Markov VV Granted

Procedure for calculating leave. Example. For the calculation of leave is taken the average daily earnings, which is calculated by dividing the sum of salary, accrued over the last twelve calendar months of 12 and average monthly number of calendar days – 29,4. If at least one month billing period is not worked out until the end, the average daily wage is calculated by dividing the actual gross pay for the settlement period to the amount of average number of calendar days (29,4), multiplied by the number of complete calendar months and the number of calendar days in the partial calendar month. Number of calendar days in the incomplete calendar month calculated by dividing the average number of calendar days (29,4) on the number of calendar days in that month and multiplying by the number of calendar days, falling to the time spent in a given month. The calculation of average income comes only from payments under regulations the company to pay sn workers. If the organization in addition to the wage system charged single premium for the performance of critical activities, despite the fact that they are an element of wages, such bonuses are not included in the calculation of average earnings.

Financial assistance provided by all or most employees in the calculation is not included, due to the fact that this payment is not considered wages platoy.Primer 1. Billing period worked out completely. Smirnov SS Officer Goes to the vacation of 28 calendar days from May 1, 2010 for each of the 12 months preceding the leave, he accrued c / n the salary 30000 rbl. We calculate the amount of vacation accrued Smirnov SS: 30000/29, 4h28 = 28571.43 rub.Primer 2. Billing period are not fully worked out.