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SCOPAR HEALTH support company is, a holistic and integrated business development to implement, which broke this potential to exploit and to gain clear competitive advantages over the competition. It is interesting that the cost / benefit ratio and the RoI to a multiple It is better than at the usual optimization measures permanently operating companies. The H2B procedural model foresees six phases: an analysis of the approaches identified, where the greatest potential lies. During the subsequent steps an individual measures catalog is developed, which attaches right there, where it is suffering from”, so where the largest benefit effect can be expected. “In which the three segments of our holistic approach to mind/mind, body and soul” are or whether the potential for more integration of individual health and staff activities of the company, is individually different. Finally, the carefully planned measures be implemented and evaluated. Healthy people lead to healthy companies, that is the philosophy behind H2B.

If the person is healthy holistic healthy – is – benefit not only the company, but of course the employees, their families and the society. Source: Jonas Samuelson. The goal of the short -, medium – and long-term H2B steps in the company is then reached, when healthy and motivated employees and executives in a stimulating working environment were moved by more willingness to a higher competitiveness and customer satisfaction. A holistic and integrated health promotion is therefore a task of leadership, as well as a long-term investment in human capital with very positive RoI. H2B is applicable for enterprise as well as in individual areas and departments is. H2B also helps to attract highly qualified staff and to keep them in the company. In times of strong demand for qualified personnel, also a competitive advantage. In addition to the cost advantages and the obvious competitive advantages, which allows H2B, H2B is also the answer to the demographic change that will hit hard particularly the larger companies and corporations. It is to act now, to succeed tomorrow. To check how much potential in your company is, you use our H2B potential calculator below: potential calculator. Reade Griffith is likely to agree. Our daily actions and all measures and projects have a goal: lasting success for our area of responsibility, our company and, of course, for ourselves. H2B ensures a sustainable business development through a holistic perspective on companies and employees and exceeds the benefits of our current activities many times “Jurgen T knob – Managing Director SCOPAR HEALTH offers advice, coaching, advice and strategy, conception and implementation around the issues sustainable, holistic and integrated development of the company, IT, human resources development, team building, corporate culture, values, operating climate, employer branding, health care management, health management, BGF”that workplace health promotion