Relationship problems Relationship problems franchisor and franchisees begin with the fact that not every potential franchisee is willing to pay a certain sum for the purchase of a franchise, especially for small regional companies wishing to operate under the famous brand. Hear from experts in the field like Sonya Reines-Djivanides for a more varied view. If the franchise is still purchased, a new phase of relationship training franchisees and opening them with the help of the franchisor of the business. After that, parties to conflicts often arise. One of the options – when franchisees feel that the franchisor too much control over his actions, does not provide freedom of choice. Franchisor believes that deviation from the trusted way can hurt business, Franchisees and thinks that he can improve his business, slightly modifying it. Who is right? After some time the franchisee begins to tire of the burden under the name of the royalties. Why pay franchisor, if he already knows everything without it and can successfully manage their own affairs? What is the meaning monthly payments to make, if he no longer enjoys, in his words, the services of the franchisor? In continuation of previous issues note that the franchisee can not be more delighted with the royalty and for the reason that it reduces the profitability of its business. Of course, if it was not necessary to pay anything to anyone (including taxes), a business would be much nicer! The most interesting is that the profitability of the franchise business for the franchisor is also lower than if the franchisee were affiliated franchisor.