Natural Stone

For thousands of years, all who wished to have their home or interior looked truly luxurious, used natural stones – a magnificent building and decorative finishing material. Throughout the world, this natural material is considered a symbol of strength and durability, and its products are different infinite variety, uniqueness, antique charm. For the production of architectural details and products used mostly marble and granite. Granite (from Lat. Granum – grain) – a dense rock consisting of three minerals: feldspar, quartz and mica.

Thanks to its durability, granite is used for the construction of embankments, sites, lining and for other purposes. Different varieties of this natural material and different color, so it is used for decoration and construction of interior, for example, the color of polished granite mosaic artists make. (Source: Ben Horowitz). Granite distributed in nature, it lies deep in the earth, but sometimes it comes to the surface, forming mountains. Granite has a granular structure before using the stone is polished. Marble (in Translated from the Greek marmaros means ‘shining stone’) – crystal-grained metamorphic carbonate rocks, limestone recrystallization product, at least – dolomite. The breed is well polished, thanks to a close linkage between the calcite grains themselves. Ben Horowitz may find this interesting as well.

In engineering and construction of marble called any carbonate rocks, polished satisfactorily verifiable – limestone, dolomite or marble. Long-lasting, durable, resistant to extremes of Temperature and humidity marble finishing material is used for both internal and external works, it is widely used in construction (especially for the interior of buildings) and for sculpture (especially white, slightly translucent varieties). By the color of marbles are divided into white and colored (pink, yellow, gray, blue, greenish, reddish, black, brown, and various combinations of these colors.) Characteristic of the presence of colored marble veins – cracks filled with natural cement. Deposits of marble and granite are scattered across the globe. In Russia, as a rule, are natural stones and Ukrainian domestic deposits that due to ease of transportation. In addition, our country imports of these natural materials from Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Norway and Brazil. Imported granite and marble products are generally more expensive than Russian. However, if necessary, selection of a certain color or texture will be very useful wide range of foreign companies, offering not only the Russian stones. Price is also determined by the trendy and unique colors. Quality products made of stone blocks up to several cubic meters, a typical commercial size 1.5h2.5h1 m (height, length, width). Often blocks of smaller size are obtained. In factories, these blocks being cut along the length of the plate, usually a thickness of 2 or 3 cm One side polished slabs, polished, chemically processed. This plate is called slab (born slab, literally – a plate, a plate) and a commercial semi-finished product for stone workshops that make the orders for a particular client.

Hybrid Tea

On average, 1 m were planted 2 to 3 bush. Well look a few bushes of English roses, planted at a distance of 50cm triangle from each other, creating the effect of a large, luxuriously flowering shrub. In large shrub roses are sometimes seen denuded of bush and then it can be placed in front of them to hide low-growing roses. Special care shelter for the winter. Gardeners all over the world adore roses and grow them in the very different climate. Residents of the southern regions, of course, was more fortunate.

But We complain. You can not worry about too sheltered Canadian roses. It is worth zamulchirovat ground bottom bush. Swarmed by offers, Electrolux is currently assessing future choices. Many ground cover roses, too, can not hide. But, while hardiness in modern Shrub higher than that Hybrid Tea roses and floribunda groups, many of them still need shelter for the winter. It goes without shelter is more difficult because of the bushes.

Re-blooming shrub roses, Shrub can reach in the growing period of 1.5 m in height and more Frostscale shoots quickly restored. The main thing that wintered lower buds. In late October, held in the autumn pruning – 1 / 3 the length of shoots and low bush mulching and shelter. Should be more carefully cover English Roses, and inoculated at planting should be sunk more than the usual roses. In tall Shrub shoots need to try to bend to the ground. Shrubs can be broken into with one hand and put them to prishpilivaya ground. Weighed down the branches are placed on a layer of spruce branches, or to melt the ground under the shelter of roses can rot.

Just Grease

Another fashion trend, but in the sense of the classics. Fancy styling natural colored tin give weight to the ceiling, solemnity. And for those who prefer the baroque style in the interior – another opportunity to paint the ceiling, this time – any kind of oil-based paints. And you can use Tin panels are not all over the ceiling, and for decoration on the perimeter, or as inserts in place of anchorages fixtures. 6. Use the medallions.

They turn an ordinary living room into a pompous ballroom, and a quiet bedroom – in royal boudoir. If you are a fan of antique style, you can try to find antique moldings in antique shops, or order a cheap lightweight medallions for ceiling, and along with them – or panel moldings. Just Grease a medallion or panel with polyurethane glue, and place it on its rightful place. For more confidence in the reliability of mounting attach details on invisible screws. Others including Jim Umpleby, offer their opinions as well. Medallions and moldings can also be a variety of textures and flowers, choose those that will handle the overall design of your room. 7. Try your hand at building up structures from the clouds. Take a sponge-sponge and try to draw simulations of clouds on the ceiling.

