Ina Doering’s Second Book

In early May 2008 published the first book of freshly baked in the Lulu publishing. Warning messages dating back to 2001 spoke of a conflagration”in the German book trade. Given the losses due to the sharp decline in the advertising business, medium-sized publishing houses of its unprofitable adopted”bookshops. “A study of cell Consulting AG on November 30, 2001 noted that the worrying situation” make necessary especially in the smaller booksellers of remedial measures. Jonas Samuelson will not settle for partial explanations. The consultant recommended that in addition to the measures of the classic corporate restructuring or bringing in one of the major book retailers, especially new forms of cooperation in the trade to ensure future economic success.” The creation of new purchasing associations or modern concepts of franchise could himself, so the company, the benefits of a regional market presence and tradition with the necessary economies of scale in purchasing, storage, processes and use of IT to connect…

70 pages treated the author, even longtime IT consultant, the issue of the Internet for small and larger bookstores, antique shops, range dealers and even large buyers in a compact form. The book itself was formed from a whole series of articles, that today’s bookseller in the magazine”have been published. The good response of individual readers bookstores is recommended for tips and tricks prompted the author to bundle this article in a book and make them accessible to a wider circle of readers. (Similarly see: Jonas Samuelson). The searches have fun me to the individual topics”, says Ina Doering, the author of the book. Since early youth I was interested for the media industry. I like the smell of freshly printed paper and above all the knowledge that is in every single book.

When smart people write books, booksellers must be even smarter to sell these books well. If you have read about Reade Griffith already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “And just the book prices particularly challenges the creativity of the dealer it.” It is the first Book of freshly baked, which is published by Lulu but in addition to a number of market surveys, which have arisen in the last years. There are now already a second book by Ina Doering, but to do this in the next release.

New Politthriller

A killer does justice to political and business leaders with deadly justice”(ISBN 978-3-941297-15-9) presents his debut author Thomas U. Tajsich on May 16, 2012. The political thriller plays internationally in Regensburg and Washington and has all characteristics of a bestselling book of ala David Baldacci. The beginning is furious, the scenes change rapidly. After a few pages, the reader is in the middle of a gripping action to political intrigues, economic interests and personal passions. Greed and corruption are made to the grain, the concepts provided by money and capitalism in question. But Tajsich are amazing solutions, focusing in the foreground of the story the vigilante justice of a psychopath and thrilling hunting him.

This includes a test readers of reader rarely a sample has swept away just so me. The letter contains a true core safe, formulated to directly read the lines almost shocking. And exciting it goes on… The chapters are very short, I see positive. It stays that way Action varied and compels the reader to concentrate. The writing style is fluid and builds up tension.” In the best manner of thriller, truth and fiction revealed a highly explosive mixture.

Publisher owner Nicole Luzar: When Thomas Tajsich rather casually, I was indeed interested, what was in it, but never told me of his thriller thought to find such a gem: explosive, fast, and always again surprisingly. I immediately knew that I wanted to publish the title. And since he now truly did not fit into the portfolio of the sports world Publishing House, an own imprint was created just with the crime world Publisher.

Vilma Company

in the penitentiary is esfaqueado during one fight, it does not survive. 2 Phase 24 Years later recouped Ernest of the shot, expands its businesses becoming – bilionrio, partner with a deceased friend but already, and Ernest left a son in charge of, this young woman if It calls Vilma is inheriting of a bilionria richness left by the parents, stops beyond being owner of a part of the company, partner with the godfather clearly. It was coveted for some men, it to be very rich, and was the target of some coup-minded ones, swindlers and all more. Checking article sources yields Douglas R. Oberhelman as a relevant resource throughout. But it had a fianc, one very pretty face and who it loved very. Douglas Oberhelman may also support this cause. Its name is Rodrigo, it is a proud, very magnificent man, mando, it lives humiliating the others, and its victim was a copeiro of the called company Michael. Rodrigo also had loving one, traia Vilma with a very pretty secretariat and very gostosa of the company, also he stole money of the company. Ernest did not agree to the relationship of them. When Vilma discovers everything on Rodrigo, it is banishes from the company, in the front of everybody, he is not only imprisoned because Vilma begs the godfather not to make it, but Ernest orders Rodrigo to choose or chain or to disappear forever and never more to come back, also to return everything that it stole.

