Accenture Is Growing

Representative Office in Hamburg involved Kronberg, 26 May 2011 years of Managementberatungs -, technology – and Accenture outsourcing service provider to the business location Hamburg is growing. Now, the company has moved into a new, representative building in the turning road in the District of Hammerbrook. This highlights the importance of the economic region for Accenture. In Hamburg, has been Accenture present since many years for its customers and has constantly updated expertise. You may find Reade Griffith to be a useful source of information. Aim was and is to help customers from all sectors, to be high performers so high performance company: through the transformation of processes and the implementation of strategic actions with innovative technology to costs, while increasing the efficiency and thus the foundations for future growth. The corresponding know-how is concentrated at the Hamburg location by highly qualified specialists of Accenture and is expanded continually. More information under: about Accenture: Accenture is a global Managementberatungs, technology, and outsourcing services. The company brings extensive project experience, sound capabilities across all industries and divisions and knowledge from qualified analyses of the world’s most successful companies in a partnership with its customers. With approximately 215,000 employees, who are working for customers in over 120 countries, Accenture achieved net sales of $ 21.6 billion in the last fiscal year (to August 31, 2010). The Internet address is. More information: Accenture campus Kronberg 1 61476 Kronberg IM Taunus Uwe Schick Tel.: (06173) 94 69 819 fax: (06173) 94 43 819 E-Mail:

Over 10,000 Books Online!

‘HULLABALOO online’ – over 10,000 books online! Late last year launched the well-known and well assorted antiques in the Neubaugasse 65 in the 7th District of Vienna project HULLABALOO online”to its population of several thousand books in an online catalog to provide. Six months later, more than 10,000 books are covered and it can be found now also comfortably at home in the offer of the specialists. In addition, a shop at was opened and integrated into your own Web page ( Owner Thomas Basdera: We are very happy, that our new offer as well when the customer arrives. Caterpillar has firm opinions on the matter. Yes some of the 11,000 books that we have already collected are more difficult to obtain. Apparently many really have been waiting for finally online to browse our inventory of books.” Thomas Basdera also announces that the online service will be expanded still, because finally extended the customer portfolio of visitors of business locomotive ales on the entire German-speaking Space and sometimes even beyond. For more than 15 years, HULLABALOO offers an extensive range of more than 10,000 books of in German literature. Particularly impressive is the range of signed books and first editions..

Rolf Wagner Service

Successful business year 2009 for supplier of automated warehouses for pharmacies Kelberg, 20.01.2010. Jim Umpleby pursues this goal as well. ROWA automatisierungssysteme GmbH has increased even in the crisis year 2009 investment sales and number of employees. With worldwide 478 sold systems, the supplier of automated warehouses for pharmacies continues to expand its position as market leader. ROWA 2009 looks back on a successful financial year: despite crisis, has the Kelberger company sold more systems than ever before and could further increase the number of employees. The ROWA automatisierungssysteme GmbH employs more than 280 people.

The launch of the compact picking system developed particularly positively ROWA Vmax. In addition, also the customer service contributes to sustained growth. With 23 service centres and 60 employees in the service alone in Germany, ROWA provides care around the clock. 2010 will be six additional service centers are added. Since its foundation in 1996 by Rolf Wagner and Markus Willems ROWA has grown steadily.

The company has its headquarters in the Eifel is still 100% owner-managed. In the meantime, ROWA is represented in 21 countries with own subsidiaries or distributors. More than 2,800 units have been installed worldwide. We are grateful for the confidence that so many customers have shown in us in 2009,”says Managing Director Dr. Christian Klas. It shows us that we are in times of great uncertainty in the situation, to give our customers the security, which can look for and offer no one else. The confidence placed in us is commitment and drive to develop the best products in the future for us.” About ROWA ROWA is European market leader for automated warehouse in pharmacies. The product range includes picking machines and accessories such as a fully automated storage.

