CAD Training Product Development

Correctly and optimally for the business, computer aided use CAD software design (or CAD short) has its roots in the 1960s and is no longer indispensable product development and design in the fields. CAD software for the CAD of the business has already been paper and pencil ousted long time and offers some important advantages: CAD offers the ability to automate product development, CAD provides access to already developed parts, standards can be implemented simply, design changes can be significantly easier to accomplish, cost and time savings. Basically differentiate between 2D and 3D CAD system. A 2D CAD product development in levels means a 3D system is much more complex and extensive, and allows the development of volume and edge – surface models. CAD training as are for example at Inneo here more than helpful, best software to use. Product development with CAD matter what is used for a CAD system, developing products with CAD is divided in three Phases: Design: requirements are analysed in this phase, solutions are developed and evaluated.

Design: Solutions be concretised and models are created. Detail: There is a detailed design with BOM and manufacturing documents. Product design with CAD what in addition had to be detected in recent years in the industry, is the belonging together of product development and product design. Also in the field of product design, CAD is no longer indispensable and the areas of development and design were previously strictly separated, they today form a unit and are an important part of the whole production process. In the German industrial company joined hard however initially with the Association of development and design, functionality clearly stood in the foreground and design in part at all played no role. Modern market developments show, however, that product development and product design are very strongly linked. Modern mobile phones are an example of this.

Experts agree that products such as the Example iPhone without attractive design in combination with technical development, would have little success. Development and manufacturing processes with CAD would be impossible without CAD systems latest development and manufacturing processes. Just the globalization, which has led to increased international competition, requires that new products are developed as quickly as possible and get on the market. This, CAD systems play a fundamental role in the so-called rapid prototyping, a procedure for the fastest production of models and prototypes for example by 3D printing. So is required for simple products today from development to production up just another work day. Another challenge for CAD systems will play also the cloud computing in the future. CONCLUSION: The requirements of CAD systems and their users will increase significantly in the future and a competent CAD training is a very important prerequisite.