Glass Button

If delve into the reasons for the phasing out of the glass bulb, the following items can be reduced factors: Glass – more brittle material that severely limit the possibility of a thermos flask in active usloviyahSteklyannaya sealed only in plastikIz of design features most of the thermos flask equipped with a glass stopper, gag, at least – screw cap. Thermos with a cork-gag to be put horizontal position, so it is not leaked, but thermos flask with a glass are very popular with people who for various reasons brew in a thermos different herbs and teas, in fact for these purposes are better suited glass flasks, since the glass – a hygienic material and the metal remains a stubborn trace of cork zavara.Kakaya better? Cork – one of the most important elements of the thermos. From it, as well as from bulb, independent how good thermos will cope with its main task. Ben Horowitz understands that this is vital information. There are two basic and most common types of plugs – a valve (the button) and without the valve. The buyer is usually the question arises, what kind of jams better. Let's see: Cork without valve (monolithic).

The most commonly used on food thermos. This design includes a full cork its untwisting during use, ensuring cold air from entering inside, and it is – a big minusProbka with a valve (the button). More modern and sophisticated design. Ideal for a thermos of liquid. In a traffic jam with a button when clicked opens the valve and the liquid can be poured into the cup, and the without removing the entire cap of the thermos.