The Economic

Ridicule attitude of being able public in unnecessary investments in programs that benefit a minority is our bigger obstacle. subject in question is to cultivate what we have. In regions they are cut by federal highways, they are sadly poor in fauna and flora. The grass and the plantations of eucalipto have substituted to the native vegetation ace edges of the highways. Natural treasures that significantly present inigualvel value need to be preserved. According to Caterpillar, who has experience with these questions. An example of these is project TAMAR, that works pra the preservation of the sea turtle, where processes as monitoramentos is applied for control of the animal.

Inventories are considerably important for beginning of a serious and conscientious work. To be studied area, the amount of found species, is of great utility when it is thought about recouping degraded natural resources. The natural resources that make look like to be insignificant possess a malleable value for our survival and of the planet. Others who may share this opinion include Kevin Johnson. Therefore, it deserves all our attention with the objective to conserve for future generations. The ecological factors, not less important that excessively, also they are in focus here. A time that the involved ecological systems in the question, aquatic as in such a way terrestrial, depend on this precious resource, the cabveis measured conservacionistas on the part of the biologists and with the aid of the society, must treat this real future risk precociously. The economic consequences are considerable here also. In the region where the economy is based on fishes the extinguishing of some species of fish would generate a lack in the local market, becoming necessary the importation of the product of other cities, what it would increase the price of the same, and probably the demand would be lesser.

Southern Cross

For example, a model that comes being widely used adopts the hidrogrfica basin as administrative unit in contrast to being adopted units of character politician as the State, City, etc. In Brazil, the specific law for the Management of Waters is law 9,433 of 8 of January of 1997 that it instituted Politics and the National System of Hdricos Resources. Some legal instruments exist that detail and discipline the activities of the sector. These legal instruments are proceeding from a management model of waters guided by types of use what it frequently establishes conflicts, superposition and the disarticulation of the legislation, demanding, therefore, perfectionings. Additional information at Caterpillar supports this article. The previous definitions of management and management of waters consider a differentiation between the same ones even so, frequently, these words are taken as synonymous. In this text the management is considered of ample form, sheltering all the activities, including the management. This is considered an activity of government.

System of Management of Waters: set of organisms, agencies and governmental and private installations, established with the objective to execute the Politics of Waters through the Model of Management of Waters adopted and having for instrument the Planning of the Use, Control and Protection of Waters. Details can be found by clicking Howard Schultz or emailing the administrator. Diverse public exist federal, state and municipal, and private entities with attributions in the management. This organizacional and legal structure forms a confused administration, disarticulated, organized for uses, that the multiple and integrated use of the hdricos resources makes it difficult, demanding improvements. In summary, a Management of Waters efficient must be constituted by one Politics, that establishes the general lines of direction, a Model of Management, that the legal and institucional organization establishes and a System of Management, that congregates the instruments for the preparation and execution of the Planning of the Use, Control and Protection of Waters. Ours lcus of research is Southern Cross that is as the bigger city of the State of the Acre, with an area of almost 8 a thousand Km2; it is limited the North with the State of Amazon, to the South with the Acre city of Valter Port, to the East with the Acre city Tarauac and the West with the cities: Mncio Rasp, Rodrigues Alves and also the Peru.Conhecida as Land of the Nuas, due to aboriginal tribe the Nuas that inhabited this region.

Societal Marketing

The first responsibility of the marketing stops with the society is fazercom that the life, the freedom and the general happiness advance through the creation demercados, innovations of products and innovations of commerce that increase aeficincia and effectiveness of the economic process. (CZINCOTA et al, 2001, P. 50) the identification of the forces and 0 variable that act on osambientes of marketing is, therefore, vital for the empotencial verification of trends and the adequacy of determined changes for it oportunidadese/ou threats, that can be diagnosised in the competitive environment, provendoas companies with a series of possibilities so that they are successful, acting with responsibility. 2.2Marketing Institucional x Societal Marketing is not newness to say that the market, today, is each maiscompetitivo and saturated time of information, products and services that, the all omomento, if they unfold by means of marketing strategies, to call aateno the consumer. That is, according to Kotler (2000), the result of technological grandesavanos, the globalization and the deregulation of the new markets, quetm servant behaviors and challenges for the professionals of the area. Ahead of this, the organizations come being convoked if to adjust ahead destesdesafios, presenting itself for the society not only to promote the company esua mark, but, mainly, to show to its enrollment current dasquestes ahead, by means of the marketing institucional.

