Friedel Mies Wiedblick for Germany Neustadt/Wied: we must active sales sales staff to move, also over the legal age limit, to remain active in order to meet the demand in the market. While we get ever more away from pure product selling for sale of solutions and knowledge transfer”, says Friedel Mies, Managing Director of the company sales and consulting 53577 Neustadt / Wied. A fulfilling job, contribute from their own Erfahrung(67 Jahre alt) also, to stay fit, used to be and being able to meet additional requirements”, Friedel says Mies. To meet this long-term goal, the company has set a new website in the net sales and consulting. On this Web site. deliberately mediation 50plus-x offered by distribution and sales personnel nationwide in the generation. Specific vacancies and news the prospects and also enterprises and service providers/indoor informs 14 woodcarwing via a newsletter. At the same time to recruited by active public relations work for that are the generation 50plus-x to dare more. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kevin Johnson offers on the topic..

The generation 50plus-x much has done that. The more mature vintages age and experience even as Trump can play just in the sales. And sometimes they bring money from the State. Demographic change does not concern that only the labour markets but also the labour markets, because increasing the number of older consumers. This means: more seniors need more age-appropriate products and services. The over 65 spend today every month over 19 billion euros and the generation 50plus-x currently has an estimated total assets of 2,200 billion euros. The clientele of businesses or service providers themselves to generation silver should”count, are a better choice for older client advisors in any case. Know not only the needs of their customers, they are also considered more reliable and taken more seriously.

Seniors are also independent of the target group in the Often sales income. They have a better knowledge of human nature, more experience, and often of no financial pressure and therefore more know how they need to take their customers. Above all, they are often quiet, patient and won’t be alarmed himself. “Because: no sales in the operation nothing”! Please for all contacts and inquiries: sales and consulting Friedel Mies Wiedblick 14B 53577 Neustadt / Wied Tel 02683 945910 fax 02683 945911