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Round table "Small Business – Where to get the money?" In September. 6. Conducted media – Club on the problems and challenges of small business 7. As part of the Tomsk Business Forum "Small business – core economy" (a cover letter and attached program) in December held: 1. Conference on supporting and developing small businesses.

2. Master Class "Key aspects of the business" 3. Workshop: "How to work effectively – technology sales," announced a competition among regional media and journalists on small businesses. Published situation. Prepared and sent a letter to the Chamber of Commerce Eskin AJ cooperation in this contest with the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Enterprise Development and the real sector of economy of Tomsk Oblast Administration, Administration of Tomsk. The competition results will be behavioral in February 2008. 4.

EDUCATION THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS business activity. Implemented a comprehensive program of training of entrepreneurs' Training School of effective management ": 1 block. Caterpillar Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. "Business activities – from Marketing to the staff: the efficient planning and management "(a three-day seminar – training) in August 2007 Unit 2. "Skills modern manager" (a three-day seminar – training) in October 2007 3 block. "Klientorientirovannye organization. Effective sales, management of service "(a three-day seminar – training) November 2007 Total number of participants was 103 persons. 5. OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TO STUDY CHANGES IN LAW. SUPPORT Increasing investment activity. Provided advice on conducting business (402 consultations) for entrepreneurs to start a business and running a small business. Consulted on the enforcement of existing tax legislation in entrepreneurial activities during the reporting period was provided by consultants in 1406 consultations. 6. MONITORING, ASSESSMENT AND RECORDING OF PUBLIC OPINION ON SMALL BUSINESS AND ITS ROLE IN SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, Tomsk. STUDY OF SMALL BUSINESSES (Article 4.1) Implemented research program, "Monitoring, evaluation and accounting public opinion about small business and its role in the socio-economic development in Tomsk "Contents studies: I. Carrying out statistical and analytical research and monitoring the status and development of small Business: 1) a survey of experts (April-May, November-December), 2) formalized interviews with representatives of business (April-May, November-December) 3) interviews with successful entrepreneurs about the problems of small business Tomsk on page "MK" in Tomsk "(April-May, November-December) 4) Questioning (placing users on the site) (April-May, November-December) II. Monitoring, evaluation and accounting of public opinion about small business and its role in socio-economic the development of Tomsk: Surveys of public opinion: 1) quantitative interviews – the city's population, the sample is 2000. Topic: "Assessing the population status of small business (Craft)" – May, November 2) television program, an interactive poll in TV-2 'Rush Hour' in August, December

The Business

Conduct thorough market analysis, determine its carrying capacity and prospects for development, review the competitiveness of selected businesses, determine the demand for your products or services. Examine the reasons for selling a business. Kevin Johnson is actively involved in the matter. The most common reasons for selling a business stand out sale of assets, lack of working capital, lack of sources of additional financing, fatigue and loss of interest in the business, moving to another place of residence. Eliminate the purchase of the business being sold due to lack of its profitability, if the industry is declining and the decline in business, the business is threatened with bankruptcy, etc. It's also best to abandon the transaction if the seller sets the shortened time frame for the hard of the transaction, there is no key information on business, and getting information is difficult, there is no clear reasons for the sale or justify the reasons for sale are not credible or if you notice that the seller misrepresented the information at least part of a sold business. Inspect the cleanliness of its legal to exclude any hidden debts or lawsuits.

Commitments from the business can not only be to suppliers, credit institutions and the budget. This implies much more, for example, in connection with requirements on environmental protection by the previous owner may have been acquired business commitments to clean up his and the surrounding area, etc. Learn the terms of the lease of office or industrial building, it is desirable that the agreement was a long-term, check out all the necessary conclusions and licenses.

MSN Model

The Telemensaje is a profitable business model, easy control and excellent projection of future, backed by over 15 years of experience. What is a TELEMENSAJES Agency? They are greetings, dedications and poems that are sent by phone to fixed and mobile, with an exciting musical fundo in the voices of announcers feminine or masculine. The themes are the most varied depending on the occasion: birthday, the mother of the father, romantic, apologies, among other topics. The client can also participate throughout the Telemensaje transmission, to hear the reaction of the person live, talking to her at the same time the term of the sent dedication. Exciting! The demand for such services is constantly growing and we see the franchise model an excellent combination to reach the market with a high value proposition and excellence in quality of care. The Telemensajes Agency is an opportunity for thousands of moms ordinary people who have the dream of becoming a business carried out by a low cost. The Telemensajes is the excellence of service that excites and surprise all regard receives them, leader in its business, with highest positioning toward potential consumers who are always in search of something new to give to someone special.

We have a successful model, which generates confidence and assure the constant training in all areas of the business. ASSEMBLE BUSINESS IN OWN HOME, WITH FACTURAMIENTO MONTHLY 1500 $ PER MONTH. To know in detail the Telemensajes franchise model, you can leave your data to our commercial Department of the Division franchise will take contact promptly. * We install in countries speaking Spain.

