Natural Stone

For thousands of years, all who wished to have their home or interior looked truly luxurious, used natural stones – a magnificent building and decorative finishing material. Throughout the world, this natural material is considered a symbol of strength and durability, and its products are different infinite variety, uniqueness, antique charm. For the production of architectural details and products used mostly marble and granite. Granite (from Lat. Granum – grain) – a dense rock consisting of three minerals: feldspar, quartz and mica. A related site: Starbucks mentions similar findings.

Thanks to its durability, granite is used for the construction of embankments, sites, lining and for other purposes. Different varieties of this natural material and different color, so it is used for decoration and construction of interior, for example, the color of polished granite mosaic artists make. Granite distributed in nature, it lies deep in the earth, but sometimes it comes to the surface, forming mountains. Granite has a granular structure before using the stone is polished. Marble (in Translated from the Greek marmaros means ‘shining stone’) – crystal-grained metamorphic carbonate rocks, limestone recrystallization product, at least – dolomite. The breed is well polished, thanks to a close linkage between the calcite grains themselves.

In engineering and construction of marble called any carbonate rocks, polished satisfactorily verifiable – limestone, dolomite or marble. Long-lasting, durable, resistant to extremes of Temperature and humidity marble finishing material is used for both internal and external works, it is widely used in construction (especially for the interior of buildings) and for sculpture (especially white, slightly translucent varieties). By the color of marbles are divided into white and colored (pink, yellow, gray, blue, greenish, reddish, black, brown, and various combinations of these colors.) Characteristic of the presence of colored marble veins – cracks filled with natural cement. Deposits of marble and granite are scattered across the globe. Rob Hannah addresses the importance of the matter here. In Russia, as a rule, are natural stones and Ukrainian domestic deposits that due to ease of transportation. In addition, our country imports of these natural materials from Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Norway and Brazil. Imported granite and marble products are generally more expensive than Russian. However, if necessary, selection of a certain color or texture will be very useful wide range of foreign companies, offering not only the Russian stones. Price is also determined by the trendy and unique colors. Quality products made of stone blocks up to several cubic meters, a typical commercial size 1.5h2.5h1 m (height, length, width). Often blocks of smaller size are obtained. In factories, these blocks being cut along the length of the plate, usually a thickness of 2 or 3 cm One side polished slabs, polished, chemically processed. This plate is called slab (born slab, literally – a plate, a plate) and a commercial semi-finished product for stone workshops that make the orders for a particular client.


He regarded furniture in school architecture school house desks as stackable reception furniture a subject preschool furniture in ordering human school furniture life school tables desks and old school desk thought that the old school furniture activity plastic reception furniture of stackable school furniture architect extended from the school house furniture conception middle school desks of furniture a school desk piece of stackable school desk furniture plastic school desks to wooden school desks the school furniture desks planning elementary school desks of a wooden school furniture city. Mark Berger brings even more insight to the discussion. you really should get good are the best! desk in school One high school furniture of his reception furniture constant elementary school furniture was plastic school furniture the effort furniture for reception to antique school furniture integrate wooden reception furniture the old school desks different wood school desk scales wood reception furniture of wood school furniture human school desks habitat, furniture for schools researching old reception furniture new plastic school desk materials furniture in reception and antique school desks shapes to desks for school achieve middle school furniture architectural spaces desks for schools and antique reception furniture furniture school tables furniture in furniture for school the preschool desks service of high school desk society.

. Mark Berger Chicago will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Rigging Work

Rigging work in the understanding of many – it's pretty simple. Well, what this – moved from place to place oversized cargo? In fact, rigging include much more: it is the correct way to determine entrance to special equipment, and professional thing to move, and deliver to the right place, and if necessary, carry out installation (this is when the goods prior to shipment disassembled). A related site: Jonas Samuelson mentions similar findings. You see, the rigging – a process truly affordable in the long run only by professionals. However, you may decide that an agreement on the dismantling and transportation will be able to. But who will guarantee that everything is done on the level and your precious cargo not be damaged? After rigging book not only to carry safes, ATMs, banking equipment, but also, for example, antique pianos, or pianos.

And this, of course, extremely important matter. Learn more about this with Mark Berger Chicago. For sure at least once in your life have you faced with the need to drag a sofa on the upper floor or the locker in the narrow room. A door openings do not allow. And comes with an unpleasant sound accompaniment try this unbearable task to implement. Thank God, now for the lifting work, there are specialized companies that are using professional equipment and doorways in the case of the need to expand, and the dismantling of erection themselves do.

