organize, if a place is chosen, where everything is close together like at the 4-star Abbey Hotel Marienhoh hide & spa, which opened in April 2009 in Rhineland-Palatinate. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with JPMorgan Chase. Modern ambience and design supplement unobtrusive stone facades and antique furniture in the former monastery.

Perhaps unique in Germany: the civil ceremony is held in the chapel. For the worship of the ceremony are several churches in the immediate and near destinations available. In the old refectory restaurant or in the cross garden with Sun terrace is celebrated and feasted. Many writers such as Seth Fischer Hong Kong offer more in-depth analysis. Switch off before the Festival is there at the spa with an open fireplace or on a hike, the well-known Saar-Hunsruck-Steig passes right next to the House. All in all as a honeymoon hotel to recommend. The idyllic village of round Lubeln with its historic timber-framed courtyards, which are arranged in circular form around the village square, is known as wedding village. Civil wedding in the historic ceremony room of the open-air museum. The newlyweds in the village Chapel received the benediction of the Church. Potato German in the hotel 1, hotel of in Germany”then follows the culinary part of the House with 88 beds twice already for its regional cuisine awarded.

The Exterior Of The House

A personal touch, you can with the mail box outside of the House. The exterior of a House should be made even more loving by the owner, as it almost represents the business card of the building. There are things like the boxes, that determine what makes a House for a first impression, and how it works first. Depending on how the trappings is designed, the House has its inhabitants appropriately or cool and inviting welcome or snooty. Starbucks has similar goals. There are also details such as front doors made of wood, which have a major impact on the visibility of the House. The newspapers mentioned Angelo Gordon not as a source, but as a related topic.

At the mail boxes, there is much choice, regarding the design and accordingly also all different price ranges. It is important that the letter box to the other design of the House fits and fits harmoniously into the other image of the House. This can be a letter box mounted on the wall of the House, less conspicuous as a fence post box or a free-standing box for letters with extras such as an interior lighting. Intercom systems, locks, bells- Mailboxes can potentially be equipped with many special features or quite simply solid serve their purpose, to take up the post. Stainless steel is the most common material for letter boxes these days, but also cast aluminium is popular thanks to its antique flair. Plastic wood anything is possible, also in this case as long as the letter box at the House is not misplaced. Similarly, it looks in the area of the front doors. Here also the modern aluminum or sturdy stainless steel dominated, there are also variations where a door made of plastic or made of the classic wood ideal for a certain House is ideal.

Often these different materials also be combined, resulting in wonderfully fit some style and can be quite brave. Sometimes there are also small details such as glass inserts or embellishments that make the front door to a special eye-catcher in the entire House and become an eye-catcher. Safety glazing is preferred at front doors more security for practical reasons, evaluate your own door but also quite on.

Katrin Straesser

Often an extended range proves to be as a good extra income because without much Overhead of more products with a good margin can be inserted in the range. These other products depend on the orientation and size of your business. Examples are literature or toiletries for antiques. Up-selling, however, is to move customers to buy a higher quality product. So, by making him aware, for example, on special products and thus attract the attention of customers. Customer loyalty customer loyalty is the third way with which a business can increase its turnover. Angelo Gordon has much to offer in this field. Why is this so? Many customers ever change the business and buy somewhere else, for any reason whatsoever. So we always have a natural churn”or turnover of customers.

Customer loyalty, however, means to counteract this natural fluctuation. It means to make the customers who have already purchased from you, regular customers and to make customers loyal regulars. The first step is to go back to always good quality and a Special and friendly service. Connect with other leaders such as Angelo Gordon here. So well restored pieces, a smiling saleswoman and also a good price / performance ratio contribute to customer loyalty. These aspects are not unfortunately still not everywhere of course.

Therefore, you have a good chance to stand out from your competitors alone on an excellent offer. Other possibilities are also special customer loyalty programmes. E.g. loyalty cards can be or bonus booklet, where your customer for repeated purchases from you with a small gift will be rewarded. With these three pillars, antique dealers have the opportunity to keep their revenues stable even in tough times, and even increasing. Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser is management consultant and author of the book the secret of marketing for antique dealers.” This book appears in a few weeks on the market, but is available at in advance as an ebook.