Identify Business

You also need to know model numbers and dates of purchases, bought the equipment in installments and whether the guarantee on it. To read more click here: JPMorgan Chase. Equipment must be listed on the balance sheet and should not be in the pledge. Learn what assets are key to chosen business, because to maintain them in working condition depends on the ability of businesses to bring the expected profit. In one case, the greatest impact on the profitability of providing staff in another – the location or goodwill. So in service delivery are key presence known brand, employees and customer base, and the purchase of restaurants, clubs and shops in the first place you need to consider their location and then the concept of presence and staff. The companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade, the most expensive asset is inventory, which form the basis of value of such business. In some areas activities are the key asset of employees who have permits, for example, when buying a pharmacy or accounting firms, be sure to note at this point, because cost effective business only through staffed with licensed, increases by 20-25%.

The same applies to the availability of the necessary permits and the availability of licenses required for operation of the business. Identify and learn how you transfer the ownership of the business. From a legal standpoint, there are four forms of buying and selling a business. Replacement of the founders in a legal entity that owns business – a fairly simple way, but the business under new owner keeps your credit history and may reveal previously unknown liabilities.

Right Time

You know, that at the time he spends on the interview, it does not make what he has to produce itself. It becomes less effective, he did not modify. We estimate oooooochen cheap, assuming that he is only 10% of their working time spent on interviews with candidates and for the same 10% becomes less effective. $ 800 * 10% = $ 80 Now let's see what happens with the head, which hit a new employee? If the manager is, of course, the correct approach to probation of new staff, in the first month he spends 50% of their time to work with the new employee, the second month – 30%, a third – 10%. And then, at that time head of less efficient in his work and performing the tasks assigned him a higher supervisor. However, we note nevertheless that the job of any leader is to work with new staff, and urezhem 2 times the losses. $ 800 * 25% = $ 200 – losing in the first month probationary period. $ 800 * 15% = $ 120 – losing in the second month probationary period.

$ 800 * 5% = $ 40 – losses in the third month probationary period. Now let's see what happens to the employees of the department of 5 people, who got a new employee. You know that people in the group somehow linked together by some lines of communication (communication). Once in the new team, a new employee, as a rule, there are many questions: "What's that?" "That's why not?" "That's where?" And he gives them the right and left.

Markov VV Granted

Procedure for calculating leave. Example. For the calculation of leave is taken the average daily earnings, which is calculated by dividing the sum of salary, accrued over the last twelve calendar months of 12 and average monthly number of calendar days – 29,4. If at least one month billing period is not worked out until the end, the average daily wage is calculated by dividing the actual gross pay for the settlement period to the amount of average number of calendar days (29,4), multiplied by the number of complete calendar months and the number of calendar days in the partial calendar month. Number of calendar days in the incomplete calendar month calculated by dividing the average number of calendar days (29,4) on the number of calendar days in that month and multiplying by the number of calendar days, falling to the time spent in a given month. The calculation of average income comes only from payments under regulations the company to pay sn workers. If the organization in addition to the wage system charged single premium for the performance of critical activities, despite the fact that they are an element of wages, such bonuses are not included in the calculation of average earnings.

Financial assistance provided by all or most employees in the calculation is not included, due to the fact that this payment is not considered wages platoy.Primer 1. Billing period worked out completely. Smirnov SS Officer Goes to the vacation of 28 calendar days from May 1, 2010 for each of the 12 months preceding the leave, he accrued c / n the salary 30000 rbl. We calculate the amount of vacation accrued Smirnov SS: 30000/29, 4h28 = 28571.43 rub.Primer 2. Billing period are not fully worked out.

Always Dream

Congratulations! You’ve probably taken the most important decision of your life. You’ll find yourself nervous, effusive, anxious, but very happy. And it is not for less, since there are many details to be taken into account and generally this task that falls to the bride, becomes a task that easily turns out to be the most complicated life. There are many details to take into account all relevant to the ceremony, the reception, the guests and the attire of the bride. Thousands of situations that are necessary to cater for live wedding that every bride deserves.

It would be unforgivable to be left to overlook any detail, that means dull a moment so special in the life. To do this, they must make decisions important and at the appropriate time. If we look at it this way, it is sheer madness. More importantly, when are wedding hasty a few months. Time always will play against. Increasing nervousness and stress that generates be preparing what will be the most memorable day in the life of the couple. The secret is in the Organization, surely that It will make this task easy and simple. Know exactly what to do, is very important.