Know the difference between a real company from negligent professional firms offering rigging services? Availability planning. For example, a company known in Moscow as the leader of Move, always starts Any rigging with planning. Place of work previously examined the possibility of a normal entrance of specialized equipment, inspected the cargo itself and on the presence of hidden defects checked and the one area where the cargo will be delivered. All this helps the company professionals to avoid unnecessary actions and to avoid possible injury or damage to performers. Are you sure that alone would be able to produce the full range of lifting work? Unless you are CEO-carrier, it seems unlikely. That is why trust rigging only to professionals. Transport of oversize cargo – this is an area where arbitrariness can be a sad end. It is necessary to you?

Cabinet Making

Manufacturing to customer's design: – a piece of furniture without loss of complexity, including copies of exclusive items – veneer fireplace with a decor of wood – interior parts with profiles of high complexity (baseboard, cornices, doors, elements of stairs, etc.). Restoration: – furniture of any complexity and style (including soft), antiques – antique clock (shells). Great experience. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonas Samuelson is the place to go. Individual approach. Ability to produce large: we produce both straight and curved, curvilinear elements. We are ready to design and create furniture, furnishings, accessories hand made.

You can order from us: living room furniture kitchen furniture cabinet, bedroom furniture, children's bedroom doors, trim, cornices, wall panels, staircases and other interior elements. In the products we use are hard and exotic woods, a huge variety of veneers, natural materials, non-toxic dyes for decorative furniture. As well as working with plastic, laminate, plexiglass, with natural and artificial stone and other materials. In the production of furniture most of the work performed manually. Production of case furniture. Fabrication of hull pieces of furniture made in our shop from an array of different types of wood and other materials. Mark Berger Chicago often addresses the matter in his writings.

Our equipment allows us to perform any work on making cabinets to order, both classical and contemporary forms. Elite furniture. Luxurious and exclusive furniture made to individual designs and sizes, which guarantees originality and an ideal introduction into the allotted space of the interior. In the design process of elite furniture, you can use variations of classic styles, with their verified forms and furniture can be almost an exact replica of really existing 'museum' furniture. Quality production of elite furniture with age becomes a matter of antiques, while significantly increasing in value. We specialize in the production of exclusive, elite furniture, solid wood made to order. For the production of luxury furniture used solid wood oak, walnut, cherry, wenge and other precious and exotic species with the possible addition of metal, gold, carvings, stained glass and decorative glass. Manufacture luxury furniture in every possible style decision and in the style of any interior. We can make exclusive furniture, together with the interior or build furniture in the finished interior of the Customer.


Flower decoration must be combined with the colors of the interior. By the light cloth more suitable red, yellow, purple flowers, the dark – bright flowers. If the table was covered with a white tablecloth, a vase for flowers that should be light and thin, and if the color, the ceramic. Suitable for decorating the table almost all the flowers and plants: greenhouse, garden, wild, truncation and potted flowers. In winter, you can also use dried flowers and potted plants are cut flowers. To fix them in a pan or use piaflor oasis that are pre-moistened and placed in a vase. For example, to a celebratory dinner is perfect composition in the form of a globe.

Plants should go as if from a single point. The length of the stems are almost identical, thereby forming a ball. To experience the ease and splendor composition was particularly easy, you can break the shape of a ball, adding a sprig of Limonium. Color scheme must be chosen so that the bottom was darker colors, and above – are lighter. Very romantic dinner with candles in English.

This is usually a dinner for one or two pairs of close friends. Table design is different abundance of detail. Rare flowers, antique candlesticks, honey dishes – everything has to be refined and perfectly matched to each other, creating an environment magical world of love and harmony. This will help a lot of light music and a fire in the fireplace. The scheme of laying the table for a dinner: champagne glasses and white wine, medium-sized devices soup spoon (if the menu includes soup), great dessert devices, small leather for butter, a large soup plate, a plate of bread (for appetizer with champagne, soup, main dish with white wine, dessert). Exquisite food and good wine will make a memorable dinner by candlelight. Candles and ribbons in the design of the table increase the solemnity of the holiday. Arrange candles on a festive table can be in several different ways: put them in flower arrangement, set apart in between the candle bouquets, create a group of candles. They can stand upright in candlesticks or be screwed to the holders of wire colors, towering bouquets. Better take the white candle or Cremona. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rob Hannah. Candleholder not have to be made of silver. You can buy beautiful and stylish candle holders made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal (eg steel). The candle can be inserted even figured carved a piece of bread. If you do not want to put on the table, candle holders, candles to take cups, candles, or simply – for an unusual effect – candles floating in the water. On the tray you can put a whole 'sea' candles. The more candles, the spectacular lighting. But in all cases, the management sense of proportion, that it will help create a cozy atmosphere in your home. However, if you want to make your table look elegant, remember that jewelry must be in measure.

