Minimum Wage For Full-time Mums In Germany?

All cry out for minimum wage but is also not a job the full time Mommy? The great debate about minimum wages in Germany employs us already a whole while. How much money should you get for what job? What is a reasonable pay z.B for a postman? But we ask it the question what is a reasonable wage for a full time Mommy? The job of mother and housewife is a full time job which usually tomorrow begins and ends late in the evening. There is no legal Arbeitszeitverordungen in the profession full time Mommy. But which wage gets a full time Mommy for your daily work also on Saturdays, Sundays, and of course also on holiday instead finds. The first 2 years there is child-raising allowance if you are lucky you can get the full set of 300 euros, but that unfortunately only 2 years. Are 300 Euro enough reward for a Fulltime Job which runs about 12 hours a day? Certainly many think that man yes no child in the world must defend if you can not imagine the job as a full time Mommy, but if everybody would think so, what then is our pensions which we still want? It is Yes except the Germany question no family-friendly country where has maybe a small chance as mother in the professional life back is to return. Kindergarten places are scarce and sometimes so expensive that only beduchtet can afford this at all. The full-time Mommy today starts your day in the morning with set of children for the school, which includes breads and beverages ready, look at whether the children properly go out of the House. Then laundry and housecleaning is maybe obese between by a little time for a itself, this is of course only possible if not yet an infant, there is forward on MOM’s chest.