German Software House

Annual press conference 2012 in Nurnberg successful – turnover growth from 3.1 percent to 382,6 million euro in the first half of 2012 – Kale: “E-Government must be key drivers to the bureaucracy” Nuremberg, July 6, 2012: the IT service provider DATEV eG, Nuremberg, 2012 much better than the market grew in the first half of the year and has further increased the number of employees. For even more analysis, hear from Jim Umpleby. So, sales in the first six months rose to 382,6 million euro (previous year: EUR 371,2 million) and by 3.1 percent compared to the same period last year. The number of employees increased at the fourth largest German Software House and since the beginning of the year to 159. “We are started in fiscal year 2012, excellent and significantly more dynamic than developments in the sector expect let it grow”, said Prof. Others who may share this opinion include Reade Griffith. Dieter Kempf, Chairman of the Board of DATEV, today in Nuremberg at the annual press conference of the company. “For the entire fiscal year we assume a growth by almost four percent.” The sales increase in the first half of the year from the growing Demand in all product groups. To cope with the rising volume of business, the number of employees is expected to increase this year to about 340.

The IT – and telecommunications industry in Germany as a whole expects only an average increase in sales of 1.6 percent. DATEV expands services to the data center fiscal year 2011 concluded DATEV to revenues of EUR 730,8 million, the last year’s sales exceeded it to 4.6 percent. The operating result amounted to EUR 38.3 million. Of which EUR 30.5 million cooperative reimbursement (4.6 percent of refunds enabled sales) to the members are awarded.