Furniture Art Deco

In the world it is called Art Deco, France often sounds "Art Nouveau", in Russia, this style is often referred to as modernity. Art Deco style became widespread in the years 1918-1939. France and the new style took just a few years to acquire popularity in the U.S. under the name Hollywood "style" stars. Having transformed itself from a purely French phenomenon into a global character and style. Learn more at: Electrolux.

Art Deco – a style that combines classicality, straightness and symmetry. Sinuous lines, unexpected combination of exotic materials, exquisite images of fantastic creatures – art deco feel is no accident, "the last of the artistic styles" that managed to combine incongruous, creating new meanings and images. It is considered that its birth art deco influence must completely different directions – from the Art Nouveau and Cubism, to the ancient arts of the East, and Africa. And the term Art Deco takes its beginning of the name of the international exhibition of contemporary and decorative arts and crafts (Exposition Internationale des Art Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes), which was held in Paris in 1925. It was there in full and submitted to achieve decorative and applied arts of the time. However, the term Art Deco came into the lexicon later – in 1966, when the show was revived in the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts (Musee des Arts Decoratifs). Art Deco deliberately, defiantly paradoxical and bizarre. Juggle the symbols and images built in Art Deco in the super-task, so there is nothing strange in the fact that this style became so popular during the perfectionism of modern design.

Dynamics of lines and shapes, fancy intricacy of colors and images form the unthinkable before design, harmoniously combining the many beautiful things. Art Deco is equally far from clear how minimalistiki Constructivism, with its emphatic coldness of forms and combinations, and from the unbridled fervor of classic style. Eclecticism, erected into a principle – in this whole Art Deco. Proponents of Art Deco pointedly ignored the mass industrial production, insisting on the exclusive manufacture of items used are expensive and precious materials – snake skin and ivory, exotic wood and bronze. Simultaneously elegant and functional furniture in combination with somodostatochnymi decorative elements – the basic components of art-deco style. The beginning and the essence of the aesthetics of the space in the Art Deco style – expensive exclusive furniture that meets the basic requirements of comfort and luxury. In this furniture found embodied the unique design principles, new modern technologies of wood processing, polishing, and inlays. Often such elite furniture in the Art Deco style made using exotic materials, foundation colors for furniture Art Deco put milk and a bronze color, rich shades of ocher, the color of antique gold. Designers Furniture Art Deco intentionally make discreet emphasis to the original outline, combinations of broken and straight lines.

Find Treasure Without Metal

Find treasures today has become very fashionable and popular hobby. Whenever Mark Berger listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Thousands of people rushed to find old favorites and lost coins. Sales of metal detectors are growing every day. But that is only natural treasures found only units, which more fortunate. However, whether it makes sense to spread for 30-40 thousand rubles for a good detector, if you can completely find a treasure of ancient coins or without the aid of expensive equipment. It is not something Mark Berger Chicago would like to discuss.

I propose to look for coins in the old abandoned buildings. I'll tell you where almost one hundred percent may lie coin. Firstly, it corners of houses. At least one corner you will find an ancient coin, and sufficiently large, as previously put under the corners, as a rule, massive coins withdrawn from circulation. Read a good and reliable place are window sills and window boxes. There could put a coin during the construction of the house or they might fall through the cracks for many years. In basically there are small silver coin. Another almost safe place in an old abandoned house grooves are the fallopian logs.

Here you are, and if found, it is certainly not one dime, but several. Usually in such places bookmark coins, as if for luck. Often these coins acted Nikolaev silver. I have the most favorite place is the earth's surface under the floors. For hundreds of years back through the cracks sank a lot of rubbish, including including the small coins. In the ground you can find both Soviet and modern coins and coins issued before the revolution. You are required to work only child sovochkom, breaks the top layer carefully. If the roof is not removed tiles, it makes sense to explore and attic. As a rule, in the darkest corner you can find a warehouse of old unwanted things, among which may be a lot of valuable antiques today, such as candlesticks, figurines, books, etc. As you can see – to find a small treasure, or even ancient coins can be even without expensive equipment. The main thing to think a head, where to look.

