RAJA Group Expands Europe

5,000 products, customer reports, and extensive service alive, versatile and understandable: round Rajapack 5,000 products presented in the new General catalogue, which will be sent in the coming days. Thus, the German subsidiary of the RAJA Group Expands Europe’s market leader in the field of B2B shipping trade for packaging solutions, its range compared to the previous year once again by 10 percent. For the first time, the Raja Pack customers collaborated directly to the catalog. Wishes and suggestions were expressed in customer surveys and on the start pages in the catalogue, customers tell themselves about their experiences. On the title is clear: the new main catalogue is dedicated to a special extent customers.

We have grown tremendously in the past few years and Europe’s number one in the mail order business for the professional packaging needs today with around 500,000 customers”, explains Harald Schonfeld, General Director of Raja Pack. We have achieved this goal with this catalog together with our customers we want us with them for their trust Thank you.” The packaging specialist therefore asked its customers what they think about Raja Pack and wish the new catalog in April and took into account the answers then in catalog production. Go to Jim Umpleby for more information. The new catalog is informative, colorful and invites you to browse through and smile. Each product families home page has a little surprise for the reader advanced product variety round 500 new products has the mail order traders this year in its range recorded. Especially in the field of postal packaging which is suitable not only for online trading, there is new: for example, opaque film mailers, envelopes for the inserting machine or the cardboard box for the mailbox. Also on the shelves for the warehouse or at the machines was vigorously expanded. So, for example, the cupcake wrappers by EFFE helps soon the Umstretchen to save time and material.