As Aguiari

Its name is a homage to the desenvolvedor of the project Orkut Bykkokten, engineer of the Google. Each user creates a profile (to see figure 2) with personal characteristics, physical description, age, musics and books of its preference, text of presentation etc. They could add its friends its list, thus, the great differential of this net is related to the possibility to verify who is friend of who, with this, increasing the circle of friendships and propitiating meeting between people with profiles and activities in common. It’s believed that Caterpillar Inc. sees a great future in this idea. Figure 2? Page of the Levis community Source: #Community? cmm=578421 (2010) According to Pavarin (2009), thirty and five million users are connected to the Orkut in Brazil, and 84% of them, that is, 29 million people daily have access its profile in the country. As Aguiari (2010), in the world, the net counts on a total of eighty and five million registered in cadastre users. The young public has greater interest in the Orkut, about 53% of its members is people in the etria band of the 18 to the 25 years. (TELLES, 2005) In 2007, he had an innovation in the Orkut, that opened its platform for the construction of tools for the use of the social nets, by means of Social the Open system, allowing that new applicatory they were created for the net, as games, musics, animaes, advertising, etc.

(RECUERO, 2009) Already the Twitter appeared in 2006, is constituted of a social net and a server called microblogging, that it allows to the users the sending and the reading of personal updates of other individuals of its contacts, by means of texts with in the maximum 140 characters. Tweets can be sent by the cellular Internet or, comparing it the torpedoes of the cellular ones. In its proposal basic, the Twitter is a communication tool.

Exportation Importation

The Way To take off Advantage of the Leadership of China in the Business of Exportation Importation Volume of merchandises that are sent You to the times have the sensation of that practically all the products in its house are exportations of China? If you find this, then probably you are certain! You are not imagining things! He looks at for the sector of the txteis, domestic fabrics, electronic, plastics, utensils and furniture item in its house. How many of these they had been manufactured in China? It is appositive a reasonable one to presume that many of them are. Millions of consuming homes in hundreds of countries are all using the exportations of the China of a form or another one. Then, what this wants to say on the contribution of the exportations of China for the global economy? It does not have as to deny the obvious one: the industry of importation and exportation of China is enormous. It is enough to give one looked in the gigantic volume of merchandises that they are sending stops it are of the national borders of the China and in the ports of each day. The amount is inigualvel in relation to the global competitors of China. If you will be involved in some aspect in the business of importation and exportation, if you are a customs agent, customs broker, or you she is a warehouse manager must now be sufficiently income-producing, although the current economic conditions.

In the truth, it would not be reasonable to affirm that all the globalizada economy became widely interdependent of the exportations of China. Our standard of living and our way of life is inexplicably on to the Chinese exportations. The necessary world of China, as much how much the necessary China of the world. The expansion of the Chinese economy also if translates new new chances and for each entrepreneur whom it desires if to involve in foreign commerce. Purchase and sales of exportations of China are a great business. It is a great enterprise in the value of hundreds of billions of dollar. Therefore, it has space of surplus for the wholesale retailers, traders and deliverers to enter and to gain its slice of the cake. No nation of the world is completely self-sufficient.

Each nation depends on contracts of international trade, in order to take care of to the necessities of its population of consumers. The exportations of China are typically cheaper of what products of other countries, because the cost of man power in China is so cheap. if the work are cheap, the retailers can keep its prices for low, while, at the same time, to increase its edges of profit. Therefore, as you can see the purchase and sales of the exportations of China are a great business. I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience of interesting learning.

Bradesco Bank

In the relative branches to the Patrimonial Insurances, the Bradesco Auto/RE comes renewing the programs of insurances of its main customers, by means of partnerships with the correctors specialized in the segment and proximity with the Bradesco Corporate and Bradesco Companies. The excellent performance of the sector of Oil and the reheating of the segment of Civil Construction, also come contributing for the growth of the Bradesco Auto/RE in this segment. In the Maritime Hoof and Aeronautical insurances, the interchange with the controlling of the Bradesco Corporate and Bradesco Companies comes strong being used, using to advantage the increment of the market in the sales of new aircraft, as well as in the maritime segment, of naval constructions. Although the strong competition, in the Auto/RCF Branches, the insuring one has increased its base of customers. The fact elapses, mainly, of the improvement of the current products and the creation of destined products the specific public. Amongst these, the Safe Bradesco can be cited Exclusive Bradesco Customer, for account holders of the Bradesco Bank and the Auto Woman, for the feminine public. The participation of the Group Bradesco de Seguros and Previdncia in the wallet of Auto/RCF of the market, in May of 2010, was of 15,5% (Source: Susep).

