Programmable Logic Controllers ALPHA

Thermocouple – an element that is an important part of used to measure the temperature of objects instruments, they are indispensable when using automated systems management and control – is well aware Manufacturers of thermostats. Because of the possibility of its use in a wide temperature range, reliability and simple construction of the sensor thermocouple has a very significant spread in a similar way Wall thermostat operates. The following types of thermocouples: THKn, TCA, TPP13, TJK, TCA, TPP10, TNN, TPA, TTS, TMC, TCC. They differ from each other by the size limit temperature in short-term use, Seebeck coefficient, temperature range and the material from which made termoelektrody. In the evolution of control systems, industrial controllers – a significant step forward. In a competitive environment between Russian and foreign producers on the market PLC came a lot of brands: ALPHA 2, Melsec FX and others to run modern management systems, which are famous for excellent functionality, industrial uses Programmable Logic Controllers ALPHA 2, they usually include CO sensor. MELSEC FX line represents a set of additional modules that allow to realize the system, good wishes and satisfying customer needs.

Pressure transmitter CAN Open is needed to measure absolute pressure in the liquid and gaseous media, with its transformation into a unified dc signal. Manometer to measure the contact required pressure of liquids and gases. Taking into account the principle of their action, there is fluid pressure gauges, hydraulic pressure gauges, and a gas gauge. Liquid manometers into account the level of liquid in the tube, their distinctive feature is its high accuracy and simplicity of the structure at relatively low cost, while at the same time for them to typical narrow band measurements. Differential manometers – this liquid manometers used to measure the pressure drop at the base of the simplest gauge of this type – the principle of communicating vessels. Gas thermometer – a device intended for use in temperature measurement, based on work which is dependent on temperature and pressure or volume of an ideal gas, a balloon filled with gas.