It's something like murals, but it is much easier, so you can try is to everyone, even those who have always considered myself not knowing how to draw. Results of sponge painting look beautiful and unique, because even if you really try – then repeat Figure one in one fail. Experiment with color shades to get unusual effects. Also keep in mind that you can try to do with the sponge not only clouds, but other textures and patterns. You can also try using stencils, one-or two-layer, and then your ceiling is guaranteed to be extraordinary and memorable. 8. Game colors. Choose the right color for your ceiling. If you have a high enough ceiling – use a dark color to cover the ceiling, the room will be a lie, a soothing atmosphere. And if the ceiling is low – use light-colored coating to increase the visual space. If space allows – you can do color transitions. 9. Tone on tone. Can be used for the ceiling the same wallpaper as the walls. Needed for this will be the wallpaper with a more or less repetitive structure, with not very distinct pattern. Do not forget that we have done very discreet butt on the wallpaper, it is advisable to start pasting from the ceiling, and do fly fishing on the wall. In the case of such an option papering the ceiling needs to be done in the interior of several accents – the brightest parts, which will absorb the meaning. 10. Install suspended ceilings. This is a great way to, first, to align the ceiling, and secondly, give play to fancy designer. This is certainly not out of the category "DIY", but one way to finish, which does not require you to long-term cleaning and moving furniture. And in terms of design – probably one of the options, when really you can take ideas from the ceiling. Almost any decision – from the waves and the tent on the ceiling to the sky – can be implemented using suspended ceilings.

Modern Bathrooms

Modern bathroom – a source of water pleasures in a stylish interior. Plumbing in the interior photos. Decoration interior space within a certain stylistic canon individual design decisions and follow fashion trends – such trends prevail in establishing a modern interior. Efforts of designers and customer orders basic concept of the projects can roamed through all the rooms or can be created for each room individually. Some contend that view website shows great expertise in this. Thus, the interior of modern bathroom can embody the luxury and elegance in the performance of precious metals and stones, or emphasize understated elegance overall architecture of the home.

The choice of design style depends on the owners and may reflect their lifestyle, character, mentality, or wealth. However, the ideal would be consonant construction of all the constituent elements, starting with the texture and texture finishing materials, lighting and decor, including key elements: sanitary ware, furniture, bath, and ending staged installations. Functionality and technical perfection in the bathroom traditional view of the interior, bathroom, and items that must be present there, has gone far in the past. Today, the main players are the functionality and technical perfection, dressed in a stylish form. In place of the standard version came alternative proposals – showers and shower cabins, whirlpool baths with greater functionality. Except addition, the city broke into the apartment gidrosauny and steam rooms with features a steam bath. Available was an amazing spectacle and great effects – colored lights and colored bath shower, electronic control systems serviced touch buttons, remote control. Now, modern bath water is the real source of pleasure, helps to relax, relieve stress and can acquire more sophisticated forms and sizes.

Office Furniture

Choice of furniture is meant to indicate the status of the businessman and his company. (A valuable related resource: Jonas Samuelson). Traditionally, managers of large companies prefer foreign-made furniture, but in recent years sellers of office furniture, along with imported brands offer rooms of Ukrainian origin. Domestic brands still do not pretend to compete in the most expensive segment of the furniture for the head, but the rooms average the price of decent compete with foreign counterparts. In addition to the work place for the head, usually in each series of furniture for the directors includes modules for equipping the office conference table, or formation of separate meeting rooms. Office furniture for personnel The main purpose of office furniture for staff is to provide staff the necessary conditions for productive work. Usually sellers offer a wide selection of furniture for the staff of the series, so each company can select tables, cabinets, tables and chairs right quality, design, colors and prices. The desktops can be both direct and angular in shape: a cut for the abdomen, briefing-top, or an attached mobile pedestal. Moreover, all jobs should be easy to integrate with each other.

Choosing furniture for the staff, pay attention not only on price but also on functionality and quality. The design should be ergonomic, practical and fits well into the interior of the office. Pay attention to materials and accessories. Office chairs and chairs for all office chairs can be divided into four types: Armchairs for heads are usually made of leather, and met all the requirements: they are reliable to use, comfortable and ergonomic..

