True Readers

Some astute readers may exclaim: "So in the internet business need to plow … ' did not want to disappoint you, but yes. We'll have a little work. Do not believe claims such as' business on autopilot. " True, the autopilot can still be used, there are moments in the Internet business, where it is appropriate and even helpful. However, the relationship with your buyers will have to adjust to you.

Fortunately, with the help of your opinion articles. Your Articles will be acquaint your readers with useful information for him, and as the author of articles will have you, then at the same time with you. And you under these circumstances become in the eyes of the reader an expert professional. Unless, of course, in Articles do not you write rubbish:) We have written so much about data center, that role may seem quite minisayta negligible. But it is not. Minisayta role is to specifically tell you already loyal readers, what you offer, and what you want from him.

Minisayt although called one-page site, but it consists of multiple pages. Typically, this main page, the page of payment, which are described methods of payment your goods together with a form of payment. I'll explain a little later. Next page – successful payment page on which the visitor in cases where payment is carried out. And the error page, which used in cases of unsuccessful payment. Another must for a successful Internet business is your own mailing list. The best option – to list on a regular basis.