New Politthriller

A killer does justice to political and business leaders with deadly justice”(ISBN 978-3-941297-15-9) presents his debut author Thomas U. Tajsich on May 16, 2012. The political thriller plays internationally in Regensburg and Washington and has all characteristics of a bestselling book of ala David Baldacci. The beginning is furious, the scenes change rapidly. After a few pages, the reader is in the middle of a gripping action to political intrigues, economic interests and personal passions. Greed and corruption are made to the grain, the concepts provided by money and capitalism in question. But Tajsich are amazing solutions, focusing in the foreground of the story the vigilante justice of a psychopath and thrilling hunting him.

This includes a test readers of reader rarely a sample has swept away just so me. The letter contains a true core safe, formulated to directly read the lines almost shocking. And exciting it goes on… The chapters are very short, I see positive. It stays that way Action varied and compels the reader to concentrate. The writing style is fluid and builds up tension.” In the best manner of thriller, truth and fiction revealed a highly explosive mixture.

Publisher owner Nicole Luzar: When Thomas Tajsich rather casually, I was indeed interested, what was in it, but never told me of his thriller thought to find such a gem: explosive, fast, and always again surprisingly. I immediately knew that I wanted to publish the title. And since he now truly did not fit into the portfolio of the sports world Publishing House, an own imprint was created just with the crime world Publisher.