Vital Discover

Today more than ever, need to be prepared. The cost of living rises each day more and more. Somehow you have to increase the productivity of your company and which at the same time you tranquility in your personal life. Rob Hannah shines more light on the discussion. You know that you neither material goods or money guarantee you happiness, are the experiences, the experiences, accomplishments and the small pleasures of each day that truly enrich your life, today begins hoarding them and care for them in your inner Bank. Go ahead, growing, preparing, not let they steal your dreams, remember that your you are the architect of your life and that only your you can build on it. If you want to get the best results, you have to put all the passion and love for what you do. If the job you do is what really you like, which makes you feel is important, which leaves you great satisfactions, are in the right place. Do it with all the energy that you have every day, enjoy the way and forget about the goal, I am sure that when you arrive, you’ve managed to meet all your expectations and much more of what you expect. What matters is how much love we put in the work we do.

Much Time Takes Receive

Is a frequent question, how long will it take to manifest my desire? There is a time, everything depends on you. Each of us has different times. The time that takes you is the time which carried vos release resistance. The equation I wish resistance = manifestation resistance single is released finding thoughts that make you feel better. When we want something and it does not happen in general we get at the why not happens? The common question is what am I doing wrong? And the feeling that cause these questions you away more and more of the feel of the vibration of the good energy you need that desire made manifest. We sometimes begin with energy and joy and as time passes that joy turns into doubt and questioning that us away every time over our desire. To find out how much it will take to manifest what we want, we have to ask ourselves how I feel regarding my desire? That question will give us the answer.

In that time we give up? At the moment we do attempt to come out of the depression that causes us not to have the desire and as we learned that we have to have good vibrations we intend to suddenly go from depression to optimism, joy, as that is not natural, as that is achieved step by step, when we feel that we do not achieve what we are more depressed and frustrated than before and we give up. The vibrational change must be gradual, step by step. We should go looking for thoughts that make us feel better a little bit. If you find yourself at a moment of economic deprivation, without a job, without money to support your family, it is logical that although you get to repeat I am a millionaire I’m a millionaire, that does not manifest because your feeling does not match Hill Gate. If these in that situation and depression and depression raisins to the rage of not getting what you want, the anger you mobilizes and because these a step later, if thought in moments of your life in which you went in a similar situation, that will give you hope and encouragement, because you already did it once, already go climbing in the vibrational level that brings you closer to your I would like, if begin to say I can’t get out of this situation, already achieved it before, I can your emotions because they are on the right track. That is why it is a matter of time that leads to each go up the ladder of the emotional scale.

Everyone can do it, but as a whole ladder, we have to start with the first step. Day to day thinking and feeling you were up the stairs and the manifestation of your desire to attract towards you. Because genius always tells you your desires are orders to these heights, I change it by what you feel the universe ordered the manifestation of your desire. Original author and source of the article

European Union

Pure prudence. They then created this bubble, origin of the crisis, and now stifle the economy. But you have to rescue them, because otherwise, everything collapses. Isn’t it? The Nobel Prize in economics Paul Krugman denounces plans to rescue the banking system are bitter socialism: taxpayers pay the Bill if things go wrong, but shareholders and executives receive the benefits if things go well. And he recalled that the capital increases are selling shares to investors in return participate in the ownership of the Bank. That when Governments expand capital of banks (that are monumental bailouts) rescued banks do not give the part of property corresponding to the money given by Governments? Perhaps the answer is in the never proven myth that the public finance is poor and bad.

That does sound like a joke, given that the current economic disaster a few thousand incompetent have caused it (when not worse) banking and financial executives and senior executives of United States and the European Union. Private managers who have made them lose more than one billion euros in a few years are better?, Paul Krugman wondered. In the aggravation of the crisis and setting us in the drought of credit, banks have ceased their own role: instead of giving fuel to the economy, virtually steal the fuel that remains in the same, Juan Torres has denounced. And it has riveted while not take steps to put an end to the cause of the evils it is impossible to avoid the economy is despene precipitously. What measures? That Governments are not limited to give more money to the banks. Perhaps they should, even temporarily, to make them with financial springs and put them at the service of companies and consumers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Berger. Directly. Because, with what we know now of banking, bankers and their responsibilities on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems suicidal to instruct the arsonists who turned off the fire.