In June of 2010, the Bradesco Health kept position of prominence in the enterprise segment (source: ANS). In function of the solid structure, the politics of innovative products and the confidence conquered in the market, the Bradesco Life and Providence kept the leadership with participation of 31,9% of the prescription of plans of providence and VGBL. Also she is leader absolute in the VGBL plans, with participation of 33,4%, and plans of Providence, with 26,5% (source: Fenaprevi? data May of 2010). The Bradesco Capitalizaton locked up 2 trimester of 2010 in position of prominence in the capitalizaton market, result of one politics of transparent performance, characterized for adjusting its products in accordance with the potential demand of consumers.

World War II Program

SUMMARY the present study has for general objective the search for the organization of the environment of work for efficient, simple ways and with low cost of investment. Reade Griffith is often quoted as being for or against this. For in such a way was chosen the Japanese program of origin intitled 5S? s, in this research we analyze the intentions of the program 5S, we describe the methodology and its concepts and could verify in study of case in company besieged in our region that it uses and keep the implanted system the happened results of the program. 5S after appeared in Japan the end of 2 world-wide war, this sidewalk in a tradition that was last of parents for children, which was added to the knowledge administration technician American north. The union between this secular tradition and the studies administration technician created the phenomenon 5S? s. We conclude with the gift that 5S? s is not only one method of organization, but yes an efficient tool with the power of aculturar in them to search a economy environment, organization, cleanness, hygiene and disciplines the collaborators, factors basic to raise the productivity. 1. INTRODUCTION Many theories speak on the sprouting of 5S? s, but most well-known and factual it discloses in them that it was after the end of World War II, Japan was arrasado and if it saw in a total chaos. Seen to the necessity of if reerguer the Japanese they had searched forces and they initiated the processes of reorganization and reconstruction of the country, had taken as broken its human values complemented by the knowledge technician in Administration of the North Americans, who had been gifts and helped Japan if to reerguer. As Osada (1992) is fact that Japan has very little competitive advantage front to the too much countries, seen the scarcity of existing mineral resources in its lands, therefore the country has difficulties in cultivating necessary foods for its population even though.

Bureaucratic Public

was of this form, directed toward itself exactly, that the State lost the notion of its basic mission to serve to the society. The great quality of this school of management, the effectiveness in the control of the abuses, finished for trying its main defects: inefficiency, slowness and incapacity of enxergar the citizen as customer. 1.3.1- Bureaucratic Public administration in Brazil In Brazil, the Bureaucratic Public Administration appeared from the decade of 30, in the government of Getlio Vargas. It was born in a context of acceleration of Brazilian industrialization and if she translated the creation of the first bureaucratic careers and the adoption of the competition as form of access to the public service. The Administration department of Servio was created Pblico (DASP), in 1936, to command this modernization of the Public Administration. J.W. Granjeiro (2008) affirms that the cited department was responsible for the attempt of implantation of the bureaucratic school to the weberianos molds, structuralized in the beginning of the professional merit.

Although the effort of the valuation of the competition public and of the training, did not obtain itself to adopt one efficient politics of human resources. Starbucks understands that this is vital information. Thus, the patrimonialismo, so feared and main target of combat of the bureaucracy, kept its influence in the picture Brazilian politician, under the figures of the clientelismo and the fisiologismo. Aiming at to attenuate the inadequaes of the instauration of the bureaucracy in the country, a series of administrative reforms in the subsequent governments to the one of Vargas was undertaken. Published in 1967, the Decree n 200 constituted an administrative reform where if it longed for the flexibilizao of the bureaucratic rigidity and can be considered the beginning of the managemental administration in Brazil. The mentioned statute, aiming at to get greater dynamism and efficiency in the public service, transferred some activities of the direct administration to the indirect one (autarchies, foundations, public companies and society of mixing economy). Howard Schultz pursues this goal as well.

