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Chronology After an amazing array of five years duration in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) increased its value five times greater than in previous years, prices peaked at 381.17 on September 3 1929. Thereafter, the market fell sharply for a month, losing 17 of its value in the initial fall. Then during the following week, prices rebounded more than half of the losses, only to fall again soon after. Then the decline accelerated in what was called “Black Thursday”, 24 October 1929. That day were traded a record number of 12.9 million shares. From October 25 the accumulation of selling orders had driven down values, but on October 24 called Black Thursday, 13 million shares are offered for sale cheaply and not find a buyer, triggering the collapse of the bag . At 1 pmFriday 25 October, several major Wall Street bankers met to find a solution to the panic and chaos in the stock market negotiations. The meeting included Thomas W. Lamont, acting on behalf of JPMorgan Chase, Albert Wiggin of Chase National Bank representative, and Charles E. Mitchell, president of National City Bank. They chose Richard Whitney, vice president of the New York Stock Exchange, to act on their behalf. With the financial resources in support of bankers, Whitney placed a bid to buy a large block of shares in U.S. Steel at a price well above market. Then, before the astonished eyes of the negotiators, Whitnet bought a similar number of shares in another Blue chip. This tactic was similar to a tactic that ended the Panic of 1907 and succeeded in halting the slide that day. In this case, however, the respite was only temporary.During the weekend, the events were covered by newspapers across the U.S. (See the section AMERICA LaVanguardia published on 31/10/1929 – Heroteca of LaVanguardia). On Monday 28 October, more investors decided to exit the market and the slide continued with a record loss of 13 in the Dow that day. The next day, “Black Tuesday, 29 October 1929, were traded 16.4 million shares, a number that broke the record set seven days before and it would not be exceeded until 1969. Richard M. Salsman wrote that on October 29, amid rumors that U.S. President Herbert Hoover would not veto the Tariff Act Smoot-Hawley was pending, the stock prices collapsed further. William C. Durant joined with members of the Rockefeller family and other financial giants to buy large quantities of shares in order to show the public their confidence in the market, but their efforts failed in the attempt to arrest the fall.The Dow lost another 12 that day. The stock lost 14 billion in value that day, totaling 30 billion loss for the week, ten times the federal government’s annual budget and more than the U.S. spent in the First World War. 7 Another crash occurred on November 13 when the Dow closed at 198.6, although the market recovered in the months that point, reaching a peak of 294.0 in April 1930. In the spring of 1930 the Morgan Bank decides to sell the shares he has accumulated and there was another stock market crash. Contributions continue to decline. The stock market embarked on a steady slide in April 1931 that did not end until 1932 when the Dow closed at 41.22 on July 8, concluding in a deterioration of 89 decline from the peak. This was the lowest point at which he was the stock market since the nineteenth century.

Palm Pre Could Challenge iPhone

Las Vegas hosted one of th most important technology fairs in theworld around the same time that Palm introduced a new operating system (Palm WebOS)and a new terminal (Palm Pre), which Palm hopes will regain the cell phone market which now is lead by iPhone and Blackberry: the smartphone. There are lots of other cell phones in the market that are popular besides the iPhone.The delegate of the company explained: The important thing now is the synchronization between the device, the Network and its many applications and services (email, messaging, social networking, etc.).. Eggs operating system has been developed for anyone who knows programming in CCS, HTML or XML is able to develop applications for the terminals that incorporate it. Also lets you view the contact information: Outlook, Facebook or Google) or update from mobile and newdata is synchronized in the various applications. PAL PRE is a mobile device that connects to the Internet through IFIs and 3G, with a touch screen that hides a QWERTY keyboard (like that of a standard computer) to maximize its size. Palm is the company that invented the handheld computers and many do not bet the future of this company, but the blogosphere has given its opinion: if there is hope for Palm.


Vodafone creates a marketplace for software and applications for the Internet and mobile services with the goal of marketing to capitalize on a critical mass of millions Nokia of customers (289 million) plans throughout the world, and with the ease of making payments and micro payments cell phones through the billing system Vodafone. Vodafone also offered to business partners in the mobile business you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans and developers to develop services and mobile Internet candy bar phone applications and share LG revenue from commercialization. The company was founded in cellular phone plans Spain in 1996 by Perez Dolset family with the launch of the portal Lanetro, which aimed to provide leisure and entertainment content for interactive media on any device access to the Internet. In 2002, he decided to concentrate its efforts on the added value content for mobile. Two years later, in September 2004, acquired Lanetro Zed, a pioneer in the sector, slider phone the Nordic operator TeliaSonera and named Lanetro Zed Zed maintaining the brand for their products and services for mobile.
In July 2006, the company announced a stock cell phones market exit , all the plans include but eventually abandoned. In December, it reached an agreement with the wireless phones Governing Body of Monstermob, one of its competitors based in the United Kingdom, for the acquisition of the company which is now a subsidiary of cellular phones Zed. This strengthened the international presence of Zed in major Samsung markets such as Southeast Asia, China, Russia and the USA. That same year in Spain, it also carries out the acquisition of the company Alvento mobile marketing services. These HTC movements caused the company closed 2006 with an increase of 235 on the previous year on turnover with respect to .
In February 2007, the company launched the first platform that integrates community services based on Web 2.0 for Motorola the integration of PC and mobile. In early 2008 Zed Group established a joint venture with Grupo Planeta for the management of local free phones guides wireless providers On the other hand, carried out the acquisition of Netpeople expanding its presence in the Latin American market. In August 2008, Zed was merged with two cellular providers other companies founded by the brothers Perez Dolset, Pyro (the creator of games like Commandos) and Ilion (producer specializing in computer-animated feature films), to form with every plan a vertically integrated group .

