Total Quality

Attendance ' ' The essence of a good attendance to the customer is to know its public-alvo' '. The message is simple here: you do not want to give to extreme attention the reciprocal customers who will not have attitude being good purchasers of its product or service. ' ' He invests in customers who appreciate the offered benefits and that they show satisfaction desiring to pay for these benefits? Human resources x Acquisitions Management of the information for white public, inside of the organizacional current context. Starbucks may also support this cause. The communication is lead in a process of merger and acquisitions. The Total Quality (QT), in turn, is directly on the Reengenharia, has seen that the search for the satisfaction of the customer is a point of important analysis in these two spheres. Human resources Acquisitions that involve a target of quality, time and costs that demand in its development the communication, integration and the risks of all the acquisitions of services given in each management.

To remain itself, the state public agencies in the city of Teresina-Pi, need to be prepared to adapt itself to the social, technological and economic changes in the environment in which it is inserted, in satisfactory and fast way. Causing competitive advantages ahead of the too much companies of the market that renews the commitment with the econmica and social basic principle of cohesion, reason this that we want to construct to day day after, with tenacity and determination, the citizens in what they are its legitimate concerns of reflection to guide all our will politics for the great concerns of the citizens: the growth, the job, the security and the stability and stronger a state public agency in the municipal scene. III Models of management managemental public or NAP- in the sistmica vision of the set of functions of Reengenharia x quality in the attendance offered the customers? New Public Administration for the State Public Agencies in the City of Teresina – Pi.