Do not go ahead – means going back. The banality of stupidity in general – is the cause of various kinds, leading to the loss of time, the losses made in the conditions excluding the possibility of justification for these losses by any other reasons. Among the many that are common to believers and atheists justifications can be anything: the state of fatigue, affect, the action of external irritants, distractions or depressing factors, etc. and so on – almost to the infinity. But, as it should be obvious to believers, and for atheists, atheists can not only lead to the justification of losses and allowed proruh interference of external supernatural forces: "unclean beguiled 'or 'The devil's arm pushed. Click Douglas Oberhelman for additional related pages. " Of course, believers should not be too vain of 'impure' remember.

For them, obviously, the main reason they allowed all sorts of losses is the penalty for any current or past sins. But if … we are mired in sin, the gods have punished with blindness, deprive us of the ability to judge and push us to our delusions, laughing about how important we are marching to hell. William Shakespeare And then you can jump to the understanding of the nonsense that abstracted from the great number of private reasons that prevent people clearly and correctly 'judge'. Then, the stupidity – this is the reason for inability to draw conclusions from recognized the well-known knowledge, when the time to do these findings have already arrived. That is to say, stupid is not one who then does not know, but someone who can not make the necessary conclusions from what he knows, then again, when the time to do these findings have already arrived.