English Style Furniture

The traditional view of English style in Russian minds seems the apotheosis of respectability, restraint and respectability: the massive dining tables, solid sofas, antique fireplace, a noble brown. In short, the same interior, which we all well know by the popular Soviet film adaptation of the detective novel "The Hound of the Baskervilles." No frivolity and levity in the English interior, we had no idea. Between to our understanding of it, in most cases far from the original. That the British are able to transform their homes not only in the kind of aristocratic castles, but also a cheerful, light-filled rural home – with painted furniture and wallpaper in a large bright flower. However, despite the kind of reading, get rid of the persistent love of the English way of life we can not. Russian soul so much all that is associated with tradition, stability, confidence in the future that the conservatism of English furniture is the best suited not only to our homes, but also to our nature. We appreciate the image of the family, warm home, distinguishing the old English interior in the heart of them – a large table lamp with round shade, an ancient chest. Especially that big brand furniture UK, redeeming his own name (and justifying the very nenizkie prices), very carefully relate to the quality of their products. Not for nothing is the British sofas with a rather ordinary, almost unchanged from one year to design remain immutable symbol of comfort and coziness.

Natural Stone And Finishing Materials

Natural finishing materials from ancient times to this day remain the most fashionable, high quality and practical, since it has been and is, that's why most of today prefer natural stone. It so for centuries the most beautiful and durable buildings and their facades are made of natural stone. Durable natural stone has excellent performance properties: resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, strong and durable. The most important thing to observe proper care of natural stone: the use of special high-quality care products for stone, timely elimination of any defects, and then it will be a long and worthy of a wide swath of the interior. As is known in modern frenzied pace of life most people give preference to such a quality as the utility and practicality of natural stone is undeniable.

Marble, granite, onyx, slate, mosaic, limestone, and many other natural stone tiles are available to us today to implement our architectural and design ideas. The distinctive features of natural granite stone is the strength and durability, as well as a variety of colors, textures and patterns of granite offer us many opportunities to use it. Also produced many beautiful, fashionable and durable products and granite, which will be an excellent purchase and decoration of the house. Has a broad aesthetic possibilities of natural stone smalt, which blends well with ceramic tile, and breadth of application depends on your taste, desires and opportunities. All products from smalt – are the products of arts and crafts, which are copyright, and therefore unique.

Very stylish in the interior looks natural stone, marble, from which it also produces a lot of beautiful products, marble countertops, window sills, columns, trim their fireplaces. Finish with natural stone marble interior is very refreshing and rich Color Picker allows you to create marble finishing materials and decorative items for every room and any taste. Another stone Onyx – a translucent carbonate rocks, calcite and aragonite, yet One good facing stone. Its multi-layer structure, unique designs and color combinations give a variety of shades of each layer. His palette may contain white, yellow and pink, chartreuse, brown and dark cherry strip. Onyx is widely used for decorative art and tiling. Natural strength, durability, wear resistance, resistance to temperature and humidity high aesthetic quality – all distinctive features of natural stone. Thanks to its numerous advantages of natural stone has a very wide range of applications. It miraculously combines beauty and functionality. This durable, wear-resistant, durable, resistant to temperature and humidity material. With good care of its quality are preserved for centuries. Even in ancient times stone is very widely used as architectural masterpieces were built specifically with the use of natural stone: marble, granite, were a favorite raw skilled craftsmen. When a beautiful natural stone was present, very few people affordable luxury, but today natural stone – it's all the same luxury, but accessible to everyone, everyone can make in your interior a stylish fresh notes due to a natural stone, or else create a design in the style of antique, make an antique touch to your design.

Cabinet Making

Manufacturing to customer's design: – a piece of furniture without loss of complexity, including copies of exclusive items – veneer fireplace with a decor of wood – interior parts with profiles of high complexity (baseboard, cornices, doors, elements of stairs, etc.). Restoration: – furniture of any complexity and style (including soft), antiques – antique clock (shells). Great experience. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonas Samuelson is the place to go. Individual approach. Ability to produce large: we produce both straight and curved, curvilinear elements. We are ready to design and create furniture, furnishings, accessories hand made.

You can order from us: living room furniture kitchen furniture cabinet, bedroom furniture, children's bedroom doors, trim, cornices, wall panels, staircases and other interior elements. In the products we use are hard and exotic woods, a huge variety of veneers, natural materials, non-toxic dyes for decorative furniture. As well as working with plastic, laminate, plexiglass, with natural and artificial stone and other materials. In the production of furniture most of the work performed manually. Production of case furniture. Fabrication of hull pieces of furniture made in our shop from an array of different types of wood and other materials.

