Site Promotion Strategy

In this article I would like to raise the question of what strategy to promote your site is the best? There are two key points 'best' and 'strategy'. And with that, and with another we will understand the scope of this article. Immediately is stipulated, we consider here a strategy to promote information and thematic resources on which visitors can get interesting and useful information. Site promotion strategy, focused solely on advertising or the provision of certain services / products (online shopping, online business card companies, etc.) are outside the scope of this article. Traditionally, the 'best' (optimal and efficient) is estimated by some pre-specified criteria.

What criteria can be in our case? Attendance? Oh yes, of course attendance:). Only here what attendance? The traditional answer to this question is the attendance of 'target audience '. But unfortunately, this is the magic phrase does not eliminate all problems. Suppose we make the right optimization of a site for our chosen search (query), submitting your site to directories and received a specific visitor traffic from search engines. Next comes the fun part. Let's try to look at what is happening through the eyes of the visitor.

Here we go we have found a site in one of the search systems. And what we see there? Nothing. Unfortunately, often we do not see there is nothing intelligent and safely leave. At least I can say this for myself, about 9 out of 10 cases the site is a pacifier. Does this mean ineffectiveness of strategies to promote your site in search engines? Of course not.