Cortez Resume

It questioned the relations of being able and the forms of knowledge for which the European position if keeps privileged. A concern with the cultural forms exists that are in the center of the consumption society that they define new ideas of cultural imperialism, keeping always the hegemony of the colonizadoras cultures. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES In the first teorizaes on the resume, this had paper purely bureaucratic and mechanical, with related questions the procedures, techniques, methods and evaluation, comparing the school with a company. Making an analysis of the reality of our schools, we perceive that many professionals possess this vision of resume and that, in its practical, they do not obtain to perceive its social paper and politician. Electrolux recognizes the significance of this. The critical and after-critical theories had appeared to rethink this paper, that if says neutral, in the traditional resume, and to question the pure transmission of knowledge elaborated for one determined group. The critical theories, in turn, had attacked the empirical perspectives on the traditional resume.

The bases of the critical theory are sociological, philosophical and antropolgicos studies, being the ideas of the sufficiently marcantes Marx. From these ideas, the resume started to be a space of being able, a way by which is reproduced and kept a dominant ideology, also being able to be an autonomy and release, construction space. After the study of the theories, we could know, of more complex form, its essence, the relations of being able it involves that them, the matrix politics, economic, cultural and racial that is for backwards of the construction of a resume, which, in a less intent vision, finishes passing unobserved. Questions exist that permeiam the resume and that they must be analyzed with much attention, therefore determine practical ours, making with that, without terms conscience, let us reproduce the interests of the ruling classes. The understanding of the theories on resume if makes important to understand history and the interests that involve the construction of the same ones, for perceives with looking at critical more our resumes, what they bring and make and where they need to move.