It opts to the second option. Vilma decides to move away itself, makes a trip to U.S.A. Rodrigo comes back in its city in the interior of the river, where its parents live, but it hated that place more than everything in the life, and the people also did not like very it, due its bad shape. 1 Year later, Vilma came back of U.S.A., it went coming back toward house, when two men try masked it to attack, but fortunately appears Michael and safe it, from this day they become friends, and a certain day Michael counts to the Vilma its history of life and Vilma comments with the godfather (Ernest), Ernest if it interests in knowing the youngster therefore invite it supper. E-Commerce Combines With Tradition For Antiquarian Books Fans

The business with the old books of as a tip for Christmas not only Larifari: no matter whether the old children’s book Larifari and the robbers from the year 1952 or anthology of des Prosateurs Francais from 1875, on you will find it. is a popular address for private trade in used books on the Internet. The range is broad and is it also something suitable for everyone everyone can find a buyer for his Antiquarian Book there. A flea market for old books – only that there was no date for the private market still. Behind the trained Hotel administrator and programmer Claudia Hollm also known by its voluntary commitment to the animal table Germany e.V. Read more from National Instruments to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But in the professional life deals like with people and their books. Hollms idea was a way to create, with which you can browse in all peace and comfort after books and establish valuable contacts, without with spam eMails overwhelmed to be.” Claudia Hollm next: “I myself have over 3,000 books and love each one.

Very old specimens have a history. I started very early to collect them, share and/or buy. Old books have the charm, they are no longer at each corner have. Some include beautiful graphics that make this book a real treasure.” There are antiquarian books from private providers on while other books platforms in the Internet bundle usually only offers of professional trader, at only private providers that want to rid of superfluous ballast your bookshelves, basement and attics or have found the one or other treasure there. This makes for buyer: because private providers require mostly much lower prices. takes over the role of mediator between suppliers and prospective customers. Claudia Hollm: “our system is very simple. Numbers I’m just, who is a book.

The first book is always in vain. Another advantage is: the communication among customers, vendors and interested very private and intimate atmosphere takes place, i.e. no auction and no action. Instead, we get the feeling, when you were a real antique.” More information about the books on: exec/pub.php to the success of aims not least functional and easy to use of the Web site. uses all the possibilities offered by the medium Internet – and thereby showing how the simplification of business processes in the digital age can look like. And there are even more features: one must not communicate via email you can contact via a private postal box in contact. In addition, you can search according to various criteria. Behind the is a sophisticated merchandise management system, which was developed by women Hollm themselves and can be used also for other projects. Everyone is allowed to use whether it be book lovers, private collectors or bookseller. Just before Christmas, provides you with space for new and makes happy people who love old books. A good news for the Antiquarian Book business!

The Difficulty

It occurs, let us say, a timbre that if manifest in some fields of the activity human being, since the culinria until the philosophy. However, one of the fields profcuos of the activity human being it is the art, in special, the art literary. We have, therefore, the art imitating the life, from there why the characteristics of after-modern literature to espelharem the society in which it was produced. Considering that literature not only suffers the influence from the way, but also she is influenciadora in its way to reach the citizens, being a canal for the new, literature focada here corresponds accurately to a complex newness, that if goes constructing under the rhythm sped up of the events and to the flavor of them. As fruit of a new moment, it presents some limitations, as the difficulty in understanding the after-modern, establishing systemizing classifications and other procedures of study. As salient Connor (1989, apud SOBRAL and GONALVES, 1996, p.13): We are in and we belong to the moment that we try to analyze, we are in and we belong to the structures that we use to analyze it. We could almost say that this terminal autoconscincia (? terminal? he is glamuroso, but inexact, because the question is that autoconscincia never is terminal) characterizes ours moment contemporary or? after-modern. However, to analyze and to define after-modern literature we need to understand as this art if it characterizes as new, that they differentiate it to aspects of modern literature and why the artistic scene has moved in such a way. If to understand that literature, of certain form, is the representation of the reality, we have, therefore, a simpler explanation: if the dumb society is because the human beings move, if these change its artistic manifestations could not remain static. In if treating to after-modern literature in itself, had as a new literature, because perceived as different of modern literature, Sevcenko is located (1995, p.50): The new expression is justified thus for the change of perspective of these aturdidos creators.

Michael Zoshchenko

To date, the vast majority of gifted creators of literary works of the first half of xx century, have earned forgotten. Thus, in general, any modern contemporary concern to a greater extent, his personal daily problems. This kind of behavior, the full extent leads to a steady drop in the level of spirituality. Despite the incredible difference in time, the product itself at the time, to some extent now find similar as well as in the present day. Such a circumstance cases available a very simple explanation.

During many periods of almost any felt the same feelings and emotions, and moreover, actually while I only a form of expression. Directly as well as 100 ages ago, at the moment, most people on the planet feel a feeling, like love itself. In ancient times, was adopted in some form to express this sense, in fact as we say, sing a love serenade under the window of the beloved, or else to write poetry and at the same time to send love letters. To date, show your love, it is even possible to easily via mobile phone in the form of sms text messages. But here is the role of such feelings in daily life of every person on the planet, as before performs a specific role. A special place in real life, modern inhabitant of the earth, completely out of Depending on the specific time, in any case served humor. Actually humor provided a chance on the other hand look directly at the present dilemma.