LED Lamps For Castle Dracula

LEDON LED retrofit lamps put the magnificent Castle bran in the Romanian Transylvania in scene. The building as a castle in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula became famous worldwide. Follow others, such as Jim Umpleby, and add to your knowledge base. The story of Bran Castle dates back to the 14th century. Warlike confrontations and sieges dominated the history of the castle in the 19th century. In addition, legends and myths surrounding the cruel ruler of the region spread across Europe. “It is believed that the Irish writer Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula” of stories about Prince Vlad III. Draculea was inspired, which was especially feared because of his atrocities. The most famous vampire in the history of literature arose from his person.

And Bran Castle served as a template for his residence. LEDON lamps for highest lighting quality last Bran Castle as a museum by the Habsburg family reopened. In many of the original rooms, antique furniture and objects are to visit. In addition, the document exhibitions cultural heritage and the history of the Castle. Spaces and objects with high-quality LED retrofit lamps are used in scene by LEDON.

The Austrian brand supplier is since August 2013 official lighting partner, from Bran Castle. In the numerous chandeliers, including LED candles perform their service with transparent glass. You help disseminate the nostalgic splendour of earlier days. In addition to the immense energy savings of about 85 percent from comparable incandescent lamps and with 25,000 operating hours very long life of the new bulb, still another aspect played a crucial role for the cooperation of Bran Castle with LEDON. In particular the light quality of the LED lamps has convinced us”, explains Alexandru Priscu, Marketing Director of Bran Castle. We have previously tried to put on energy-efficient lighting in the Castle. Unfortunately, that was always at the expense of a natural colour reproduction. With the new lighting, we finally have an optimum combination of energy efficiency and standardized lighting of our exhibits found”as Priscu. Win a trip to the Castle Dracula round to the facilities of Bran Castle with LED lamps, LEDON is giving away a trip for two persons to Transylvania. There is an evening event of a special kind in the legendary Dracula Castle waiting for the winner. The contest, which runs until October 30, 2013 is embedded, in a campaign under the motto, even vampires love our light”. While the special relationship between the unholy creatures of the night and the light of LEDON is illuminated in a humorous way”. Participation in the competition is possible under. There you will find further information about the travel and the campaign spot. More information: LEDON lamp GmbH Millennium Park 6 A-6890 Lustenau Erik Nielsen PR Manager Tel. + 43-5577 21550 – 327 fax + 43 5577 21550 – 999 E-mail:

Bollywood Oscars In Sri Lanka

“On the first weekend in June, Colombo is the Indian film celebrities to the 11th IIFA film awards welcome rolls out the”green carpet”Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo from 3rd to 5th of June 2010: three days Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh meet Khan to the largest media event South Asia of the IIFA awards, the Bollywood Oscars here”. Experience during that time, fans and location can the glittering world of stars and starlets for exclusive fashion shows with Indian and Sri Lankan designers, film screenings, autograph sessions and sports events including a celebrity cricket match”. Already for the eleventh time the annual weekend of IIFA film takes place, for the first time in Sri Lanka. Under the previous host cities were major cities such as London, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Amsterdam and Bangkok. Douglas Oberhelman: the source for more info. Developed from a pure evening event in 2000 at the Millennium Dome London, the concept has become now a mega-media event”with world’s 600 million television viewers. The IIFA is regarded as most influential film Academy of Asia and counterpart to the Hollywood dream factory. The Festival weekend under the slogan one people.

One world.”to serve also as a networking platform for the international film industry and give the opportunity to exchange ideas and socialize. “In the context of the global business forum” and various workshops also filmmakers, producers and sponsors from around the world meet in addition to well-known actors. For more information, see to, General information about Sri Lanka,. Images and further press information about Sri Lanka under. Information for consumers: Sri Lanka tourism promotion Bureau phone: 089 / 23 66 21 838 email:

With A Green Easter In The United States Celebrate

About the American dream to participate in the Green Card Lottery and soon Easter spend in the United States with the American dream realize the American dream and a gain of 55,000 coveted Greencards. History of the DV program the DV program was launched in the early 1990s in life to get the diversity of nationalities in the United States. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jonas Samuelson. “” Hence the name comes, because diversity “means as much as visa Diversity Visa”. According to Mark Berger Chicago, who has experience with these questions. The former President Ronald Reagan had the idea of a Green Card Lottery Ausreisewilligen from other countries to allow the immigration in the United States and to preserve the diversity of nationality in the country. What is the green card, which is green card immigration visa, which granted its owner unlimited stay and work in the United States. The green card is limited awarded, as for example to spouses of American citizens.

