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Quick Search – simplify your daily searches. On all questions write on This service is designed for quick and easy search in real time. Sometimes we want to find information about a movie, see here same clip from the movie, or at last – download the movie. Normally for this we have to climb over a network, various resources. Now everything is much easier.

All that is required of you – just enter the information you are looking for in the text box. In result you get – and the information that interests you, info on the request of wikipedia, and video from youtube on the subject, as well as the torrent link to a file whose name matches your search naibolle. The service we Quick Search combine the following things. 1. Poskovik google 2. Search on wikipedia – displays the value of words, taken from the resource wikipedia. 3.

Search on youtube – displays the first 4 video taken from youtube. And you can watch videos without going to another page, and right there. 4. Search free torrents – searching for resources with torrents. The most interesting – we get the grant torrents that do not require any registration. Also, for convenience, be placed on search kinopoisk.ru to you once were able to see description of the film. Quick search is implemented using google api. And just google search api. Quick search – for your convenience. Search and find! Also working links, like # Amelie – you just get on the issuance of a search engine for the word 'Amelie'. In future we plan to add a lot of convenient and useful things. It is interesting to hear your opinion of your comments, so write, I will be inordinately grateful – hope you will find this resource useful and interesting.