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Against: it has a high initial investment, therefore the devices costumam to be expensive. It only can be used to be will have stacks or taken for close, it is not a good option for trips. The depilao with wax aches in such a way how much. But she is necessary to know that if it cannot excuse the use of creams after-depilatories to hidratar the skin, beyond if taking care with possible shocks, therefore never if it must use the device with the wet hands. Before buying or using, she is necessary to search the advantages and cons of each model and to invistir in known marks (Available Source in MY LIFE, 2008).

The technique of the Laser is being very used. Its wave is attracted by the dark pigment, that acts as a conductor, having led the heat until the matrix of the one for, having little effect on clear wires, this depilao if it consecrated as the most efficient protocol of reduction of for. It eliminates the root, the bulb of the ones for. but still she is of raised cost more varying in accordance with the area and of the type of for, what she determines the number of sessions. The complete treatment for buo, for example, can cost between R$ 500 and R$ 800, for virilha, between R$ 800 and R$ 1,200, considering four or five sessions. It is not indicated for gestantes. The good result depends on the type of for and the skin of the person. It is important to stand out that the depilao the laser demands a certain preparation. In browner skins, one sends regards to the use of creams clareadores to reduce the possibility of spots. after the depilao is very important to protect the skin against the sun, with the use of a solar protector (Available Source in MY LIFE, 2008).