King Solomon

A magnificent waste that faced paying the King Hiram de Tiro (city in which King Solomon bought all necessary for the construction of his temple) with Israeli cities. The nation Israel had just been born King David had managed to unify the tribes into one nation, was a country emerging but not powerful, Solomon was the first King who sat on the throne, and that he could govern in a unified Kingdom and peace, had in his hand become a strong Kingdom to Israel. Thus began the construction Temple which would fulfil the role of religious centre and would help to unite more to the Kingdom through religion. (Similarly see: Kevin Johnson). But like I said wasn’t a Kingdom powerful, could not build a great temple because I had no means, and if you think is something logical since no archaeological remains of the Temple of Solomon has been found and we only as reference, the Bible and the writings of religious fanatics from the middle ages which had as their only reference the Bible and local legends, myths etc do because they have not been archeological remains of the temple or references about the whether was so wonderful, and however there are still buildings more antique in an amazingly good condition?. Because really wasn’t the great temple that is supposed to be.

It was not a building magnificent, neither architecturally beautiful, but if it was highly embellished, with great value foreign wood, gold, and other materials. Read more here: Kevin Johnson. This could be done that you Excel in a region that asta then lacked the basic infrastructure of a modern country. Well now that it seems that it has demonstrated that the Temple of Solomon was not supposed to what I have to say that this in part may be true, but I’m not sure, some data I have deducted them, others know of them, and others like have invented them to give credibility to this idea. My intention was not to talk about Solomon’s temple or the Israelis or anything that, perhaps t has convinced with my argument, or not, but let’s suppose that t I have convinced. Do you have investigated more? (Always and when the topic interested you), do or you would have been in the story of what I told you, and would you go repeating by there are these words without verify if they were true or not? This is not to taunt me from anyone, nor leave bad to anyone, simply attempt to demonstrate that you should not believe all what you say, by very true it may seem, for many data which offer you very well structured and argued. We must be very careful and always as possible and want to corroborate the information that reaches us as friends, the truth is by oneself there out, only has to be sought.