Vodafone creates a marketplace for software and applications for the Internet and mobile services with the goal of marketing to capitalize on a critical mass of millions Nokia of customers (289 million) plans throughout the world, and with the ease of making payments and micro payments cell phones through the billing system Vodafone. Vodafone also offered to business partners in the mobile business you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans and developers to develop services and mobile Internet candy bar phone applications and share LG revenue from commercialization. The company was founded in cellular phone plans Spain in 1996 by Perez Dolset family with the launch of the portal Lanetro, which aimed to provide leisure and entertainment content for interactive media on any device access to the Internet. In 2002, he decided to concentrate its efforts on the added value content for mobile. Two years later, in September 2004, acquired Lanetro Zed, a pioneer in the sector, slider phone the Nordic operator TeliaSonera and named Lanetro Zed Zed maintaining the brand for their products and services for mobile.
In July 2006, the company announced a stock cell phones market exit , all the plans include but eventually abandoned. In December, it reached an agreement with the wireless phones Governing Body of Monstermob, one of its competitors based in the United Kingdom, for the acquisition of the company which is now a subsidiary of cellular phones Zed. This strengthened the international presence of Zed in major Samsung markets such as Southeast Asia, China, Russia and the USA. That same year in Spain, it also carries out the acquisition of the company Alvento mobile marketing services. These HTC movements caused the company closed 2006 with an increase of 235 on the previous year on turnover with respect to .
In February 2007, the company launched the first platform that integrates community services based on Web 2.0 for Motorola the integration of PC and mobile. In early 2008 Zed Group established a joint venture with Grupo Planeta for the management of local free phones guides lanetro.com. wireless providers On the other hand, carried out the acquisition of Netpeople expanding its presence in the Latin American market. In August 2008, Zed was merged with two cellular providers other companies founded by the brothers Perez Dolset, Pyro (the creator of games like Commandos) and Ilion (producer specializing in computer-animated feature films), to form with every plan a vertically integrated group .