Basil Volga

Those who managed to read my article "New Party Vasily Volga, surely, it became clear that Vasili Volga – is not only former political figure under the name of Lenin, but also representative of the strong political figures of the underworld by the name of Satan, who was the former Angel of Light Lucifer. It was Satan using the power of thought, now directs the actions of Vasili Volga, and by thoughts of Satan Vasili Volga so loves and aspires to power. Sam Vasili Volga, reading the article "New Party Vasili Volga, called it nonsense, although he admitted at the same time that the article is very interesting. We can not say that today Vasily Volga is the main key figure of Satan. But gradually, using those who give him money, he can become one.

Think of the history of the path of Lenin. As long as Lenin was not there money, few people would think that some rotten from the county town of Simbirsk, which is the Ul'yanov, could become such a significant political figure like Lenin, going for it the hard way through the deception and betrayal of others to power. It is not surprising and the fact that Vasili Volga today so zealously eager to Moscow, where are today's key figures of Satan, which he conceived should replace Vasili Volga, using for this purpose, the money of those who now so successfully financed V. Volga River in Ukraine. And those people who today make money Vasili Volga, whose names are fairly well known, but which for some reason I will not name, must be aware that due to their money and now the influence of Satan on the territory of Ukraine, Vasily Volga able to win the upcoming presidential election, can win in a situation where none of the politicians and ordinary people still perceive it as meaningful political figure. And even the mere thought Vasili Volga, from Satan today makes declare publicly that he will be the next president of Ukraine. Knowing the true owner Basil Volga, it is easy to understand and that can expect the people after coming to power of the next leader of the left: the dictatorship of the proletariat in the form of separate gangs who force all to comply with those rules that will dictate the post-Soviet Space Satan in the face of Basil the Volga.