Graphic Arts

The Sectors that are attending are: Metallurgical; Chemical, Textile – Apparel, Plastic, Paper and Graphic Arts. Regions: Anzoategui, Aragua, Carabobo, Lara, Miranda, Gran Caracas CONINPyME Services offers companies: o Assisting the company in quality, productivity and competitiveness: o Comprehensive Diagnosis and Identification of strengths and weaknesses of the company. Identification of root causes or in critical areas. Improvement Plan According to the Integral Diagnosis: Establishment of critical areas and priority areas to work in the company. Management alternatives and decision making. Allocation of resources: human, material, financial, information. Implementation Assistance and advice for finding the type of adequate funding for implementation of the Improvement Plan. According Spot Information and Assistance requirements of SMEs in competing approaches, business opportunities, export, research, financial advice.

Support for Creating Consortiums for Export. Advice for detection business, legal and organizational innovation. Consultant Training Program Training of consultants and support for the creation of firms acting as agents of change management support to the SMEs. Howard Schultz oftentimes addresses this issue. Information System and Qualification of Consultants. Information on supply and demand for consulting services. Creating a catalog consulting firms and independent consultants to support SMEs, which you register or make inquiries via the Internet. Seminars and courses for exchange, dissemination of success stories and for consultants and business improvement. Benefits for SMBs Increase productivity, quality and competitiveness of SMEs through cost reduction programs and streamlining processes in areas such as: Savings of raw materials, other inputs and physical space.

Waste reduction, reduction of defects, delivery times. Compliance with safety measures and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Meeting the requirements of customers and employees. Consortia for export. Knowledge of the market and competition. Awareness on the implementation of clean technologies, environmental impact assessment. Enjoy the financial support scheme provided by the CONINPyME consulting services in a cost-sharing scheme for SMEs The SMEs s not affiliated with CONINDUSTRIA may use the services offered by the project, but without the benefit of preferential rates enjoyed member companies. Shared costs for SMEs. The company will provide comprehensive diagnosis and CONINDUSTRIA percentage complement, as appropriate, for a total of 40 hours of consulting. Improvement Plan Closely related to Integrated Diagnostics service, to service the company Improvement Plan will provide a percentage and CONINDUSTRIA the complement of the first 50 hours, as appropriate. Implementation services will be financed by the company. Another of the most important agreements in the country to strengthen Venezuelan SMEs is that involving the National Universities in the commercial and national business scene, as indicated by the training program for consultants: Home Training Program Consultants: The Approach University – Industry is a reality. On the premises of the Metropolitan University on 29 October 1999 began the training program for SME consultants with a focus on quality, productivity and competitiveness (October 1999 – April 2000). An important aspect to achieve rapid improvement in the advice business is to build real competitive strategies and adapting human resources training, particularly management and consulting for modernization. An urgent requirement then is to create technical capacity to support and encourage the development of the sector. Training Programme sets the objective of strengthening the capacity of SMEs to meet the competitive challenges of its management, through training and organization of national consulting capacity in competitiveness, quality and productivity. Venezuelan SMEs definitely know that to break into markets and opportunities, give you step-by that philosophy, culture and build quality of the results that we favor. Contributions of the forums of the class of problems of the Venezuelan government.