Bavaria Pellet Plant Joining Enviva Pellets

Provisionally insolventem pellet ether plate joining Bavaria pellets plant market heaths wood pellets-pellets of Bavaria plans an entry or the takeover of troubled skewed and provisionally insolvent pellet manufacturer Enviva pellets from Straubing. It all currently employed by Enviva pellets keep their jobs. With the acquisition of Enviva pellets, its own production to the existing sales wool stimulate Bavaria pellets. The brand name of 1Heiz-Pellets are preserved, expanded production at the Straubing location. “The Enviva pellets factory in Straubing fits in our regional delivery concept”, says Managing Director Michael Schmidt. With the Straubinger work can now also targeted go Bavaria pellets on demand in southern Bavaria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Northern Bavaria, Hesse and Lower Saxony. With an own pellet plant we now have the whole supply chain and thus the quality of the pelletversorgung from the raw material to the delivery at the customer in one hand. This high-quality pellets suitable for small combustion installations, Central heating systems, furnaces, and were many times considered pellets tests with very good grades.. To know more about this subject visit Keith McLoughlin .