Western Europe

and the principle, since all alike. Everywhere father, mother, children, school, home, work, weddings, funeral. Everyone wants to kindness, love. Nobody wants children to be thieves, and the parents out there, drunks, or someone on someone jeered. But everyone is afraid of some foreign influence.

Because if it comes from Western Europe, today we not afraid, but in the Islamic world may be afraid that it will have some sort of anti-Islamic tone. Africans may still fear that this is due to all the same with some racial issues that they, like, not quite full. China is afraid that this is an attempt to prevent him dominate in the future due to its economy. But we need it here in this matter necessarily agree. And for that humanists need to negotiate.

Should be meetings not only finance ministers and ministers and education. Yet on this issue no one talks, everyone is talking only about the war or about the money. And here is a purely humanitarian issue remains in the shadows, and she – home: not to have grown new terrorists that have not grown new financial scams, and that all the people were properly educated and would apply to each other. I agree with you! M. Laitman: I think even more so. I think that all of today's crises based precisely on the fact that we do not take into account our general relationship. טבע helps to elucidate the arguments at hand. If we are in a global world in which all structures must be the law of nature are interconnected, in harmony, we have this harmony naturally break and are always in such a, you know, corrodes egoistic body, we practically can pose a cancer, eat up all of us.