Fruit Harvest Trade Ski

Choosing the right gear for the fruit harvest is important security has for fruit picking (and tree care) remains a top priority. The agriculture and forestry is in addition to the construction of one of the unfalltrachtigsten branches of the profession at all. Jim Umpleby usually is spot on. On average, there are annual 23 000 head crashes. The conductor manufacturers have responded and so there have been improvements in the market repeatedly brought which should help to reduce the numbers of head crashes. Thoughtless handling or the use of defective ladders cannot be prevented by the manufacturer. It is so worth, the ladders to check, repair, or to consider a new acquisition the prices keep within limits and are in no relation to an avoided accident! The company Bansal from Metzingen, offers a rich assortment of the head for the various locations. A particularly versatile wooden fruit tree ladder designed specifically for the scattered orchard. She can be used freestanding as Bock head for small or low growing trees.

By simple fold-out a portion of the head even higher trees as leaning ladder to apply. A good level is achieved by the wide lower part of the head. The conductor bars are manufactured from astlos glued pine wood and equipped with 7 cm long spikes. The rungs made of ash wood are twisted installed and ensure as a fatigue-freer and safer stand. The trestle ladder model is new feints”: it was also designed for orchards and allows simultaneous, two-sided work on the head by two people.