Here at last you have found your dream job online, sent resumes and waiting for an answer. Waiting for a week, two, three .. After 4 weeks, you realize that your resume is horrible, like a black hole. It is a pity and a shame for lost time … What is your Error? We had no wait, act! Just send your resume to a prospective employer and wait – is not enough.

Vacancy – one contenders – weight! Send resume has only one purpose – to you invited for an interview, preferably in one of the first. Be enthusiastic, pay attention to yourself, and gain time! A proactive approach in dealing with potential employers can significantly improve your chances get a job. These six tips will help you to maximize success. 1. Announce yourself.

Establish contact with the employer prior to sending resumes. Try to contact the manager on staff, even if an ad is not his phone numbers and even if you specify that calls should not be. Conduct reconnaissance, gather information and find the phone number and name of the hiring manager – the first person with whom you will communicate in future work. As Once you've found the right person to be brief. The purpose of the first call is to express his enthusiasm for new opportunities, and briefly describe their positive contribution to the future business of the company. Be ready "in a nutshell" description of your qualifications and the benefits that will employer. Focus on the employer, not on how cool you are.

Invisible Revolution

U.S. plunged into the abyss of the invisible revolution. This revolution is quietly, gradually and occurs out of sight of the official media. The new American revolution is challenging the principles of Darwinian capitalism, through the construction parallel to the economic system in which resources and benefits are divided between peer workers and community members. Over the past decade, there were thousands of alternatives to the corporate hierarchical model: a company, owned by the workers themselves, cooperatives, neighborhood corporations and trusts, municipal enterprises. Companies with worker self-management are the most progressive and democratic models. Typically, income from such enterprises is distributed among the workers and returned to their families and communities.

Practices of democracy such as 'one worker – one vote'. Now more than 11,000 U.S. companies, which is owned by the workers. In This process involved more people than in union activities of private sector workers. Also, about 120 million Americans belong to cooperatives – nearly a third of the population. Between 20 and 22% of the energy produced utilities enterprises of different types. There is still somewhere in the neighborhood 4.000 or 5,000 corporations in which the inhabitants of a particular region possess the means of production, with the entire area to benefit from their work.

Most of these projects is to solve the housing problem and land use. But here also includes shops, small business and factories. One study says about 4.500 of such projects. One of them, 'The New Community Newark ', has a turnover of several million dollars a year. Profit goes to community development: health and nutrition, education, creation of new jobs. In connection with the tax crisis, many City turn into the enterprise. Such projects include the development of the municipal television, internet services, land and hotels. Many cities use the methane collected from landfills, for electricity, create jobs in this sector of the economy.

Contextual Advertising

Just do not attempt to click on ads, because it is forbidden by a system of contextual advertising. So, if you decide to earn by placing contextual advertising, you need to consistently and daily work to attract the largest possible number Visitors to the site. Method number 5: Selling links primary criterion in selling links from his site is the TCI and PR. The higher these numbers – the more you can earn. The essence of this method earning is that you just place a code of selling links on the site.

After that, you set the price at the link and start to sell them. In this case no matter what traffic to your website. Available options is no big deal, because virtually all of the system itself makes the buying and selling links. You also still only a small part to confirm or to deny placement of any link on this site. At present the most authoritative service on selling links from the site is Sape -, which also use myself.

If you do not understand the sale of links, but you have a website and wants to extract profits from it – write me, I will gladly help you. So, if you decide to earn by selling links from the site, start to raise rates TCI and PR, as well as add a lot of new content and pages on the site. After buying the system refers not only to the main page, but all internal pages. Here I have shown five sources of income, which can be obtained through your site. Which of the sources you choose – it depends on you and the concept of your site. Ideally it is best to use the maximum number sources of income, because it helps maximize your monthly income. In the case where you do not have a web project, I recommend you pay attention to my e-book "What You Should Know BEFORE a commercial project on the Internet "(). Thanks to the book, you can learn all the right steps to creating a successful Internet project from scratch. You will walk the path from idea to implementation of the commercial Internet project.

True Readers

Some astute readers may exclaim: "So in the internet business need to plow … ' did not want to disappoint you, but yes. We'll have a little work. Do not believe claims such as' business on autopilot. " True, the autopilot can still be used, there are moments in the Internet business, where it is appropriate and even helpful. However, the relationship with your buyers will have to adjust to you.

Fortunately, with the help of your opinion articles. Your Articles will be acquaint your readers with useful information for him, and as the author of articles will have you, then at the same time with you. And you under these circumstances become in the eyes of the reader an expert professional. Unless, of course, in Articles do not you write rubbish:) We have written so much about data center, that role may seem quite minisayta negligible. But it is not. Minisayta role is to specifically tell you already loyal readers, what you offer, and what you want from him.

Minisayt although called one-page site, but it consists of multiple pages. Typically, this main page, the page of payment, which are described methods of payment your goods together with a form of payment. I'll explain a little later. Next page – successful payment page on which the visitor in cases where payment is carried out. And the error page, which used in cases of unsuccessful payment. Another must for a successful Internet business is your own mailing list. The best option – to list on a regular basis.