Natural Stone And Finishing Materials

Natural finishing materials from ancient times to this day remain the most fashionable, high quality and practical, since it has been and is, that's why most of today prefer natural stone. It so for centuries the most beautiful and durable buildings and their facades are made of natural stone. Durable natural stone has excellent performance properties: resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, strong and durable. The most important thing to observe proper care of natural stone: the use of special high-quality care products for stone, timely elimination of any defects, and then it will be a long and worthy of a wide swath of the interior. As is known in modern frenzied pace of life most people give preference to such a quality as the utility and practicality of natural stone is undeniable.

Marble, granite, onyx, slate, mosaic, limestone, and many other natural stone tiles are available to us today to implement our architectural and design ideas. The distinctive features of natural granite stone is the strength and durability, as well as a variety of colors, textures and patterns of granite offer us many opportunities to use it. Also produced many beautiful, fashionable and durable products and granite, which will be an excellent purchase and decoration of the house. Has a broad aesthetic possibilities of natural stone smalt, which blends well with ceramic tile, and breadth of application depends on your taste, desires and opportunities. All products from smalt – are the products of arts and crafts, which are copyright, and therefore unique.

Very stylish in the interior looks natural stone, marble, from which it also produces a lot of beautiful products, marble countertops, window sills, columns, trim their fireplaces. Finish with natural stone marble interior is very refreshing and rich Color Picker allows you to create marble finishing materials and decorative items for every room and any taste. Another stone Onyx – a translucent carbonate rocks, calcite and aragonite, yet One good facing stone. Its multi-layer structure, unique designs and color combinations give a variety of shades of each layer. His palette may contain white, yellow and pink, chartreuse, brown and dark cherry strip. Onyx is widely used for decorative art and tiling. Natural strength, durability, wear resistance, resistance to temperature and humidity high aesthetic quality – all distinctive features of natural stone. Thanks to its numerous advantages of natural stone has a very wide range of applications. It miraculously combines beauty and functionality. This durable, wear-resistant, durable, resistant to temperature and humidity material. With good care of its quality are preserved for centuries. Even in ancient times stone is very widely used as architectural masterpieces were built specifically with the use of natural stone: marble, granite, were a favorite raw skilled craftsmen. When a beautiful natural stone was present, very few people affordable luxury, but today natural stone – it's all the same luxury, but accessible to everyone, everyone can make in your interior a stylish fresh notes due to a natural stone, or else create a design in the style of antique, make an antique touch to your design.