Institucional marketing involves attempts of influenciaroutras people to accept the objectives of an organization, to receive its serviosou to contribute of some form for it. (…) The Institucional Marketing incluiorganizaes of mutual aid (churches, unions and political parties), rendering organizations of services (emuseus colleges and universities, hospitals) and governmental institutions (military services, departments depolcia and of fire and the post offices). (BOONE & KURTZ, 1995, P. 17) This orientation was possible with the sprouting of the MarketingSocietal, that ampler than the Institucional Marketing, questions, to segundoKotler (2000) if the marketing orientation is adjusted to a time ambient dedeteriorao, where is clear the scarcity of resources and in all the mundoos social services they are neglected.

New Border

The predominant winds leave of Asia for the more cold and dry oceans Indian, being a period of long estiagem in India. That is, it is a climatic regimen of extremities. To the measure that if understood the monsoons better, its definition was extending of form to include almost all the phenomena associates with the verified annual meteorological cycle in the tropical and subtropical territories of the continents of Asia, Australia and Africa together with its adjacent seas and oceans. In these regions the sazonais climatic changes of the Land occur more dramatical. In ampler direction, in the geologic past, monnicos systems have folloied always the formation of supercontinents, as the Pangea, with its extreme continental climates.

III.Consideraes final: This work has as objective, not only a pertaining to school presentation, but also of information and awareness of our society. Perhaps if the human being of this more attention to its planet, we were in better conditions to live. Perhaps knowing a little on our environment more, let us have better conditions to take care of it, to know that it is necessary to have an important paper in the preservation of the Land. We must have the conscience of that the world that we make today will be the world of our children and grandsons. It is therefore that the climate makes, intensely, part of our life, because we must take care of of it pra to continue having it as ally, and not against us. We do not have to look for to know small information, as average temperature and one determined region, but yes how this temperature goes to influence the life, the culture, the society as a whole, of the population that is submitted to these climatic conditions; in the same way with which the Asian has that to know ‘ ‘ seus’ ‘ earthquakes, and the Caribbean ‘ ‘ seus’ ‘ hurricanes.

Soon, we must have the conscience of that to know our climate is to know in the same ones!


What it happens with the center of So Paulo? Why and so ' ' podre' ' its air and its ways? The reply for this I obtained to personally evidence when passing some days followed for it, and a cultural question where the people if accustomed to maltreat and to make dirty its city. Normal to see vandals stopping to make its physiological necessities in public monuments and also and very common to see thousand of people playing garbage through the window of its automachine vehicles. When they pass for a tarred place they think or they say ' ' these delinquents had to be imprisoned or to apanhar muito' ' , more they forget that they make dirty ways every day you publish playing papers of bullets, bitucas cigarettes, among others things more, and nor therefore pensam' ' these delinquents had to be imprisoned or to apanhar muito' '. To a thought empreguinado in the mind of the people ' ' ah only a bullet paper that badly this makes? this not and nada.' ' more now I ask, ' if everybody to think thus where go to stop as much dirt? ' The reply for this clear question and in the reporters it goes for the culverts causing overflow and destruction of thousand of homes. But people generally alone find a culprit for so great tragedy ' ' Deus' ' always the same thing ' ' my God what I made to deserve this? ' ' , and if they forget you vary them times that had left to play the garbage in the correct place, if forget its attitudes for thinking that nothing it has a consequencia. More in the nature everything has a reaction, and the man not yet learned that who more suffers with this type of behavior and he himself therefore, the quality of life in the great metropolises to each worse day and. If he cannot charge of the government that cleans the rivers and takes care of of an environment if nois we do not make nor the basic one that it is to play the garbage in the garbage.

