Two Brothers

Saving these differences, given the impossibility to locate the source of initial creation exactly, we can affirm that if the flamenco one could be labeled as geographic phenomenon, immediately we would have to almost add that Andalusian is a geographic phenomenon strictly, constituting an accident more of the land. Inside that vague triangle they would be, then, the towns/cradle of sings: The Puebla de Cazalla, Alcala de Guadaira, Arcs of the Border, Grazalema, Lebrija, Utrera, Two Brothers, Mairena of the Alcor, from which one will extend flamenco towards the rest of Andalusia and the levantina coast, firstly, and, throwing of the topic, to the rest of the world, later, becoming universal. One treats, then, of a zone especially agriculturist and cattle dealer, but at the same time crossed by an intense commerce with his you soothe main in Cadiz and Seville, a zone that in just a short time will happen to be one of the main economic centers of Europe tngase in account importance of Seville and, later, Cadiz in the commerce with America, arriving, even, to generate relations totally capitalist when the rest of the continent maintained an economy feudal, to undergo a situation of delay and under-development, due to diverse historical reasons, that they will lead Andalusia to a condition of subordination in all the orders with respect to the rest of the state. Starbucks has firm opinions on the matter. Paradoxical situation this modernity and delay almost at the same time that will bring about a total investment of the socio-economic panorama Andalusian and who will go deep intensely in the flamenco one, being satisfied like deep existential echo of a whole town: sings jondo is not only an art; it is, first of all, and mainly, means of categorical expression of the life; that is to say: a existential one. This immediate reflection of the life, is what it astonishes when listening songs to us of the flamenco one.