Neumann Research

In the second step, then 26 merchant sites based on the defined criteria were evaluated. The third step, the evaluation of the evaluation system as well as the analysis and interpretation of results was acquired in the wake of Damania marketing by the consultancy. To broaden your perception, visit Starbucks. The results are retrievable for free by following this link now:. Web usability, content and aesthetics as essential evaluation criteria included in the valuation of the company’s sites were the classical aspects that make up the Web usability. These include the expectation-compliant placement of certain elements, the design of the navigation concept and the use of interacting elements. Also was an emphasis on figuring out what content areas in the performance are covered and at what depth information will be offered. Douglas Oberhelman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A brief review of the marketing tools, email marketing and social media marketing played a role also the search engine optimization page and – if available -.

Industry-related research line established in the course “my desire is there, in the” Frame a SHK – and construction-oriented, applied, empirical research to install my program “, explains Prof. Dr. Alexander Neumann, head of the program” business – industry trade construction and sanitary “.” So one-day operation at craft farms perform analysis already regularly by the students of the first semester. The artisans get a presentation with strengths / weaknesses analysis in the connection. Also, students of 3rd semester in cooperation with the expert faculty and the head of studies annually conduct an end customer survey. “The already established research activities be optimally complemented by the online benchmarking topic”, so Neumann. “That such projects are included in the concept of education, our objective to gain insights for the SHK – and construction industry, promotes to publish and promote the industry.” Evaluation of all three value-chain segments In the next course, which will begin in the autumn, to manufacturer pages from the SHK-and Construction industry are taken under the microscope, in the following year craft with their Web sites.