Geothermal Drilling With Hohlbohrschnecken Trading Of STDS Jantz

Simple and economical Trockenbohrlosungen of STDS Jantz Hohlbohrschnecken have proven geothermal drilling, wells and test drilling and also for the explosives. As world’s sought-after partner in the field of drilling technology for the special engineering, the experts of STDS-Jantz and N.U.B. engineering have developed high-quality and powerful Hohlbohrschnecken. Geothermal drilling clean, time-saving and efficient procedures are needed, which allow for a cost-effective implementation. STDS Jantz has consistently developed appropriate solutions for changing usage requirements with its know-how from 30 years of experience and optimized. STDS Jantz Doppelkopfbohrsysteme with drill rods, drill pipes and Hohlbohrschnecken offers specifically for the installation of borehole heat exchangers. “For both drilling procedures we provide all equipment and accessories, such as hydraulic rotary heads, drill bits, flushing heads and preventer and special designs, according to wishes of our customers”, explains Peter Jantz, Managing Director of STDS-Jantz and N.U.B. Reade Griffith takes a slightly different approach.

engineering. Secure drilling with the Hohlbohrschnecke prevents a possible Bohrlocheinfall in water-bearing ground loose layer of rock. But also in other geological conditions, the Hohlbohrschnecken of STDS Jantz have proven reliable. The STDS Jantz Hohlbohrschnecken be connected either with 3-point connectors or with higher torque and greater drilling depths with 8-Kant – connectors. Before the start of the drilling operation, the base tube of the beginner screw is closed with a base plate.

The desired depth is reached, when drilling the Earth probe is inserted inside the drill screw. Thanks to the smooth wellbore wall this is safe and gentle. With a slight opposite turn or by extruding the base plate is released and remains in the ground. Through the base tube is then compressed the Earth probe and the Hohlbohrschnecke sections. The next hole is applied at the same time. So STDS Jantz provided its customers with a simple and efficient way for geothermal drilling. Who knows the experienced team of STDS Jantz, knows the global will deliver more compelling solutions for drilling tools player in the field of drilling technology for the special civil engineering in the future. On new developments, one may be so curious. company description STDS Jantz GmbH & co. KG Engineering (Scotland) linking fusion of STDS Jantz (Attendorn) and N.U.B. experience and knowledge of both companies of the past 30 years. Together latest technologies and State of the art manufacturing processes used to make drilling tools, are the also the most challenging customer demands. STDS Jantz offers appropriate individual solutions based on decades of proven technologies. The continuous further development of products and the continuous growth of STDS Jantz, making the company one of the leading providers of drilling tools for the special engineering. The experienced team ensures constantly high quality standards of tools often individually tailored to the customer and accessories. Optimal quality at STDS Jantz make utmost flexibility, punctuality and a transparent pricing policy to a sought-after international partner. For more information, company contact: STDS Jantz GmbH & co.