The Inverted Pyramid Of Egypt

At the time of writing the present lines (11: 00 am), Hosni Mubarak that he finally bowed to popular pressure and marched to a villa of his property to the water’s edge. Much pressure would have endured. His Vice President, Suleiman (named after the crisis), would remain in power, along with a clear military power. The word elections has to sound with force. It is to highlight the last thing ran like ball in the country of the pyramids: the Vice President came by releasing the species that there was a threat of military coup.

This is not Cesar protest letters, techniques of psychological pressure of last hour of anonymous’s always interested. But the protesters remained and remain immovable in the square, as the same pyramids. With line or not on roads, with Facebook or not, with INTERNET or not, initially cut by the regime as a desperate measure to thwart the communications among the protesters. The first coup of the INTERNET in history, if not I corrected a r.j Sage. Mubarak, the man with three decades in power, is going. In the air was the preparation that made his son to make it happen, as a worthy representation of the dynasties in the world who have been.

It will and the country changes, as it is the mood of the demonstrators. It is not that it is going or the country changes, i.e., you go and one name any designated replace it so that the essential situation, inside, paradigmatic structure, continue equal is not acceptable. These are outbreaks of changes, fatigue that germinates in consciousness, very close to a revolution at least is the first revolutionary phase: claim, the tiredness, the abused soul, people on the street by raising his voice; I would be remiss now wait for the feedback of power: that will be on him, saying, if thoroughly reflects and focuses on himself, i.e.