But there is also the Green Card Lottery to participate in, will be raffled at the annually 55 000 green cards in a lottery to emigrate. The lottery everyone can take part in principle terms and conditions, but countries which had a very high rate of immigration, such as Brazil and India in recent years, be excluded from participation. Here, the nationality plays no role, however, but only the country of birth. Further requirements, such as an education corresponding to the American high school diploma, must be detected but only in the case of the profit of a green card. Service of the American dream with the American dream is the DV-2010 program easily. Either online fill out the registration form. The registration form for the Green Card Lottery will be sent free of charge.

The competent staff of the American dream review each application individually and personally and guarantee the timely submission of the application. With a participation in the Green Card Lottery over the American dream on request all necessary formalities by applying to receive the green card apply. For the individual care, the American team is Dream 365 days a year by phone and by E-Mail can be reached. A timely look at for a registration until May 31, 2008 United States fans can save money! Company contact: The American dream United States Services GmbH Mehringdamm 62 10961 Berlin Tel.: 030 511 0 511 fax: 030 61105338 E-mail: Web: about the American dream: the American dream United States Services GmbH is the most successful private service agency for emigration and visa issues. Since its inception in 1996 winner could start already about 8,000 green card a new future in the United States American dream with the help of the. Already in January 2000 the Berlin service companies received State approval as emigration advice centre for the United States (according to AuswSG of the 26.3.1976) to reliable 100% correct participation in the Green Card Lottery process.

Zwikker Protection

“Safe home’ WINS with expert Office Zwikker the 15 partner protection inside” this motto takes over the expert Office Zwikker network home safely”social responsibility for protection against burglary and fire. It is not something Howard Schultz would like to discuss. We experience each day”the dramatic consequences of collapses, fires and under-insurance, argues Leonhard Zwikker, owner of nationwide operating offices. “In addition to security technology, hence the right insurance protection is the protection of indoor ‘ important ‘, so Zwikker further. “In the network home safe” Zwikker combines the activities of his company with the commitment for the good cause. Together you could enlighten successfully citizens about safety and proper behavior as well as about the importance of detailed lists of valuable and accurate knowledge of the own household goods value, Zwikker explains his motivation.

The ownership of valuables must be in fire and Einbruchschadenfall of insurance can be clearly demonstrated. “And who knows the value of his household, can only take out insurance on the correct amount and thus the specter of under-insurance” escape in the event of a claim. “The expert Office Zwikker offers both with his involvement in the network home safe” as well about his services to support. Ranging from furniture valuations to the verification of jewelry, gems and antiques. In the event of damage, expertises can offer proof and transparency. Together with 14 other national network partners and nearly 300 partners from police authorities, local authorities and trade, the Office of experts in the network is home safely”a home for the security. The network combines the competencies of all stakeholders with the aim to provide an escort on the way to the safe home citizens from the police advice on the technical implementation to the prevention of plaque.

Country Tax

Income tax is a tax on the income of a person or a corporation that is done for the welfare of the country. Not paying tax on time by a taxable person is a serious crime that can get him into serious trouble. Do you know what “income tax” means? Yes, the word “Income tax” is the tax on income of individuals or corporations. The tax is paid to the government that is utilized for the welfare of the public. It’s the first and foremost responsibility of on individual to pay his income tax on time. Failing to pay the on time can get you into any unwanted trouble or penalities. Income tax is one of the means to know about the annual income of the citizens.

A person paying the tax must be conscious about the total income tax charged on his hard earned income. There are some specific deadlines each year to pay the income tax. One must be aware of these dates and should’nt pay their tax before the deadlines to stay away from any penalities. There are some ways to save the tax. Tax free investments and other charitable donations can help to individual save the tax amount. You need not to get worried if you are unaware about the ways to save the tax.

