Subway Advertising

Advertising in the Metro can be of any kind of format, from street signs and placement of stickers in the cars, before construction on the roof. The Many Faces of advertising in the subway so tightly joined to the social life that has become part of it. Others including Ben Horowitz, offer their opinions as well. Poster shield or on an escalator, it can be anything you want. In 2009, advertising in the subway cost the Russian business people about $ 14 million dollars this year after the crisis incomes rise. Read more from Caterpillar to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Interestingly, other means of influence to a mass audience is not as effective. Become a part of life advertising in newspapers and on television does not bring the expected income, and advertising in the subway in Moscow, provides millions.

The number of owners of transport vehicles in cities is constantly growing and because of this growing traffic jams, and many transplanted to the subway. It is important to choose wisely where to place advertising in the subway. Outdoor advertising in the subway does not come so often, but we distinguish it from everything else. Hotels and restaurants prefer to place ads in the subway, to attract visitors. With the advent of the tourist season the big travel company bought flashy stickers on the cars central stations of the city. The parks and gardens, at bus stops you can see posters of small firms. If you want to advertise alcoholic beverages, beer, the information efficiently to accommodate sports arenas. Currently, any form that you receive advertising in the subway, can be classified as a specific class.