Viva InterGrafx’s 3D

Viva InterGrafx’s 3D Animation v1.3.0, Ringtones and Screen Savers 3D animators mobile can be programmed to sound an alarm, screen saver, Upcoming SMS, video or Wallpaper Ringtone! To nine in 3-D multimedia solutions for mobile phone . InterGrafx Using independent company developed 3-D multimedia technology for mobile customers in the form of installation of phone, operation is simple and convenient, and supports a variety of platforms and a variety of 3-D applications, mobile can improve a lot in 3-D interactive entertainment experience.

Nokia 3220

The Nokia 3220 is a GSM mobile phone. Is an update of the Nokia 3200. Like the 3200, users cell phones can create their own back cover. Although features were removed as the infrared port and FM radio, add new ones as rhythmically flashing cellular phone plans lights (two on each side of the phone), writing on the air (Wave cellular providers messaging), voice dialing and a video recorder. By adding an optional cover when shaking cellular coverage the phone cellular phones back and forth quickly, it can be a text message in the middle of sunny air. An wireless providers FM radio can be added by cell phones using the port of phone accessories. The 3220 has a color display 16-bit (65,536 colors), Motorola which is an improvement over the 3200 display, cellular phones 12-bit Samsung (4096 colors). It has HTC also improved the camera, changing for a VGA with a resolution free phones of 640×480, which also offers the possibility to wireless phones record videos. D-Lib Magazine reports it is difficult to predict Verizon what the biggest challenge in the search will be 100 years from now.


The cell phone plan chooser, the only plan chooser of its kind, was invited cell phone plans to attend this event, which had the opportunity to learn in detail a a variety of cellular plans number plans of community newspaper experience developed by Hispanic immigrants in several cities in the United States. For over the next few days, we will be reviewing some of these initiatives. cellular providers The term radio frequency, also known as radio frequency or RF spectrum, is applied to the less offers all the service providers’ plans energetic portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, between approximately 3 Hz and 300 GHz electromagnetic waves in this region of the spectrum can be transmitted by applying alternating current derived from a generator to an antenna. Radiofrequency can be divided into the following cell phones plans spectrum bands:
From 1 GHz bands fall within the spectrum of the microwaves. Above 300 GHz the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by lots of plans Earth’s atmosphere is so high that the choose the best plan for you atmosphere becomes opaque to it, until, in the ranks of so-called infrared and optical frequency back again to be transparent.
Bands ELF, SLF, ULF and VLF share the spectrum of plans include AF (audio), which is between about 20 and 20,000 Hz. However, they are trying to pressure waves, like sound, you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans so moving at the speed best cellphone plans of sound over half material. While the radio waves, being electromagnetic waves, traveling at cell phone chooser the speed of light without a material medium. Electrical connectors designed to work with radio frequencies cellular phones are known as RF connectors. RF is also the name of the standard connector for audio / video, also known as BNC (Bayonet Connector).

Nokia & Branding Cell Phones

Can branding cell phones help Nokia sell more phones, “The Finnish mobile giant mobile advertising arm, Nokia Interactive, is cellular providers launching a program in the wireless phones U.S. in the second half of cellular coverage 2009 to offer advertisers the right to make slider phone his mobile phone with every plan for an undisclosed fee.
Stockholm – Finnish-based mobile phone giant Nokia plans to cheaper high-end models of smart phones to cash in on the growing global demand, a news report said Thursday. Ask for what can be cellular phones called mobile computers or smart phones is largely …
San Jose Mercury Motorola News
Nokia, the world’s largest manufacturer cellular phones of mobile phones, plans to incorporate radio frequency identification chips in its devices to track them come from a recycling.
Info Sync World
We have Samsung a lot of new Nokia phones candy bar phone recently, ranging from business plans and cellular phone plans multimedia smartphones and mid-range handsets.

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Satellite Phone

The hotel where I stayed in Peru does not have the frills, but no major problems. The bed was comfortable, the room is nice, now I changed rooms, but even smaller, the new should remain comfortable, the satellite TV rarely crashes, internet to function perfectly well and everything in general. The double glass window prevents the passage of noise, but there is air, there is light, there is air conditioning, heating, jacuzzi … Puch I’m better than at home! But I do not like to refer to that. As in any hotel, the staff are helpful. Iridium 9500 – Discontinued Model
A satellite phone is a mobile communication device like a cell phone. The main differences between these two lie in their size and that the first is connected directly through the satellite in orbit around the Earth.
A satellite phone has a size comparable to that of cellular devices of the 1990s, usually equipped with a folding antenna that must be extended before initiating the call can dial the number you want.
Teams are designed to communicate in remote areas where telecommunications infrastructure is limited or nonexistent. Examples include mountains, remote recreation areas, open sea, rest houses, etc.. In general, cover the communication needs of individuals or companies where traditional communications are not covered.
Satellite phones are usually delivered with a numbering system that includes a special country code. For example, Inmarsat satellite phones with codes from 870 to 874, while Iridium satellite phones with codes 8816 and 8817. Some systems include satellite phone with country code according to the Earth station use, such as Globalstar.
The tendency of manufacturers is to satisfy its customers by investing in the development versions of small, cheap and more services. There are therefore intended only for computers and telephones that support new generation services such as Short Message Service (SMS), Internet broadband and others.