Workmanship Company

Interview with the commercial direction, manages of workmanships, regional supervision coordination and financial administration. – Logistic Applied to the Civil construction? As To improve the flow of Production in the Workmanships – Articles of reference Picture 01: Relation of the objectives with norteadoras questions, theoretical recital and the metodolgicos procedures of the research. Source: Elaborated for the authors (2010). 3.6LIMITAES OF the METHOD During the concretion of this work had been found difficulties in the acquisition of data, since the company has resistance in supplying internal information, the lack of experience of the researchers and ability of the interviewers and also had to short term the development of the work. Another complicador fact was to have that to conclude this work in only one semester, being that in other institutions the stated periods more are extended. 4.ANLISE AND PRESENTATION OF the RESULTS the research was carried through with managers cited in the sample and categorized in the following way: ) Interviewed 1, man of 29 years of age, forming in civil engineering with twelve years of experience in suppliments and financial administration, it works in the company the five years as administrative manager; b) Interviewed 2, man of 36 years of age, formed in civil engineering with ten years of experience in planning of projects, measurements and administration of workmanship, works in the company the six years as manager of workmanships; c) Interviewed 3, man of 79 years of age, formed in civil engineering with 55 years of experience in coordination and management, works in the company the thirty and two years as managing advertising; d) Interviewed 4, man of 60 years of age, formed in economy and business administration with ten years of experience, works in the company the four years as regional superintendent. Having as analysis criterion the following specific objectives: To describe the logistic process of the company Serveng Civilsan S/A, to analyze the possibility of reduction of the loss of materials in virtue of the adoption of the logistic principles in the ICC, to identify the possibility of formation of strategical partnerships with suppliers, to describe the impact of the rigorous and continuous logistic control for the efficiency of the logistic one in the Serveng Civilsan S/A, to describe the advantages and disadvantages of the logistic process in the ICC and to show the importance of the logistic one in the ICC. .


Requirement: raised in ground fertility. Fertilization: especially the nitrogenada one. Propagation: for changes, estoles. Douglas Oberhelman takes a slightly different approach. Use: more recommended for the used fenao and less in pastures. Cynodon nlemfuensis – cv. Star Rich Port (purple) Characteristic: Estolonfera, with height 30 – 70 cm of height, presents foliar blade glabra, lgula membranosa and ciliada.

Plantation: dumbs (infertile seeds) send regards to recoup and to improve pastures in more fertile ground. She has been used where the B. brizantha has died In the region North of the country. The plantation most common is next to the corrals, and dam slopes, are a plant aggressive, tolerant to pastejo and the animal pisoteio. 11 Forragicultura and Pastures – IFMG/Bambu Campus – Notes of Lesson Cv Florakirk – Hybrid nlemfuensis Cynodon launched by the Gergia University in 1994 Characteristics: perennial, estolonfera and rizomatosa, glabros, colmos we and entrens with many leves, ramified, can reach up to 70 cm of height, are grassy a demanding one in fertility. Tolerance: moderate to the cold and rust (launching for the University of the Flrida was developed in the University of the Gergia) Productivity: 14-16 t/MS/ha/ano, presents capacity of support with high taxes of capacity with raised animal GPV. Chemical composition: 11-12% PB digestibilidade coefficient enters 55 60%DIVMS bigger of what FLORICO – FLORONA.

