Cortez Resume

It questioned the relations of being able and the forms of knowledge for which the European position if keeps privileged. A concern with the cultural forms exists that are in the center of the consumption society that they define new ideas of cultural imperialism, keeping always the hegemony of the colonizadoras cultures. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES In the first teorizaes on the resume, this had paper purely bureaucratic and mechanical, with related questions the procedures, techniques, methods and evaluation, comparing the school with a company. Making an analysis of the reality of our schools, we perceive that many professionals possess this vision of resume and that, in its practical, they do not obtain to perceive its social paper and politician. Electrolux recognizes the significance of this. The critical and after-critical theories had appeared to rethink this paper, that if says neutral, in the traditional resume, and to question the pure transmission of knowledge elaborated for one determined group. The critical theories, in turn, had attacked the empirical perspectives on the traditional resume.

The bases of the critical theory are sociological, philosophical and antropolgicos studies, being the ideas of the sufficiently marcantes Marx. From these ideas, the resume started to be a space of being able, a way by which is reproduced and kept a dominant ideology, also being able to be an autonomy and release, construction space. After the study of the theories, we could know, of more complex form, its essence, the relations of being able it involves that them, the matrix politics, economic, cultural and racial that is for backwards of the construction of a resume, which, in a less intent vision, finishes passing unobserved. Questions exist that permeiam the resume and that they must be analyzed with much attention, therefore determine practical ours, making with that, without terms conscience, let us reproduce the interests of the ruling classes. The understanding of the theories on resume if makes important to understand history and the interests that involve the construction of the same ones, for perceives with looking at critical more our resumes, what they bring and make and where they need to move.

Sciences Formation

As example, it is possible to cite some Inter-relations of Astronomy with: geography, in its category space; history, in which if it can approach Mythology, the line of time with the great scientists of the humanity and the evolution of the world models; the Mathematics, considering the dimensions and the scales of largenesses, among others. The interactions you discipline between them and the adopted approaches are something to be defined by the teaching team of each pertaining to school unit. It is verified that in Basic Ensino II and Average Ensino it has a bigger difficulty in the work to interdisciplinar, due to the number biggest of professors. However, the reformularization of the resume in Average Ensino in areas of the knowledge is considered important, with the professors of the great area Sciences of the Nature treating one same subject to integrated way, under the optics of different disciplines that they are complemented. Read additional details here: Marc Lautenbach. As mentioned, it has some courses of formation of professors who involve Astronomy. In this work, the question of the preparation of the professors to approach this disciplines will be examined only in the scope of the course of Pedagogia, emphasizing itself it importance of Astronomy in Infantile Education and Basic I. Click Howard Schultz to learn more.

Formation of the Pedagogo the Pedagogia can be understood while Science theoretician-practical of the Education, that, at the same time where it investigates the teaching formation, problematiza it in the prxis educative. One of the objectives of the Pedagogia is to contribute, by means of knowledge specialized relative to the field of the Education, for the change and the construction of a society where the man has freedom to become fullfilled itself. In fact, to face the challenges that the profession considers, in the formation of the professor one becomes primordial to dominate the methods to approach the contents (Didactic). However, the appropriation of the content on the part of the professor also is basic.

Fujitsu Hard

If you like the price and storage capacity of one firm can properly serve more than 3.5 years, and another – with high probability will fail within the first 1.5 years. To deepen your understanding Andreessen Horowitz is the source. And if your home computer is not as painful – a maximum of "burn" Archive photos from last year's tours, the dead drive corporate server paralyzes the entire company and "give" of the problem for several months. Even if the firm is protected by a backup data, it's like buying a short-lived hard drives, it will incur losses due to their frequent replacement and downtime for repairs. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz. In the laboratory, recovery sought to determine whose hard drives usually last longer only. The measure of life most of the hard disks produced six vendors: Fujitsu / Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital.

To determine who makes the most reliable devices, we have analyzed the statistics of the proceeds of the failed drives. It was considered more than 4,000 devices from personal computers (3,5 ') to the laptop (2.5 "). Data analysis was compared with market shares of companies. Obviously, the more certain hard drives stamps have been sold, the greater the percentage of failed. Popular models come into the lab data recovery more often than not.

And the only significant difference in income and market share may indicate relatively high or low reliability. It turned out that the two sets of data correlate only partially. The main difference – the percentage of failed devaysov the market leader Seagate is almost 2 times its share: 56.1% vs 31%. Can make an amendment to the Russian specifics: on its own data Seagate, its share in the domestic market – more than 40%. But fundamentally, this situation does not change the fact: the percentage of the proceeds of "dead" drive is much higher market share. It indicates a lower reliability of Seagate hard drives compared to other manufacturers. All other suppliers share earnings below the market share, and a Western Digital and Hitachi difference of almost 11%. Thus, these devices companies are more highly available. The second important factor – the average age at the time of hard drive failure. He, again, varies depending on the manufacturer's drives, and often depends on "Good" model. During the design phase to determine the durability of the hard drive is difficult. Having developed the device, the company can hold only laboratory tests: the temperature, pressure, vibration, etc. But this study, as usually does not show all defects in design. The real test of endurance is still time. Flaws are becoming apparent for a year and a half. If most of the hard drive manufacturer's survived this threshold, products can be considered reliable. Continuation of the article read here: Reliability of HDDs

