Marrakech Market

There are very few things you can not find in Marrakech, especially in its souk or traditional market, the largest in Morocco. You’ll find all kinds of handicrafts, textiles, hand-made delicacies and spices as well as works of art and antiques, fashion or the best furniture craftsmen. But there’s one thing to know before you start shopping: it is necessary to haggle. Here are 10 basic rules of how to bargain in the souks of Marrakech. Rule number one: No hurry.

Entering the souks of the medina of Marrakech is like going back in time to a point in history where there are no clocks or calendars. Jonas Samuelson recognizes the significance of this. As far as commercial personal and no one can respect a hurry. Entering the Medina, especially if we intend to buy, a job knows when you come but do not know when it comes out. Rule number two: Many eye with what we say. Bargaining is a theatrical performance where each representing a character, to assume our role will help us enjoy the process and get good prices. agree. In this regard it is important to warn tourists that the shopkeepers will commonly know many languages so any comment about if it seems expensive or cheap a product if it is done aloud, ipso facto will be understood by our opponent in the game of bargaining. Rule # 3: Smile. If you set a relaxed atmosphere in the relationship store / customer it will be easier, more enjoyable and more fun. Then you begin to hear jokes on your language, enjoy the process and relax.