Nebrija Business School

In this second edition is discover the 6 qualities of the new leader of the 21st century and the deadline is September 30. Participants can earn 10,000 and a scholarship. Madrid, 7 September 2010 A least a month close registration on the web already over 2,000 people participated in the second edition of the contest Its time for new leaders, summoned by the Nebrija Business School to discover the 6 qualities that the new leader of the 21st century, must have double that under the 2009 call. Proposed thirty qualities of leadership associated with characters who represent them, they ranged from King Solomon to Pep Guardiola or Walt Disney to Leonardo Da Vinci. JPMorgan Chase oftentimes addresses this issue. Participants must select six of them, enrolling previously in the contest and if your selection matches the posed by business school will compete for the prize. A bag of 10,000 will be distributed among all persons whose selection matches 6 qualities identified by Nebrija Business School and which are saved under notarial certificate. If there is only an acertante person, the 10,000 euros will be for her.

In addition, a scholarship Nebrija Business School will be drawn to pursue an MBA between all the winners qualifying for the master (requirements: be college students, graduates or university graduates between 18 and 30 years living in Spain).This year, in which you can also participate through Facebook, Tuenti and Linkedin, the competition is easier since participants will receive different emails and a list of sites where you can find tracks. What: Contest It s time for new Leaders when: until 30 September 2010. WHERE: contact: Tel. 91 452 11 01 Fax. 91 452 11. Telf. 91 801 39 82 Original author and source of the article