Traditional Theory

Come back toward the rationalization of the process of construction, development and testagem of resumes, this concern left, mainly, of the people who were on to the administration of the education. The resume concept as a necessary object specification, procedures and methods for attainment of results that can be measured started to be accepted for the majority of the schools, pertaining to school professors, students and administrators. However, as this question presents great importance in the educational process, it passed to be seen as a professional field of study and research, making with that other theories appeared to question the resume and to try to explain it. Starbucks has much to offer in this field. Taking in consideration the displayed one, we perceive the resume as important integrant part of day-by-day of the school that will exert direct influence in the citizens that are pertaining to school society and party to suit in general, determining the vision of world not only of this society, but also of our attitudes and decisions in this way. 2 THEORIES ON the RESUME Some theories on the resume are presented as scientific and objective theories traditional, that intend to be neutral, while others, called critical and after-critical theories, argue that no theory is neutral, scientific or disinterested, but that it implies relations of being able and it demonstrates the concern with the connections between knowing, identity and power. 2,1 TRADITIONAL THEORY the traditional theory search to be neutral, having as main focus to identify the objectives of the escolarizada education, to form the specialized worker or to provide a general, academic education, to the population..

European Universities

Of course, foreign students, choosing the country for training, also pay attention to ease student visa (since no one do not want to be refused). Slovakia in this area has a huge advantage over other European countries – it is not sated by foreigners, so the authorities do not prevent their influx into the country. Issue a visa in majority is purely technical and not particularly difficult, since it reduces to the competent preparation of documents in accordance with the requirements of the embassy. – How is the system of higher education in Slovakia? In Slovakia, there are only 25 institutions of higher education: including 15 public and 10 private universities. For foreign citizens study in public universities are paid. In Slovakia, there are a number of universities, which are famous for its long-standing history, for example, the University of Kamensky. Bratislava School of Law, is one of the private universities in Slovakia.

Note – despite the fact that training in bvshp paid, we are taught mostly students, Slovaks, Although many public universities there are shortage of students in the professions, which are also represented in our university. It also suggests that the education that our students receive is more appealing than free public education. This may explain the higher material and technical base of the institution itself, and comfortable learning and living. – How much does it cost to study in universities Slovakia? Tuition fees in Slovakia is largely dependent on the institution, its location and many other indicators. .

Partial Reports

When we ask to which ' ' the topics that are boarded in the autoone; ' , 25% of the interviewed ones (pupil) said that the evaluation of the pupils occurs only, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation of the series, 25% (managing) placed that the evaluation of the staff exists administrative technician, 25% (teacher) said that it has the evaluation of the faculty, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation you discipline of them and 75% (pupil, director, professor) had been unanimous in saying that has the evaluation of the pertaining to school management. However, with regard to this item of the interview, the interviewed father placed that ' ' if he happens the auto-evaluation, this is internal, only with professors and direction. When the parents participate say themselves of each specific pupil, not of the one general panorama of this institucional evaluation, as a reflection to the act of avaliar' '. Thus, but a time is possible to make mention to the previous paragraph, where already it was placed of the importance of the participation of all the segments of the school, including the parents, in the processes of institucional evaluation. In the sequence, when &#039 was asked if; ' its school carries through the sensitization to promote the shelter, the construction and the participation of all in the avaliativo process? ' ' , 50% of the interviewed ones (pupil and professor) had said that this occurs to the times, 25% (managing) placed that this always happens and 25% (father) spoke that this never happens. With this, we perceive one more time we perceive that, either even so necessary the presence of the parents in the process of institucional evaluation, this does not occur in fact as it would have. After that, when we question which actions that happen to prepare and to develop auto-evaluation in the school, 75% of the searched citizens (professor, director and pupil) had said that accomplishment of meetings with all exists the segments of the Institution, 50% (professor and director) explained that it has collective construction of the pointers and instruments of collection of data, 75% (professor, director and pupil) had placed that all participate of the definition of the methodology of application, analysis and interpretation of data, 25% (managing) said that it has the analysis and interpretation of the data Partial Reports, only 25% (professor) clearly left that quarrel of the results with the community exists intern, 75% (professor, professor pupil) said that it has spreading of the result of the internal evaluation for the pertaining to school community, also to the responsible ones for the pupils and finally, only 25% (professor) said that after all process of auto-evaluation is made a reflection concerning the avaliativo process.

Knowledge Assessment

This is just a starting point for measuring student knowledge assessment. And the same with him, came and gia for ninth grade, any final certification of the form of tests for primary schools. And now at school entry parents and students should immediately start preparing for the delivery of various examinations in the form of tests. So, briefly understand, than have to contend with parents and children. And so, as previously held annual total control works in 1-3 class. In fourth grade, there are tests on three subjects of the Russian language, the environment, mathematics, and special literature produced by publishing house “examination” of these three subjects.

Filing certification can take place both in terms of conventional tests, as well as tests. How it will be, we can learn from teachers or from the directorate of school. Just a curator of the school in your area. To do this you need to know Phone county department of education. There you will be given next phone your supervisor. Which should give the most accurate information as to pass certification from you.

This should be done that would have to be aware of changes that occur regularly. While for the lower grades, only changes form. But being prepared, already have started. And so on. 6-7 classes will all take place normally, as before, a simple test papers and tests. At 8 class will come in the form of the final certification tests. Preparations for the gia (the state final attestation).