Requirement: raised in ground fertility. Fertilization: especially the nitrogenada one. Propagation: for changes, estoles. Douglas Oberhelman takes a slightly different approach. Use: more recommended for the used fenao and less in pastures. Cynodon nlemfuensis – cv. Star Rich Port (purple) Characteristic: Estolonfera, with height 30 – 70 cm of height, presents foliar blade glabra, lgula membranosa and ciliada.

Plantation: dumbs (infertile seeds) send regards to recoup and to improve pastures in more fertile ground. She has been used where the B. brizantha has died In the region North of the country. The plantation most common is next to the corrals, and dam slopes, are a plant aggressive, tolerant to pastejo and the animal pisoteio. 11 Forragicultura and Pastures – IFMG/Bambu Campus – Notes of Lesson Cv Florakirk – Hybrid nlemfuensis Cynodon launched by the Gergia University in 1994 Characteristics: perennial, estolonfera and rizomatosa, glabros, colmos we and entrens with many leves, ramified, can reach up to 70 cm of height, are grassy a demanding one in fertility. Tolerance: moderate to the cold and rust (launching for the University of the Flrida was developed in the University of the Gergia) Productivity: 14-16 t/MS/ha/ano, presents capacity of support with high taxes of capacity with raised animal GPV. Chemical composition: 11-12% PB digestibilidade coefficient enters 55 60%DIVMS bigger of what FLORICO – FLORONA.