If it cannot ask for public places of leisure if nois we do not take care of of what already we have. It does not have as to charge without making our part, if each one to think that everything can would be better. I try to make my part and vc? abraos. Taken off photo of the site, the article ' ' streets of So Paulo are covered of garbage during the turn cultural' ' Removed photo of the site;

BOFF Economic

The debates had based if on the question of the population control and the necessity of reduction of the economic growth generating pleas on the part of the developing countries that understood the proposal as a movement of magnifying of the international subordination of the underdeveloped countries to the developed countries. The developing countries if had located in contraposition of the neomalthusiana position, alleging the right to the growth for all the countries. Having Brazil as main leader, these countries resisted the recognition of the problematic importance of the ambient one considering the misery the main source of pollution. The main argument if based on the poverty as main cause of the ambient problems, in special the pollution, and that with the economic growth these problems would only be solved.

This meant the reproduction, on the part of the countries ‘ ‘ less desenvolvidos’ ‘ , of the paradigms associates to the quality of life based on the social consumption, wastefulnesses, injustices and ambient degradation of the countries ‘ ‘ desenvolvidos’ ‘. In the decade of 80 the development concept was reformulated and the ONU (Organization of United Nations) organized a commission that presented the Brundtland Report, in which was introduced the concept of sustainable development that has for base the economic development with social equity and ambient balance. However, the countries had not established in its public politics, lines of direction based on the balance ambient and social considered for the Brundtland Report, that according to BOFF (2004, pg.104), is contradictory, therefore, ‘ ‘ no matter how hard eptetos to this development, auto supported and autgeno add, it never it leaves its economic matrix of increase of the productivity, accumulation and innovation tecnolgica’ ‘. In this same perspective Rodrigues displays: The exhaustion of resources is if giving accurately because in some places the production model, that seems infinite, gave ‘ ‘ certo’ ‘.

Brundtland Report

The social inaquality that if intensifies with the neoliberal globalization and has as expression the social exclusion? lack of material resources and feeling of not-belonging to the fabric social? it can lead to the return of a situation where the relations of direct interchange with the nature (extrativismo, hunting, fish) in forced way predominate (process of exclusion social) and disqualified (families without the knowledge necessary to survive to leave of the natural resources). This explicit situation well one another dimension of the relation between inaquality social exclusion and ambient degradation. The dialogue between preservacionistas naturalistic ambientalistas/? what do not take in consideration the dimensions social, politics, cultural, economic? ‘ ‘ excludos’ ‘ , one becomes impossible in the measure where those disrespect the strategies of survival that starts to guide the actions of situated families below of the line of the poverty. (ACSELRAD 2001). 2,2 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Front to this picture of social and ambient crisis of planetary dimension, verifies it formularization of different proposals of ambiently sustainable models of development (‘ ‘ development sustentvel’ ‘).

However, we must be intent to the existing conceptions on sustainable development, therefore these are anchored in different theoretical matrices that inform the intention to accomplish distinct projects politicians, according to interests in confrontation, that if they reflect in educational the practical boardings if. A first conception of sustainable development originates in the interior of the desenvolvimentista speech and has been defended for the empresariado State and. It was proclaimed by the Brundtland Report (1987), produced for the World-wide Commission on Environment and Development of the ONU: sustainable development is that one that ‘ ‘ it takes care of to the necessities of the gift without compromising the possibility of proper the future generations to take care of to its necessidades’ ‘ (ACSELRAD; LEROY, 1999), that is, that one that guarantees a economic growth vigorous e, at the same time, social and ambiently sustainable.

Federal Territory Development

Therefore, in the context of the development where today Macap meets, it is urgent, the formularization and implantation of Public Politics and Models of Ambient Management, that direct and implement the development of this region from the social, ambient and economic potencializao of its resources, having as action line the Sustainable Urban Development, Conscientious Consumo and the Conservation of the Environment, dinamizando and fortifying in positive way the socioambientais relations that characterize the urban spaces. .