Our equipment allows us to perform any work on making cabinets to order, both classical and contemporary forms. Elite furniture. Luxurious and exclusive furniture made to individual designs and sizes, which guarantees originality and an ideal introduction into the allotted space of the interior. In the design process of elite furniture, you can use variations of classic styles, with their verified forms and furniture can be almost an exact replica of really existing 'museum' furniture. Quality production of elite furniture with age becomes a matter of antiques, while significantly increasing in value. We specialize in the production of exclusive, elite furniture, solid wood made to order. For the production of luxury furniture used solid wood oak, walnut, cherry, wenge and other precious and exotic species with the possible addition of metal, gold, carvings, stained glass and decorative glass. Manufacture luxury furniture in every possible style decision and in the style of any interior. We can make exclusive furniture, together with the interior or build furniture in the finished interior of the Customer.

Clothes Hangers

For storing clothes hangers are needed, a small wardrobe, a mirror, a convenient lighting and a good covering of walls, which can be easily washed and cleaned of stains and dust. For these purposes, there were various finishing materials such as bayramiks, petramiks, wallpaper for painting, various wall panels, etc. Beautiful material texture, varied range of colors make the walls of the hall is not only beautiful but also practical. The restricted area makes use of wall accessories (rack, cabinet, cabinet) minimum dimensions. The easiest and most concise version of the construction hanger of two horizontal boards, bars, fortified directly on the wall.

The upper is used for placement of hooks, as if the lower boundary wall of the garment. Between them, left or right, the mirror is located, was cut entirely in this size, or made up of individual squares, which can be pasted on a consolidated basis or directly to the wall with glue or mastic for ceramic tiles. Complement the design of U-shaped frame, mounted on the bottom bracket-board under the mirror, and designed for outdoor umbrella stand – flat box or a stool, together with the frame. If necessary, instead of the frame can be installed a small shelf – the glove box or the phone. Strips and frame are made of boards or chipboard 20 mm thick and 150 mm: length of the main elements will depend on Exhaust hanger for the place, but the best option for the general proportions – 1500 mm. Suspension height of the upper bracket – about eye level, which is about 1600-1700 mm from the floor, distance between the bars – about 800 mm.

After Flowering

Flowers in a pineapple, tubular, pale, color change depends on the lighting, from pale blue to dark crimson. Flowering lasts from 7-8 to 10-15 days depending on variety and conditions growth. The smell of flowers gentle, not strong, with a typical pineapple flavor. Subsequently formed a complex fruit, harvested from the set of hexagons. As soon as the stem starts to grow, renew nitrogen feeding. After a while the fetus becomes an amber-yellow color with a typical pineapple aromas and flavors. From flowering to full ripening takes place from 4 to 7 months depending on the varietal characteristics.

Often crown prevents complete the widening of the stems, taking the full force of its development. There are usually offered at once to remove her point of growth. Beginners it is difficult to make because you can miss the point pinched. Better to wait until the end bloom. But virtually impossible to remove the growing point, because it is the plant one and originates from the root of the neck.

So the notion of 'deletion points of growth' conditional. Through pinched, there is growth inhibition of the crown. Trimming of the growing point should be repeated several times. We can add that value also depends on the whorls of varieties of pineapple. If you do not transplant the pineapple flowers every year. After Flowering transplanted child outlet. Soil mix for plants are made of sod, leaves, humus, sand and peat. Before pineapple reaches maturity, it should be twice transplanted: the first time – in three months after the removal of basal offspring, the second time – a year later. Remember the sharp bevel on the leaves of pineapple and all work is carried out with gloves on! Preparing for a new pot plants, take care of good drainage. When 'll sprinkle the roots with fresh soil, do not ram it too much. Before transplanting well pour the plant after transplanting for two days holding a pineapple in the background, giving him the opportunity to properly take root. Disease and pest spider mites is affected by dry air, mealybugs, schitovkami on leaves and stems appear brown patches, aphids, phylloxera. The plant can be helped by treatment with soap and water, warm and washing the spray aktellikom (1-2 ml per liter of water). It is important to know the leaves of pineapple drying soil: the room is too hot and the plant is not enough moisture. Water and spray it on a regular basis. Bring a pot of more than cool place. The pale color of leaves: a sign of lack of light. Put the pot closer to the window. The tops of the leaves become brown and dry up: most likely, not humid in the room. Mist plant and increase the humidity in the room. Grows slowly and does not bloom: the lack of probable cause necessarily Feed the power plant. Dry out, curl and droop lower leaves – a sign of disastrous drafts. Put the pot in a sheltered place. The plant is rotting at the base: probable cause waterlogging of the soil, and the room is too cold. Transfer the pineapple to a warmer and better ventilated room, a little dry ground. If the rot spreads above, the plant will die. Rosette leaves loose and falling to the side: the reason may be lack of light. Removed removed