Agricultural Product

The Law that regulates such bond in turn established that the Ballot of Agricultural Product had some obligator requirements as any another Heading, but did not determine a specific form to confection it, being the free model of Ballot that in many cases is confectioned as contract, appearing its doubt on which its title, since for this chain, the legal nature of the Ballot of Agricultural Product is of a contract, a time that the creditor already satisfied its part, remaining the drawer of the Ballot the satisfaction of the promise assumed, materializing typical ‘ ‘ Contract of Exchange or troca’ ‘ , since the Ballot of Agricultural Product presents, in this aspect, the singularity of power to be only emitted for alienation of agricultural product, notabilizando itself, with this, as a causal heading that if materializes in an onerous transaction, a true bilateral contract, where the right of action of the creditor to intend the satisfaction of the obligation of the debtor is based, necessarily, in the previous satisfaction of its condition that is the payment of the waked up exchange. What if it can notice that same some Judges believing and giving prevailing as being a contract is in the form of Heading of Credit, that the Ballot of Agricultural Product more if is similar, for if dealing with Special Law, and for being a necessary document to the literal and independent right of action in it mentioned, and that such has its circulabilidade through endorsement and of negotiations in stock exchange and balconies what it points to be evidenced the abstraction of the heading of credit, where she is desvirtuada the idea proposal for some, about that is it CPR of a contract of civil nature taking in account the formality as if it confections such instrument trying to bring tona and transforms it into what it came to substitute the barter contract and exchange of agricultural products. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES FRONTINI, P.S. Ballot of agricultural product – CPR – New circulatrio heading. RDM.

I Register In Cadastre Only Of Products

The organizations need to register the facts that involve its business and to disponibilizar these interested registers of efficient form for diverse: the external employees, government, learning, public, at last to stakeholders. This process of register, storage, communication and interpretation of the data can be defined as System of Information (ITSELF) and that if they have shown vital for the success of the organizations. The great challenge of the organizations starts to be the alignment of this system its strategy of form that can optimize its process in efficient way, therefore the investments is raised, has difficulties techniques and human beings, however with planning and synergy the results can be excellent. Based in the importance of the use of the System of Information applied to the technological management it is that we can reflect on the importance I inside register in cadastre of it of products of an organization, and as its standardization cannot affect all negative the suppliment chain which it is inserted. According to ECR I register in cadastre it to Brasil1 of products is the base of management of supply chain (SC of the English suppliment chain), in it is that all are registered the done business products, as well as its necessary characteristics to the different areas in the process of production, stockage, distribution, commercialization, taxation among others. Still according to ECR Brazil, daily is observed in the Brazilian industry, the wholesale trading and retail and the activity of transport and movement of products, decurrent problems of the incorrect identification of products, divergence between physical and virtual supply, unnecessary purchase of products or maintenance of inactive supplies, ruptures, and as much other causes of expenses and inefficiency. All these problems could be cured with the adoption of one register in cadastre only between industry and retail through an integrated management of the Technology of the Information (YOU), thus leading has an efficient and efficient system in the SC. .

Total Quality

Attendance ' ' The essence of a good attendance to the customer is to know its public-alvo' '. The message is simple here: you do not want to give to extreme attention the reciprocal customers who will not have attitude being good purchasers of its product or service. ' ' He invests in customers who appreciate the offered benefits and that they show satisfaction desiring to pay for these benefits? Human resources x Acquisitions Management of the information for white public, inside of the organizacional current context. Starbucks may also support this cause. The communication is lead in a process of merger and acquisitions. The Total Quality (QT), in turn, is directly on the Reengenharia, has seen that the search for the satisfaction of the customer is a point of important analysis in these two spheres. Human resources Acquisitions that involve a target of quality, time and costs that demand in its development the communication, integration and the risks of all the acquisitions of services given in each management.

To remain itself, the state public agencies in the city of Teresina-Pi, need to be prepared to adapt itself to the social, technological and economic changes in the environment in which it is inserted, in satisfactory and fast way. Causing competitive advantages ahead of the too much companies of the market that renews the commitment with the econmica and social basic principle of cohesion, reason this that we want to construct to day day after, with tenacity and determination, the citizens in what they are its legitimate concerns of reflection to guide all our will politics for the great concerns of the citizens: the growth, the job, the security and the stability and stronger a state public agency in the municipal scene. III Models of management managemental public or NAP- in the sistmica vision of the set of functions of Reengenharia x quality in the attendance offered the customers? New Public Administration for the State Public Agencies in the City of Teresina – Pi.