Memorials As A Personal Place Of Worship

Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent informed longing moved surviving individual place of worship for their deceased since time immemorial. For the fulfilment of this deeply human need the designer and sculptor Timothy C. Vincent is engaged in the realization of individual tombs.

The design of the tomb is as old as the human capacity for tool use. Archaeological findings prove the efforts of our European ancestors, creating permanent memorials to the respected and beloved deceased over a period of about 8,000 years ago. Then the ability to the Stoneworking enabled they for the first time, building dedicated to the memorial stone monoliths. The time change changed the image of the tombs together with the technical, cultural and religious development. The pyramids of ancient Egypt Pharaonenreiches include outstanding, lasting thousands of years, sprawling Tomb design. In the presence of tombs for a variety of reasons are more modest.

In particular, regulatory considerations guide the individual design need orderly. The high population of contemporary communities requires a tomb limited, so that for every dead, a place of worship can be built without limiting the living space of the living. Vincent is devoted as a creative sculptor of the planning and implementation of artistically valuable monuments that testify to the character of the deceased permanently. Exquisite materials and a careful implementation help that each one he created memorials is unique, that satisfies the high demands of his clients. With his commitment to distinctively designed tombs, Vincent meets the desire of many surviving after a place of worship, which corresponds to the character of their beloved deceased in personal way and serves as the real focal point of grief and hope. The intensive communication of the stone sculptor and designer with its is the starting point of the individual design of the Tomb Clients. You give him a precise image of the character of the people for which the tomb is intended. Based on this information, Vincent designed an individual place of worship, which materials, choice of form and symbolism material to symbolize the character of the deceased. The deep, personal charisma of created his unique produce craftsmanship and design inspiration. The interplay of the burial place with the original Tomb complies with the wishes of the bereaved, a personal, time-enduring place of worship for their deceased. The formative stone sculptor Vincent is survivors and people who want to operate as a precautionary measure at any time with advice and assistance in all aspects of the realization of individual, high quality memorials to the page. Press contact: Contact person: Dipl.-ing.