By the time of the ceremony, it is one of first earrings to attend. Divide the day and date is paramount, since this date, depends on everything else. Also determine details as decoration. The reception. You should consider how many guests will attend to determine which place is the most appropriate. In the same way, if the site is responsible or not care, as well as the decor of the place. The power that will be offering, must be something soft, since a heavy meal is not suitable. You must think of a full service, which undertakes both dinner and snacks. The Ponques and drinks. The ponques or cake must be according to colour and style decoration. Beverages must be supplied. By taste or health, the guests apeteceran different types. It is better variety than quantity. Details such as reminders and invitation cards, are provided by one place, facilitating the search. They have a varied assortment, where you will be easy to find the style, proper design. Details as the carriage of the bride decoration, take into account how many children will be in the reception to its due attention, alternatives for vegetarians, the parking of automobiles and other details must also be very present for the event. In a wedding, one of the most special moments is when the bride enters the ceremony. Your dress should demonstrate all its joy and beauty that represents this day in his life. So, dress the bride and groom, are the objectives of all cameras and videos present in the workplace. Organise a successful wedding, is an activity that requires much time and dedication. In the capital of Colombia, you can find excellent companies marking on Google weddings in Bogota or Bogota marriages. Thousands are details that must be taken into account so that everything goes perfect. Looking for tranquility, enjoy your wedding and let this work in the hands of professionals.

Profits Appear

The marketing is an important factor to deliver to perceive a company to concurrency. Something good article if nobody knows where or receive help. That is why it is elementary to obtain a marketing consents to your familiar product identified by potential consumers. Another complex issue is choosing where to situate the marketing. There are endless number of spaces more either are not equally useful. In this writing you’ll about advertising on taxis and either their yields.

Advertising in taxis, is evidently quite positive since achieves woman perspective by all persons of the chipboard. If you have a product that reaches friend greeted by much concurrency mode, taxi advertising is ideal. An important result of advertising in taxis is that they are not situated in an area determined without a transformation. Taxis toward riding a permanent shift, intended the reputation of your article to various locations throughout the city which manages to be too productive. There are observed cases of services that have managed to raise their income from originated Super way to advertising in taxis. A benefit of this procedure make commercial is that it does not affect if your product is current and you want to give to know, or if you have some well-known service and your goal is to keep only his presence. The form of marketing helps very properly all the purposes you set.

Granada Installation

Don’t forget to perform grounding. The boiler has two terminals prepared for the connection of the thermostat ambient (see wiring diagram), which should remove the jumper that links terminals 3-4 and then connect the room thermostat. Installation of the burner boiler Granada can be supplied with a support of Domestic diesel burner. For installation in the boiler, follow these instructions:-remove the side cover of home heating oil. -Cut with a blade the ceramic fibre that covers the hole where the barrel of the burner should go. -For the installation of fuel meets the instructions enclosed with the burner. -The boiler has two terminals 5 6 for the electrical connection of the burner. Mounting of the draught regulator for mounting damper supplied with the boiler, must meet the following instructions:-with the boiler empty and cold, screw the regulator into the hole prepared for it in the boiler, until you achieve a perfect seal.

-Insert the hexagonal lever through the side hole by moving the plastic tube and directing it slightly above the horizontal plane. -Slide the lever so not difficult to open or close the door of the boiler load. -Fix the lever with the screw so that it does not shine into one of their flat sides. -Switch on the boiler and wait until water temperature reaches on the thermometer operating setpoint. -Then turn the selector knob to match the temperature of red color scale that indicates the thermometer. -With the hatch closed air main entrance to join the chain to this and let it taut. INSTALLATION filling installation filling should be performed slowly to allow air from the installation, through the trap installed in the boiler.

Likewise, the rest of the installation by using the traps laid down therein must be purged conveniently. Once full installation, close the filling valve. Note: Switch on the boiler without water may cause serious damage to the same.

Jose Velasco

Media and photographers from the Region of Murcia participate in I encounter Murcia blooming to promote the landscape of the ciezanos fruity plum Group held last Saturday I encounter Murcia in flower in the fields of fruit trees of Cieza with the aim of promoting landscape covering the murcian fields with the arrival of spring. The event, which was held this year for the first time, includes a photo contest for the best professional image made in the fields of group Plum in Cieza, developed during the Saturday noon, on the estate of the company together with its Agronativa warehouse, on the road from Calasparra, and has counted with the assistance of numerous professional graphics of the Region of Murcia. For the Manager of group El Ciruelo, organizing company, Jose Velasco, this event aims to give value to the murcian spring. Thanks to the efforts of the farmers, the history of this Region is written with the best fruit in the world. Our fruits are known for their quality, however, the images that leave the spring in those plagued with fields of fruit trees have not received the value yes have given them on other sites.

During the visit by fruit trees in blossom, Jose Oliva, agronomist engineer responsible for the grounds of plum in Cieza, has explained the process of flowering of the fruit trees, highlighting the special qualities of the terrain and climate, that make us all fruits of bone’s greater quality in the international market. Murcia Flor Oliva, on images that offer these days the fields described the landscape as an impressive spectacle of light and colour, which serves to celebrate spring and the work that we have developed in these lands for centuries. Murcia in flower is an event for the Murcia, so the world knows not only the quality of our products and we also appreciate the wonderful picture that leave these days our fields in flower. Almond trees, fruit Plum has wanted to put in value this visual treasure of the Region of Murcia. According to the words of his manager hope that Murcia in flower will become a tradition every year and our professional photographers and the media know how to get all the juice to the precious images that leave our fields in flower.