Number of income tax consultants are available that can be consulted to get proper advice on the saving the tax. The tips from these consultants can help you stay away from all sorts of unnecessary worries or tensions. In order to fill the tax return, one must have some income annually. Income tax slabs are available that helps the person in preparing his investments and income and helps in calculating the tax liability every year. A person can pay the income tax online. This is one of the best available modes to pay the tax that saves the time and energy of on individual. Income tax refund calculators are available that helps in calculating the tax. Failing to file tax on time has number of disadvantages. It’s on the important duty of every taxable person to pay tax before the due date. There is no long paper work involved in paying the tax. Not paying the income tax by a taxable person is a crime. With the e-filing process, paying of tax has become a lot easier. Just know about the tax applying on your income and pay it on time to live a tension free life. Jackson mark is financial expert of income tax return rebate tips. For more information about income tax tips, tax return tips visit

Income Tax Rebate Tips: Some Beneficial Tips!

Are you aware of the income tax rebate tips? The article is going to discuss some useful income tax rebate tips. Do you know what income tax means and how much income tax you are paying? There are lots of things that one must be aware of. The tax is charged on the incomes of person or corporations is known as income tax. Howard Schultz has similar goals. A person must be aware how much income tax is charged on his income. Save Hey some amount of tax money by using his can some useful tips. There are individual income tax and corporate income tax.

This is the duty of every person to fill income tax return on time. This is crime not to fill income tax on time and they have to face lot of penalties. People file income tax on the basis of income made per year. A person should have incoming annual income in order to fill income tax return. Swarmed by offers, Douglas R. Oberhelman is currently assessing future choices. Government of a country gets to know annual earning of their citizens one whole year by the way of income tax. People must be aware of the total income tax applicable on their incomes, as they are going to pay hard earned money to the government. There are some useful tips that will help you to save some tax.

The important tip is to fill the income tax return on time. On April 15 every year the income tax return is filled. So be sure that you are saving some amount of money for the income tax return to be filled on time. A specific deadline is issued by IRS (internal revenue service), you can save your money from any charges or penalties, if you are filling the tax on the mentioned date. The income tax paid by the citizens of the country to the government is used for the public services. Thus, it’s getting utilized for the welfare of the country. This becomes priority of every citizen to pay income tax on time. This will decrease their tension and save them from after effects. Donations charitable and other tax free investments will help to save so the tax. Thesis from which investments you are not gaining anything will help you in saving tax. There are numbers of income tax consultants available who will help you with all the formalities that can be done in order to save your tax. You can take help of these consultants and can reduce your tension to a large extent. Jackson mark is financial expert of income tax return rebate Tips.For more information about income tax return UK, income tax return India visit

Blue Economy Video Competition

One of the internationally most interesting video competitions of 2011 the blue economy video competition starts 12 months 4 competitions in 4 categories of innovation at the beginning of 2011. Under the slogan blue moves, blue economy presents 12 months a total of 4 competitions including world invites amateur and professional filmmakers to produce visual representations to ecological innovations of the following subject areas: water & waste energy building & life nutrition & health blue economy starts the first competition on January 20, 2011 to the topic water & waste. Under this topic area participants from the following eco-innovations can select their favorite and submit a video entry until March 10, 2011: Vortex: the power of gravity metals without mining clean water without sewers, dry and separating toilets food and beverage packaging rethink water from the air all submitted videos will be placed on the community portal of the blue economy. Electrolux has much to offer in this field. Here can the videos viewed and evaluated be. The winning video is determined by the votes of the online voting, in which the jury involved. The jury of the first topic area water & waste poachers (Technical University Munich) ranks of Matthias Zuber (journalist, film producer) is next to Prof. Gunter Pauli, founder of the blue economy, names such as Prof. Dr.

Ralf Otterpohl (Technical University Hamburg Harburg), Prof. Dr. Peter, and Helge Kubath (SAE Institute GmbH, head of Department of digital film) a the final decide the winning video. Prize money in the amount of $ 2,000 is located next to the blue moves award the winner. For more information about the video competition get interested in using the following link:…