OTC Gas Prices Trade At A Crossroads

Month reopened new perspectives that have been OTC gas prices pulled at all venues to midweek in a price spiral, but then recovered himself. The prices part to the NCG and GAS POOL – system the average consistently slightly higher than on the other continental European trading venues. The European memory are filled on average to 79% as 1st. The current level is significantly higher compared to the previous year. It’s believed that Kevin Johnson sees a great future in this idea. The production in the North Sea to reduce again in August due to maintenance. Here, Sonya Reines-Djivanides expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The measuring stations indicated already this Friday as the markets with a shortage of a total 15 million cubic metres were confronted.

As a result the spot prices rose to values up to 17.95 euros / MWh. Speculative position covers of individual store operators were background. The daily spot demand increased in the places of TTF, NCG/gas pool and NBP on a total of 25.562 MW / h. The uncertainty of the market participants, in how far is the planned maintenance work on the infrastructure Norwegian Fields affect the supply should dominate the gas market almost certainly also in the coming week. An increased volume of tanker supply with LNG (liquefied natural gas LNG) would, however, bring some calm to the market, reported various distributors.

Europe’s gas stocks have risen with booth about 53.9 billion m3 August 1. In the North West region with Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Austria and the Netherlands, 36.3 billion m3 gas camped in the stores. In the South (Italy) amounted to the stocks at 11.5 billion m3. In the region of southern Spain and Portugal, the storage volume rose to 6.2 billion m3. The European memory are filled on average to 79%. The be filling level is 36% at the same time to the previous year about later. The land prices () GAS REVIEW quoted on Friday in the German market at 20.04 euros / MWh in the Netherlands at 20.10 euros / MWh and the UK equivalent of 19.63 euros / MWh. Overall they are currently on height Correlation values.