The Size

By the mere fact of believing firmly they are people very secure, they always operate in first line and rarely look back. The man who believes holds the gaze towards the nascent and back to the West. The temporal dimension in which it operates is the future, nothing can be done about the past and the only present is starting point for the future. The size of the believer is proportional to its belief, insofar as this is greater also is more big. It is therefore necessary to evaluate deeply the nature and dimension of what we believe. On the other part Meanwhile increased the dimension of that in what is believed, the greater the humility of the believer, increased its ability to measure honestly and increased its respect towards the powerful energies that govern the circumstances. We must reflect deeply on the things that we believe because of them depends on the quality of life that awaits us. It is necessary, but it is not enough, believe in yourself, you must also believe in others. This is not easy but it is essential; the walk that is us vengati cannot be in any way solo. The solitary man is one of the most helpless creatures of nature and is also one of the most underserved because this only demonstrates its inability to be for others. Believe in others and receive from them what is expected and needed is the product of having given a lot and very good quality. The believer has planted in others what you now demand and which now receives to face adversities with advantage. Sowing in others what they want to receive them is another task that dramatically sifted the category of believers. Few can do it and even many less sustain it during the long and rugged road that it presents life. Everything that the professed believer manifests itself in positive, there is no margin for the negative.