Universal Intercom Key !

Opens up to 90% of the intercom: Metacom, visit, Tsifral. Interphone key to all doors are the ideal solution for workers: mia, utilities, ambulance, cable and satellite tv, couriers and postmen. Now you do not need to carry a bunch of keys, they will replace a versatile intercom key. The principle of the interphone key ignorant people think that the tablets of the intercom is an ordinary magnet, which is in contact with the lock opens the door. This is the funniest thing and absurd delusion that I have ever heard.

After all, in fact, the tablet is a hard-wired rom key. This memory is called Touch Memory brand DS1990A. Pill "communicate" with intercom on the bus One-wire (single-wire interface). This bus was developed by Dallas, it allows you to communicate with two or more devices all on one wire. If the device is passive (as in our case), then by bus is also transmitted and power over a single wire. Except memory in the key (pill) is a 60 pF capacitor, which provides short-term power at the time of response.

The master device must continuously generate a signal unit for charging the capacitor, rom to the tablet continued to eat. Discarding all the clever term, we can say simply: all that is needed to operate a device, is transmitted only by a single wire. By the way, 1-Wire bus has proved so successful that it organized industrial networks, including in our country. The principle of universal key All this describes the general work interphone key. Our key works on the same principle. Manufacturing plant interphone systems produce keys with a unique code is not repeated. When installing the intercom company installer registers the keys (or rather the key code) in memory of intercom. Every time we offer a key to the reader, intercom checks this information with its key, which is embedded in the memory controller intercom. If the code is in the key and the memory controller intercom match, then the door opens. In this way laid the information that displays characters blank Memory intercom, as well as in almost every intercom is a free memory and reconciliation information intercom misses the key as his, then otkryvaemost our key is about 80-90%. This operation performs the intercom at the 1 – 2 seconds slower than the reading of their original keys. Please note that the principle of universal key is independent of the city where you are and the intercom company that installs and serves intercoms.